Super Mario Unlimited Rom Hack

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Super mario unlimited hack
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Super Mario Unlimited

Super Mario Unlimited Rom Hack Super Mario Bros. Hack for NES

Super Mario Bros Unlimited. A downloadable Unlimited. Addition to the classic NES Game. Use with FCEUX Emulator. More information. Despite being more famous for its sequel than the original, the New Super Mario World ROM hack series is one of the all-around best you can find online. NSMW: The Twelve Magic Orbs feels more vanilla than most games of its scope. Almost like a bonafide sequel. This hack has been heavily revised and updated with a new deluxe version: Super Mario Unlimited - Deluxe ROM / ISO Information: File: Super Mario Bros.

Mario 2 Rom Hacks

Bowser has returned and kidnapped Yoshi! You must help Mario rescue his friends from the clutches of evil!

Author: Dr. Floppy, frantik

Submitted by: Dijitrex

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Super Mario Unlimited Hack

So I've completely redone the list. Unlike the previous notable ROM hack threads, I'm planning on updating this list every time I see a interesting hack or if you link a hack in this thread for me to include in the list.
Disclaimer: All links on this list links outside of SMWCentral and as such we don't take ANY responsibility from what goes on outside this site!
Okay on to the list:
You will need ROM Patching Tool and a clean ROM of each game to play them (I will list the tools if requested).
Super Mario Bros.
Name: After World 8
Author: Insectduel
Released: 11 February 2006
Description: World 8 not good enough for you? Try After World 8. A challenging hack by Insectduel made to give you more than you bargained for.
Download: Here (Mirror)
Name: Extra Mario Bros.
Author: ATA
Released: 06 October 2005
Description: This is an awesome SMB hack, it's so awesome that at times it can sometimes feel like a new game. Inspired by Metroid, this hack has everything about SMB from graphics to enemies and even powerups changed. There's even a new final boss.
Download: Here (Mirror)
Name: Insectduel's SMB1 Hack 6th Anniversary Edition
Author: Insectduel
Released: 19 November 2011
Description: This 12 level hack is perfect for a single play though, it does its best to be challenging without being too difficult.
Download: Here (Mirror)
Name: Super Mario Unlimited
Authors: Dr. Floppy, frantik
Released: 17 January 2012
Description: This is an full 40 level SMB hack, everything you want in a hack (new music, power-ups, updated graphics and more) is here. This hack is a must play if you have not done so yet.
Download: Here (Mirror)
Name: Super Mario Bros. Special X1 for NES
Authors: Frantik, Karatorian and Messatu
Released: 16 June 2012
Description by expert_bro: Smb based game licensed by nintendo and created by hudson soft for the japanese PC8801/Sharp X1. original high quality level design, slightly higher difficulty than smb and altered pallette. highly recommended.
Download: Here (Mirror)
Super Mario Bros. 2
Name: Smb2jplus 2
Author: Insectduel
Released: 19 February 2007
Description: This hack is for those looking for a challenge, be sure to check the read me, there's quite a bit of valuable information in there.
Download: Here. (Mirror)
Super Mario Bros. 3
Name: Frank’s 2nd SMB3 Hack
Author: Frank Maggiore
Released: 05 August 2004
Description: This SMB3 hack has completely new levels with a nice difficulty curve.
Download: Here (Mirror)
Name: Mario Adventure
Author: DahrkDaiz
Released 01 January 2004
Description: This is one of the best hacks you will ever find for SMB3, every world has a unique and completely new theme and you can now change power ups on the fly.
Download: Here (Mirror)
Name: Super Mario Bros. Chaos Control
Author: Schwa
Released: 30 May 2005
Description: The level designs in this SMB3 hack never gets old, it will constantly want you coming back for more.
Download: Here (Mirror)
Name: Super Mario Bros. 3Mix
Author: Southbird
Released: 30 May 2014
Description: A massive SMB3 hack released in 2014, a full 24 years when SMB3 first released in America in 1990. I haven't played too much into the game but from what I played it has that Nintendo quality feels that is so prevalent in good hacks. Plus S.N.N recommends it!
Download: Here (Mirror)
The Legend of Zelda
Name: Zelda - The Legend of Link
Author: infidelity
Released: 05 October 2014
Description by expert_bro: Entire new game built onto the zelda engine. included capcom sound engine, new graphics, asm programming, enemies, weapons, items and bosses. most impressive zelda hack ever.
Download: Here (Mirror)
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
Name: The Legend of Zelda: Shadow of Night
Author: the_icepenguin
Released: 12 March 2011
Description: A very well done full Zelda 2 hack, It's set predomantly in the night and it has numerous tweaks to make it a very fun hack to play.
Download: Here (Mirror)
Name: Megaman Ultra
Original game: Megaman 2 (US)
Author: infidelity
Released: 23 April 2006
Description: I very nice level MOD, that apparently all Megaman can get a kick out of. Also look out for throwbacks to other (non Megaman) NES games.
Download: Here (Mirror)
Name: Rockman Deus Ex Machina
Original game: Rockman 2 (Megaman 2)(Jap)
Author: Misty
Released: 08 August 2008
Description: Up there in the league of ultra difficult Megaman hacks, this one is so awesomely sophisticated with a load of awesome boss fights.
Download: Here (Mirror)
Name: Rockman No Constancy
Original game: Rockman 2 (Megaman 2)(Jap)
Author: IKA
Released: 21 October 2007
Description: I've heard good things about this hack, it features full new level layouts along with custom music and new weapons.
Download: Here (Mirror)
Name: Rockman 2 - Gray Zone
Original game: Rockman 2 (Megaman 2)(Jap)
Author: WINED
Released: 16 September 2009
