Zk Access 5.0 Software

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Zk Software 5.0 Download

1.Install and Uninstall Program
1.1 Before Installation
1.2 Install Program
1.3 Uninstall Program
1.3.1 Uninstall the Software
1.3.2 Uninstall Fingerprint Sensor Driver
1.4 Work Flow of the Software
2.Program Management
2.1 Exchange Data between Device and Program
2.1.1 Device Management
2.1.2 Upload and Download Data
2.1.3 Real Time Monitor
2.1.4 U Flash Disk Management
2.1.5 Short Message Management
2.2 Maintenance/Options
2.2.1 Department Management
2.2.2 Employee Maintain
2.2.3 Administrator Setting
2.2.4 Maintenance Timetables
2.2.5 Management Shift Schedules
2.2.6 Employee Schedule
2.2.7 Holidays Maintenances
2.2.8 Leave Setting
2.2.9 Attendance Rule
2.2.10 Database Option
2.2.11 System Option
2.3 Handle Attendance
2.3.1 Employee Leaving on Business / Asking for Leave
2.3.2 Handle Employee’s Forgetting to Clock In/Out
2.3.3 Coming Late /Leaving Early Collectively
2.4 Search/ Print
2.4.1 Attendance Record
2.4.2 Current Employee’s On-Duty Status
2.4.3 Attendance Calculating and Reports
2.4.4 System Operation log
2.5 Data Management
2.5.1 Initialize System
2.5.2 Clear Obsolete Data
2.5.3 Backup Database
2.5.4 Import AC Data
2.5.5 Export AC Data
2.6 Access Control (door manage) Setup
2.6.1 Time zone
2.6.2 Group
2.6.3 Unlock Combination
2.6.4 Access Control Privileges
2.6.5 Upload Options
3.1 Set Date
3.2 Select Employee
3.3 Select Department
3.4 Select Employee in Department
3.5 Data Table Tool Bar
3.6 Export Data
3.7 Advanced Export
3.8 Downloading Photos Automatically
3.9 How to Generate License Files
3.10 Check New Version
4.End-User License Agreement Fir This Software
5.Trouble Shooting

In this video i show you how to register the required dll. To fix the problem. It is usually occurs on your first install.Comment Below for any issues you wa. An illustration of two photographs. ZK AMgroup Addeddate 2015-12-29 10:48:00 Identifier ZKTime5.0NEW29122015 Identifier-ark.

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ZKAccess 5.0


May 24, 2021 Download ZKTECO ZKTIME 5.0 Attendance Management Software. Download the ZKTECO Time Attendance Management Software to Generate reports of employees attendance and can also be used as access control management software. Click Here to Download. ZKTime 5.0 Attendance Management Software. Tags: Downloads Fingerprint ZKTECO. ZKBioSecurity is a web-based platform that contains multiple integrated modules: access control, surveillance, elevator control, visitor management, parking,etc Access Control Software ZKTeco Middle East. Other jobs related to zk access 5.0 software download download quesit chat bot virtual assistant 1.5 0, http s2 p30download com users 202 software design graphics digital album blazevideo smartshow v1 5.0 0p30download com rar, logo creator 5.0.

Zk Access 5.3 Manual


  • Web-Based Administration and Monitoring Software For C3 and inBio Controllers
  • Easy to Use, Menu-Driven Dashboard Displays Quick Links to All Common Operations
  • Real Time Event Monitoring With Door Status Icons & Photo Pop-Ups of Badge Users
  • Simple Fill-In-the-Blanks Enrollment of Personnel
  • Includes Embedded Fingerprint Registration Tool For using Biometric Readers
  • Can Link Personnel To Photos For Visual Verification
  • Maps and Floorplans Can Be Imported for Site-Specific Door Management
  • Alarms and Exception Events Are Logged with Email Notification
  • Programmable Auxiliary Inputs and Outputs With Simple Pull-Down Menus
  • Any selectable trigger event from menu can cause a user-selectable door control relay or auxiliary relay to open or close.
  • Extends the useful functions of the ZKAccess C3 and inBio controllers
  • Advanced Access Control Features Are Easily Programmed
  • Anti-Passback
  • Door Interlocks for Mantrap Control Applications
  • Multi-Card Opening Groups for High Security Doors
  • One Click Database back-up
  • Detailed User Roles Are Easily Created to Allow Different Levels of Password-Protected Management of the System
  • All software modification actions are internally logged for later review
  • SDK (Software Development Kit) Is Available For Integrating ZKAccess Systems
  • Video Management System Integration
  • Time and Attendance Systems
  • Asset Management

Zk Access 5.0 Software Download

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