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  • The second installment in the RPG saga about professional monster slayer Geralt of Rivia, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings spins a mature, thought-provoking tale to produce one of the most elaborate and unique role-playing games ever released on PC.
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This is a Brand new Activation Code / serial for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Delivery will be instant via the autokey system. This product is Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition! This game is available for purchase Worldwide. This is a digital activation code that you can enter into the website.

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The Witcher 2 Pc Cd Key

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  1. Use your mobile phone (smartphone) to scan the QR code that you see here.
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  3. Press (on the smartphone) button with this pin code
  4. Wait a few seconds, everything else will happen automatically.
  5. If this does not happen, refresh the page and try again. Otherwise - contact the technical support of the site.
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Witcher 2 Enhanced

You need to scan the QR code shown on the site using your mobile phone (or tablet) and perform the required actions on your device.
In order to be able to scan the code, use the camera of your phone. For Apple phones, no additional software is required (just point the camera at the QR code and follow the instructions). Most Android-based phones also do not require third-party programs.
For those who have problems, we recommend a program for reading QR codes Privacy Friendly QR Scanner (we are not affiliated with this software, but tested this application and it performs the necessary functions).
You can download it from google play.

Netflix The Witcher 2

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Product information:
Media: DVD-ROM / Digital Download

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions we have collected for 'The Witcher 2':

Q: I can't enter my serial number in the activation dialog.
A: Please install and run the SecuROM™ Diagnostics Tool, it will exchange 3 files in your game directory, afterwards you will be able to activate the game.

Q: I have issues downloading the release patch, after i entered my key the first time.
A: If you are having problems downloading the release patch, please view the official support website.

Q: I get the error message: 'The serial number was not found in the database.'
A: The number one problem with serial numbers is mistyping. Double check the characters you have entered. To help identify each character of the serial number correctly, please see common misinterpretations:

The Witcher 2 Serial Key

  • Digit 'Zero' and 'O' (like 'Oscar')
  • Digit 'One' and 'I' (like 'India')
  • Digit 'Two' and 'Z' (like 'Zulu')
  • Digit 'Eight' and 'B' (like 'Bravo')
  • Include all hyphen ('-') as shown in the serial number

Please note that the SecuROM™ serial numbers for 'The Witcher 2' always have the following format: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX.
If your serial number has another format, please contact your point of purchase to solve this issue, please also view this link for more information.


If this does not solve your issue, please send us a picture of your serial number.

Q: I get the error message: 'No proper connection could be made with the activation server.'
A: If you are having problems activating your game, please visit the SecuROM™ PA Manual Unlock Website where you can generate an unlock code and activate your game manually.

Q: I get the error message: 'Too many activations on different PCs or too many reactivations on the same PC have been performed.'
A: Please run the revoke tool,, on the PC where you have originally activated 'The Witcher 2'. After revoking this activation, you will be able to activate your application on a different PC.
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Q: I still have issues activating my application.
A: Please contact us via our Product Activation contact form

Q: The above answers did not solve my issue.
A: Please install the SecuROM™ Diagnostics Tool for further assistance and follow the instructions on the website.