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We are all familiar with the term “Captcha” whenever we go for any details or information on some particular websites on the Internet. Captcha is a type of test used for verifying whether a user is a human or a robot by the websites.

This method is used by a few owners and developers for maintaining the security of their websites. But from time to time, this thing becomes really difficult and frustrating. So we have come up with a list of all the newest methods to bypass human verification tests. Let’s begin.

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  • 2 How To Bypass Human Verification [Tutorial]

What Does Human Verification Mean?

Are you a robot? It is a very common question we encounter everywhere inside registrations, forms, comment sections, etc. We often see a pop-up that asks us to verify as a human whenever we enter into some websites.

It is mandatory to complete this verification process to enter into the website. It becomes annoying when a Captcha is given in a very unrecognizable format.

Also in few websites, the human verification process turns out to be a scam. They won’t even have the file or the detail or the information you are entering for. Instead, you will end up providing your data in the name of human verification surveys.

We know you are shocked by reading this thing, but don’t worry, there are ways by which you can easily complete or avoid these processes.

Certain extensions are there which will help you to fill the captchas automatically. But you will have to pay for these extensions.

Survey Bypass Download For Android

But these are also available for a free trial before you pay. So if you don’t want to pay for them, we are here to help you with a few bypass human verification processes to ease your work. Here are some of the best ways to Bypass Human Verification:

How To Bypass Human Verification [Tutorial]

Sometimes, the process becomes very annoying, and we just want to complete it as soon as possible. There are certain ways that you can use to bypass human verification process and save a lot of time and hassle.

We are going to provide them so that you can bypass human verification while entering the sites for downloading extensions for free without getting spammed.

1. How To Bypass Human Verification Using Inspect Element

It is the most effective method to bypass human verification. But you need to have some computer knowledge to perform. It works on google chrome and other new browsers. Follow the steps carefully that we are providing for this process.

Step 1: Visit the website that is giving a survey for human verification.

Step 2: Press down the F12 button on the keyboard before the survey for human verification comes. Or else, click on the right side of the mouse and select Inspect.

Step 3: Now, click on the Human Verification message on the website, and a block of code will be highlighted in the console. Note down this code block’s id.

Step 4: Give a right-click on this code block and select Delete Element.

Step 5: If there are more than one pop-ups, repeat steps 3 and 4 for all the pop-ups.

Step 6: Then press Ctrl + F and type the ID you noted before in the given area and type the same ID for all the pop-ups and delete them all.

Step 7: Exit the Element Inspection window, then the Human verification survey will be removed.

We understand these steps are very tiring, but this is the most effective method for this process.

2. Disable JavaScript Using NoScript

Almost all the Human Verification pop-ups are programmed by Javascript. For this reason, NoScript can remove and block all the JavaScript elements from the webpage.

You can bypass the human verification process, blocks ads and other unwanted pop-ups. You have to install a NoScript extension to your web browser that is available for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Follow these steps to install one.

Step 1: Download NoScript and install it on your PC or device.

Android bypass apk

Step 2: Visit the website asking for human verification.


Step 3: Check Again if the Pop-ups are showing or not. The NoScript should disable the pop-ups shown while visiting a website.

This bypass human verification extension is really helpful as you it automatically blocks human verification automatically on any website.

3. Using Ad Blocker

Ad blockers are the simplest process to avoid pop-ups. But often, the websites use various codes to disable your Ad-blocker before you enter their websites. There are a lot of ad-blockers that you can use for free. They are basically designed to remove unwanted ads that show up while visiting a site but might also bypass the human verification test. Follow these steps in order to replicate.

Step 1: Download any of the Ad-blockers and install them on your PC or device.

Step 2: Open the website you want to visit in showing you the pop-ups.

Survey Bypass Tool Download

Step 3: Check Again if the Pop-ups are showing or not. The Ad-blockers should disable the pop-ups shown while visiting a website.

CyberSec, AdBlock, Cleanweb are some of the best ad-blockers for you to use.

4. Revisit The Link

If no hacks or ways work, then this might have the slightest chance of working if you try. When you click on the links provided on certain websites, it forwards you to the Surveys and the ads for the first time.

But when you click two yo three times on the link again after closing the previous window, it may forward you to the original file of information. You may use this method to bypass the human verification test.

5. Use Survey Removal Tools

Do you want to learn how to skip survey verification? Well, there are a few extensions that work as a survey remover tool. These extensions are very lightweight type and strain less on the browser or the internet connection.

They will work automatically and remove any type of bypass surveys, pop-ups, sign-ups, forms, follow buttons, etc., on different websites during your entrance.

Survey bypass, Survey Smasher, Survey remover pro are some examples of survey remover tools to bypass human verification. Firefox extensions like Redirect Bypasser, Universal Bypass, and Chrome extensions like ScriptSafe, Auto Overlay Remover are also some of them.


These were some ways that you can use to bypass Human verification while accessing the websites. Most of these hacks are safe to use. But install an antivirus on your PC, just to make sure that no problem occurs due to the ad-blockers, the survey remover tools, or the malware.

Bypass Surveys Free

Drop your doubts below in the comment section if you face any trouble following this guide or if you need more information. Force windows activation command line.

Survey Bypass Download

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