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General Programs


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2D Projection1.010-10-2014
3-Point Rectangle1.131-10-2020
ACADDOC.lsp Creator1.125-05-2011
Add Objects to Block1.215-11-2020
Add Polyline Vertex1.018-12-2012
Align Objects to Curve1.722-12-2020
Align Text1.416-01-2016
Align Text to Curve1.215-11-2013
Align Text to Curve (Auto Re-align)2.905-11-2010
Area Field to Attribute1.216-01-2016
Area Label1.930-10-2011
Areas to Field1.317-07-2014
Arrow Arc1.227-02-2016
Associative Centerlines1.014-05-2011
Associative Textbox1.201-05-2013
Attribute Colour1.025-02-2011
Attribute Modification Suite1.126-01-2011
Automatic Block Break1.914-11-2020
Automatically Label Attributes1.415-02-2020
Background Mask1.510-11-2018
Batch Attribute Editor1.402-08-2012
Batch Find & Replace Text2.022-07-2011
Block Counter1.507-06-2015
Bounding Box Reactor1.020-11-2010
Box Text1.222-02-2015
Burst Upgraded1.722-12-2018
Centered Measure1.001-07-2011
Chain Length1.001-11-2015
Chain Selection1.124-11-2019
Change Block Base Point1.527-01-2014
Circle Break1.330-05-2013
Circle Tangents1.025-08-2014
Circular Wipeout1.209-10-2013
Copy Field1.113-06-2017
Copy or Rename Block Reference1.505-07-2013
Copy or Swap Text1.808-03-2020
Copy to Drawings1.321-03-2016
Copy to Layouts1.108-07-2013
Copy to XRef1.221-06-2014
Count Attribute Values1.024-02-2011
Cursor Rotate1.006-10-2015
Delete Blocks1.105-11-2016
Dimension Overlap1.225-04-2017
Double Extend1.003-05-2015
Double Offset1.105-11-2010
Draw Grid1.123-10-2011
Dynamic Attribute Width1.205-08-2014
Dynamic Block Counter1.127-11-2013
Dynamic Information Tool1.506-01-2011
Dynamic Offset2.105-11-2010
Dynamic Text Alignment1.606-11-2010
Elevation Marker1.108-12-2013
Ellipse to Arc1.114-03-2015
Extract Nested Block1.219-05-2020
Field Arithmetic1.229-10-2018
Field Formatting Code1.113-06-2017
Field Objects1.015-03-2015
Get Syntax1.023-01-2011
Global Attribute Extractor & Editor3.110-11-2010
Import Block1.216-06-2013
Incremental Array1.826-10-2016
Incremental Numbering Suite3.906-12-2015
Isometric Polygon1.005-10-2012
Justify Block Base Point1.108-09-2019
Layer Director1.923-12-2018
Layer Draw Order1.220-06-2011
Layer Extractor1.428-04-2011
Layer Prefix/Suffix1.115-01-2017
Layers to Drawings1.024-11-2010
Layout Field1.029-12-2016
Length & Area Field1.304-11-2018
Length at Midpoint1.116-01-2016
Length Between Intersections1.402-05-2011
Length Field to Attribute1.018-03-2017
Limited Length Polyline1.023-06-2016
LISP Command Logger1.019-01-2012
Match Attributes1.018-11-2010
Match Field Formatting1.215-01-2018
Match Text Properties1.028-11-2010
Minimum Enclosing Circle1.116-11-2011
Modelspace to Paperspace1.016-02-2014
Multiline Justification1.017-10-2018
Multilines to Polylines1.110-06-2012
Nested Block Counter1.502-02-2014
Nested Burst1.228-10-2018
Nested Move1.231-08-2013
Object Break1.002-06-2013
Object Lock1.015-05-2011
Offset Polyline Section1.129-10-2013
Outline Objects1.123-01-2016
Point Manager2.405-11-2010
Polyline Information1.313-04-2015
Polyline Outline1.105-09-2011
Polyline Outline (Advanced)1.128-11-2013
Polyline Programs1.025-04-2015
Polyline Taper1.111-03-2018
Quick Field1.310-04-2016
Quick Mirror1.015-02-2011
Renumber Layouts1.105-09-2020
Reset XRef Layers1.213-04-2014
Script Writer1.205-11-2010
Segment Curve1.124-04-2016
Select all MText or MLeader Content on Double-Click1.110-01-2016
Selection Counter1.420-06-2016
Show Hatch Text1.014-11-2013
Slinky Text1.422-02-2012
Steal from Drawing1.818-09-2012
Strikethrough Text1.114-09-2014
Sum Attribute Values1.121-12-2015
Text Calculator1.008-04-2011
Text Counter1.105-08-2011
Text to Words1.008-03-2013
Text2MText Upgraded2.006-11-2010
Total Length & Area Programs1.118-04-2013
Update Titleblock Attributes1.918-09-2016
Viewport Outline1.312-08-2019

