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Our stake center was just upgraded to the new HD distribution system and we finally have a PTZ camera mounted on the back wall of the chapel. The person who adjusted the system and trained us said there was a free Visca control software package for controlling the camera (via USB->RS232->PTZ camera) but the packages I found were either free and supported IP cameras only (no Ethernet on this camera) or cost almost as much as a Visca hardware joystick controller ($300+).
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Add USB ports to almost all computers sold. Microsoft provided add -on software to work with the USB devices. Windows 98, combine d with the newer USB 1.1 standard, was the first operating system to fully integrate USB functionality into the operating syst em. The new standard pr ovided In this issue. All Aboard the Universal Serial Bus.

For anyone interested, I've put together (very early 'pre-alpha' quality, written in Golang, so it should compile for Mac, Windows, and Linux) PTZ control program that accepts input from a USB game pad joystick controller (a cheap clone of the XBox controller on Amazon) and connects via USB (in the video rack) to the camera.
One joystick ('hat') controls pan and tilt, the other controls zoom and focus. The other dozen-or-so buttons are not yet used, but could be. It takes advantage of all the variable zoom speeds supported by the Visca protocol, so it is pretty easy to move very smoothly, including panning and tilting while zooming. I'm running it on a Raspberry Pi with a touchscreen, though it's just a command-line application right now.
JoystickAnyone interested in trying it out? I plan to open-source it, and I'd like to add a few more features like:
GUI with preset buttons for specific shots (wide, tall/medium/short pulpit, choir, organist, pianist, chorister) and maybe even an 'automatic choir' mode that slowly pans across the choir slowly, perhaps with a 'choir men' and 'choir women' button as well. I thought it would be even cooler to add an Arduino under the pulpit with a laser rangefinder module (I think they are about $15 or so) to send the pulpit height back to the Pi eventually, to support a 'pulpit auto-height' mode as well.

Usb Joystick Software For Windows 7

Anyone out there feeling really adventurous that wants to try it out soon? Our conference is in about 10 days so I hope to add several more features in time to use them in a real stream.
  • You want to test your digital and analog USB game devices? You want to test all buttons and sticks? You want to check the minimum, default and maximum values returned? Then Joystick And Gamepad Tester is what you need! Joystick And Gamepad Tester. ..

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  • Joystick-To-Mouse 2.6 is a powerful and functional tool that lets you Fly, Drive, Steer, Pedal, or Thumb your way thru Windows. Run any Windws application, play any Windows game, or fly thru the Internet from your joystick, game pad, steering wheel,. ..

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  • Js2mouse converts joystick events into mouse events, so the user can use his joystick/gamepad as a pointer instead of the mouse.It works with any kind of joystick (analogic or digital) and with any kind of program (XFree86, GPM, etc.).

    • js2mouse-040208.tar.gz
    • Vincent Cdric
    • Freeware (Free)
    • 430 Kb
    • Linux
  • Joyst.c written in Borland C.2.0 Subject inputs patient number, has the option of practice, then recordingsbegin. Horizontal bar records subject's pain level with manipulation of arrow keys or joystick int 15h,84.not USBjoystick. File. ..

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  • Build your own USB HID device. GUI and firmware to produce USB HID device, ie joystick, gamepad, CNC Pendant. Supports pots, buttons, switches, LEDs, LCDs, encoders. Linux and. ..

    • generichid_1.2_src.tgz
    • generichid
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  • This project was originally designed to provide an open-source replacement for PPJoy. The product, at this point, consists of virtual joystick device that is seen by the system as a standard joystick but its position-data is written to it by a client. ..

    • vjoystick
    • Freeware (Free)
    • 152 Kb
    • Windows
  • Completely free program designed for people with disabilities who have difficulty using the mouse. Joy To Mouse allows you to use a joystick or joypad as if it were a normal mouse by transferring the operating system movements and clicks. In the 'Op. .. Ati mobility radeon x1400 windows 7 x86 drivers download.

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  • Stickmouse is a utility that turns your joystick into a 3 button mouse. Once loaded, you can move the cursor with the joystick and use the joystick buttons as mouse buttons. Features one single small executable file. To close, simply right-click on. ..

    • Stickmouse
    • TrajectoryLabs
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  • This tool maps the movement of a joystick to the cursor keys (up,down,left,right) as well as other keys. Up to 128 keys can be assigned. Multiple joysticks, key combinations and configurations supported.Great for scrolling around in the internet. ..

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  • J3DJoystick is a Joystick driver for Java3D which interfaces with the Linux Joystick J3DJoystick is a Joystick driver for Java3D which interfaces with the Linux Joystick drivers.

    • j3djoystick-0.5.tar.gz
    • j3djoystick
    • Freeware (Free)
    • 5 Kb
    • BSD; Linux
  • GamePad 4 Flash enables you to play flash games with a gamepad or joystick. Easily setup your gamepad / joystick to the keys that the flash game is setup to.

    • GamePad 4 Flash
    • FlashPulse
    • Demo ($15.00)
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  • joyevmouse converts joystick events to mouse events. joyevmouse converts joystick events to mouse events, making it possible to use a joystick as a mouse. joyevmouse uses the rather nice evdev and uinput infrastructure of the linux kernel.

    • joyevmouse-0.3.tar.gz
    • idsa
    • Freeware (Free)
    • 143 Kb
    • Linux


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