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1974 Directed by Richard A. Colla

Lost Tapes is an American television horror series that aired on Animal Planet. Produced by Go Go Luckey Entertainment, the program presents found footage depicting traumatic encounters with cryptozoological creatures, including the Chupacabra and Bigfoot, and even supernatural creatures such as the Werewolf and Vampire, and extraterrestrials: Alien and Reptilian. The Questor Tapes 1974 - USA. Download torrent anonymously Download torrent file Download as magnet link. 0 Comments This torrent doesn't have comments yet.


Project Questor is brainchild of the genius Dr. Vaslovik: he developed plans to build an android super-human. Although he's disappeared and half of his programming tape was erased in the attempt to decode it, his former colleagues continue the project and finally succeed. But Vaslovik seems to have installed a secret program in Questor's brain: He flees and starts to search for Vaslovik. Since half of his knowledge is missing, he needs the help of Jerry Robinson, who's now under suspect of having stolen the android.












Alternative Title

Ein Android wird gejagt


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  • Following hot on the heels of 'Genesis II,' Gene Roddenberry's subsequent pitch for a television series also failed to grab the attention of the studio suits, which is a shame, because it's far superior to GII in almost every way. The script, co-written by Star Trek's own Gene L. Coon, delves into those timeless themes of humanity searching for meaning in its existence that the original series did so well, and the casting of Robert Foxworth as the titular android is pitch perfect. In addition, the 70's scifi aesthetic is always a pleasure to revisit, as is the cheesy analog synth soundtrack with its bubbly bleeps and bloops punctuating the proceedings

    The character of Questor is clearly a precursor to…

  • Nach einem Drehbuch von Gene Roddenberry (und Star Trek Companion/Skriptwriter Gene L. Coon) stellt dieser Pilotfilm (einer nie entstandenen Serie) einen Androiden auf die Beine.

    Genial verkörpert von Robert Foxworth, der eine klare Vorlage für DATA (Star Trek TNG) abliefert, macht sich QUESTOR auf die Suche nach seinem Schöpfer und verzeichnet darin eine leicht abenteuerliche Reise zwischen hochgestochenem Robo-Wortschatz und trockenem Humor. Etwas Sechs-Millionen-Dollar-Mann-Feeling im moralischen Diskurs des Menschseins.

    Interessantes Konzept, welches mich auf eine weitere Episode neugierig gemacht hätte.

  • 'Ein Computer wird gejagt'
    'Ein Android wird gejagt'

    The Questor Tapes ist ein überaus interessantes Projekt, vor allem wenn man Star Trek Fan ist. Es handelt sich um eine Idee von Gene Roddenberry, der auch zusammen mit einem weiteren Star Trek Veteranen Gene L. Coon das Drehbuch verfasst hat. Der Androide, um den sich die Story dreht, ist zweifellos eine Blaupause für den Charakter Data aus Star Trek: The Next Generation. Überhaupt kann man ganze Szenen und Ideen aus diesem Film in mehreren TNG Folgen wiederfinden. Die Grundidee, dass der Androide seinen Schöpfer finden möchte, wurde auch in etwas abgewandelter Form im ersten Star Trek Kinofilm verwendet. Roddenberrys Geist scheint hier allgegenwärtig und die philosophisch-moralische Grundeinstellung des Films trägt…

  • Earnest utopian wish fulfilment from the creator of Star Trek. The android hero, Questor, was the prototype for Data in The Next Generation TV show, though the original inspiration for both characters is obviously Pinnochio. Questor also offers the immortal line 'I'm fully functional', which appears to be as close as androids get to a sexual boast. The humour, like everything else, including the symbolism of ending up at Mt. Ararat, is relentlessly heavy-handed. Gene Roddenberry's work can seem like a poorly taught ethics class, at its worst. This didn't get off the ground as a TV series because Roddenberry quarrelled over the content of the show with NBC. However, with the two leads, Robert Foxworth and Mike Farrell, and on the evidence of this talky pilot, it probably would have been a bore.

  • Notable tv-movie ideada por los dos 'Genes' de Star Trek, Roddennerry y L. Coon, sobre la inteligencia artificial. El androide que la protagoniza parece un remedo de Spock. Muy recomendable y con una resolución que apuesta por la sci-fi sin cortapisas.

  • From the mind of Gene Roddenberry we have what was to be another sci-fi series, but instead only turned into a MOW. Questor, the human like android (Robert Foxworth) is seeking out to discover his purpose in life. He is very much a progenitor to Data in Star Trek The Next Generation. Other Trek connection include Majel Barrett (Roddenberry’s wife) a scene in which Questor fixes a rigged set of dice (Data does the same thing in a TNG episode) and the whole notion of a machine seeking its creator – that is the plot to Star Trek The Motion Picture.

    Some pretty cerebral concepts here, and phony looking effects, even for the 70s, I could see why this wasn’t picked up at its time. Rare find.

  • This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    You can really see a lot of the inspiration for what would become Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation in the character of Questor here. A newly created android, unsure of his purpose or potential, lacking in any emotions. There were even some dialog and situations that would later be used for Data (Questor totally mentions being 'fully functional').

    I found this to be quite fascinating to watch. I'm not sure how it would have held up if it had been picked up as a series, but as a TV movie it is quite interesting. Most of that has to to with Robert Foxworth though. He gives a wonderful performance as Questor and develops quite a good chemistry with…