Novelty Programs

Dynamic Angle Bisection1.015-11-2010
Lottery Numbers1.031-10-2012
Password Generator1.001-09-2013
Tip of the Day1.102-02-2014

3d Drawing Programs For Mac

Mathematical Endeavours

ProgramVersionLast Updated
Iterated Function Systems1.224-12-2011
Koch Snowflake1.024-12-2012
Logistic Map1.016-04-2011
Sierpinski Triangle1.008-03-2016

Subfunction Library

3-Point Circle & Arc Functions1.130-12-2017
5-Point Ellipse1.128-11-2013
Add & Remove Support File Search Paths1.612-05-2020
Apply to Block Objects1.118-07-2012
Assoc++ Functions1.030-09-2011
Attribute Functions1.114-09-2017
Base Conversion Functions1.026-05-2013
Bounding Box1.015-11-2010
Browse for Folder1.317-11-2013
Bulge Conversion Functions1.230-12-2017
Collection Functions1.111-03-2011
Colour Conversion Functions1.419-06-2014
Column Reference Functions1.219-01-2021
Consistent rtos1.016-06-2012
Convex Hull1.001-11-2011
Copy Block Definition1.116-06-2013
Copy Folder1.118-07-2012
Create Directory1.223-07-2013
DCL List Tile Dependency1.127-04-2019
Directory Files1.015-02-2015
Draw Order Functions1.209-02-2015
Drawing Version1.130-08-2018
Dynamic Block Functions1.219-08-2013
Edit Box1.027-07-2011
Effective Block Name1.014-02-2015
Entity to Point List1.212-01-2020
Escape Wildcards1.020-01-2012
Evaluate Once on Startup1.027-07-2014
Field Code1.113-06-2017
Field Objects1.015-02-2015
Find File1.020-04-2011
Flatten List1.008-11-2014
Get Anonymous References1.117-09-2015
Get Files Dialog1.621-03-2016
Get Layer Status1.012-11-2010
Get Syntax1.023-01-2011
Get True Content1.022-12-2010
Group List by Number1.019-09-2015
Insert Nth1.029-05-2011
Intersection Functions1.007-11-2016
List Box1.225-08-2013
List Box Functions1.122-07-2017
List Box with Filter1.105-11-2016
List Difference1.011-06-2011
List Intersection1.010-06-2011
List Symmetric Difference1.011-06-2011
List to String1.001-01-2011
List Union1.010-06-2011
Load Linetypes1.323-07-2019
Mathematical Functions1.031-01-2015
Matrix Transformation Functions1.027-05-2011
MD5 Cryptographic Hash Function1.127-03-2016
Minimum Bounding Box1.123-10-2013
Minimum Enclosing Circle1.011-11-2011
ObjectDBX Wrapper1.210-03-2018
Ortho Point1.029-12-2011
Pad Between Strings1.021-09-2011
Parse Numbers1.013-06-2011
Polygon Centroid1.116-10-2012
Random Number Functions1.005-03-2016
Read CSV1.322-05-2013
Release Object1.005-12-2010
Remove Items1.029-05-2011
Remove Nth1.009-06-2011
Remove Once1.009-06-2011
Rounding Functions1.128-08-2017
Select If1.017-05-2011
Selection Set Bounding Box1.204-01-2017
Selection Set to List1.005-12-2010
String Subst1.013-04-2011
String to List1.025-11-2010
String Wrap1.015-07-2011
Subst Once1.009-06-2011
Subst Nth1.009-06-2011
Text Case Functions1.003-10-2011
UnFormat String1.130-12-2011
Unique & Duplicate List Functions1.128-01-2013
Write CSV1.122-05-2013
XRef Path Conversion1.017-04-2011


Dump Object1.229-12-2018
Entity List1.029-10-2011
Format DCL1.018-02-2012
LISP Styler1.004-01-2011
Print List1.023-02-2014

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