Description: Apparently this was voted one of the best hacks of 2009, anyway level design, music and graphics have all been modified and the hack provides a nice challenge to the original.
Download: Here (Mirror)
Name: Rockman 4: Minus Infinity
Original game: Rockman 4 - Aratanaru Yabou!! (Megaman 4)(Jap)
Author: Puresabe
Released: 16 August 2014
Description (By expert_bro): New music, gameplay mechanics, branching pathways, enemies from earlier and later games, hidden bosses and reasonable difficulty for beginners which is FUN. Best Megaman romhack ever.
Download: Here (Mirror)
Sonic the Hedgehog
Name: Sonic 1 Megamix
Original game: Sonic the Hedgehog (GEN)
Author: Stealth, Aquaslash and the rest of Team Megamix.
Released: 01 July 2007
Description: A Sonic hack that is really truly amazing and a outspoken masterpiece from the Sonic fandom. Check it out, it's one of best complete Sonic mods you can find.
Download: Here (Mirror)
Name: The S Factor: Sonia and Silver
Original game: Sonic the Hedgehog (GEN)
Author: Aquaslash
Description by hypershadic: The S factor: A hack of sonic 1 that has you control either sonia the hedgehog or silver the hedgehog and it's amazing, it also has one of the best themes for a level ever for Ring Land act 1
Download: Here
Name: Metal Sonic Hyperdrive
Original game: Sonic the Hedgehog (GEN)
Author: Darkon360
Description by expert_bro: New music and zones, new playable characters like kirby and somari, sonic cd style gameplay and different play modes.
Download: Here(Mirror)
Donkey Kong Country Series
Name: Donkey Kong Country: Boss Blitz
Original Game: Donkey Kong Country (US)
Author: Mattrizzle
Released: 30 Aug 2011
Description: Can you overcome the 7 bosses in DKC at once? If you can, how fast can you do it? This DKC hack transforms the game into a boss rush. See how fast you can go.
Download: Here (Mirror)
Name: Donkey Kong Country 2: Hard as Kongcrete
Original Game: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (US)
Author: mentholcase
Released: 29 Jan 2012
Description (via NoelYoshi): 'Donkey Kong Country 2: Hard as Kongcrete is a pretty good difficulty hack of Donkey Kong Country 2. It pretty much is an enemy placement mod, but it does force a lot of new and interesting maneuvers (not to mention that it's extremely hard and extremely fun at the same time.)'
Download: Here (Mirror)
Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Name: Zelda Parallel Worlds
Authors: Euclid, SePH
Original Game: Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Released: 12 February 2007
Description: One of my favourite Zelda hacks, Parallel Worlds does an excellent job of capturing the original games spirit while changing everything else. If you ever want a Zelda challenge, this game is for you!
Download: Here (Mirror)
Name: Zelda3 Parallel Remodel
Authors: PuzzleDude, Euclid, SePH
Original Game: Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Released: 28 July 2012
Description: I thought I post this, If your having troubles due to Parallel Worlds being really quite difficult then maybe this hack is for you. I played it myself and I can guarantee you this has a great difficulty curve. Also to quote Zeldara109 'the original version is rather Kaizo-ish in many dungeons-- it isn't just to make the game easier, it's to make the game fairer for non-savestate players.'
Download: Here (Mirror)
Super Mario Kart
Name: Mario Kart R
Author: d4s
Description: This is a complete modification of SMK. Every course has been modified with new layouts, graphics and even some altered music. It even has Kirby in the game. Check it out.
Download: Here (Mirror)
Name: Super Mario Kart: Pro Edition
Author: karterfreak
Description: It is what it name implies, featuring 20 new tracks (with the racers AI updated to go along with the tracks) which will not disappoint anyone wanting a challenge. Also featuring 4 new battle tracks as well.
Download: Here (Mirror)
Name: Super Parigo Kart
Author: ScouB
Note: Patch this hack with the European version of the game
Description: This game creates a really unique bread of new (as the info on RHDN puts it 'New characters, New tracks, New backgrounds, New graphics, AI in GP working, Items and coins placement done, etc … ') and established (the tracks have a very SMK feel to them). It's certainly worth playing.
Download: Here (Mirror)
Super Metroid
Name: Super Metroid: Redesign
Authors: Kejardon, MathOnNapkins, Drewseph, Jman2050 and Jathys
Description: (Due to a bug with the emulator, this hack will not work on ZSNES 1.4x. Other versions of ZSNES will work) This is a complete redesign of Super Metroid, as the title implies. New features include physics changes, new Items and new abilities
Download: Here (Mirror)
Name: Super Metroid - Kaizo Edition
Authors: Green Samus
Description by animeloverxX93: I played this hack some years ago and it contains surprisingly good level design (not just spike hell) and decent difficulty.
It's literally not playable normally though, but TASers and very advanced (and patient) players might get into this.
It really isn't 'just another kaizo hack'.
Download: Here (Mirror)
Yoshi's Island
Name: NEW! SMW2 Yoshi's Island
Author: Yoshis Fan
Description: With literally years of work put into it, this has by far been a highly anticipated hack. This hack has 60 levels full of innovative level design and now it is officially released, I can't recommend it enough. (UPDATE: I decided to link the download to Yoshi's Fan's hack's page at his request as well as update the mirror to a more up-to-date version)
Download: Here (Mirror) (also be sure to tell Yoshis Fan what you think of it Here)
Name: SMW2+2
Author: Golden Yoshi
Description: This was the second Yoshi's Island hack made by Golden Yoshi. It features an impressive 50 levels, this was also one the first Yoshi Island hack to feature an Extra and Secret level.
Download: (Mirror) (If you know where the official hack is re-hosted please let me know so I can link it)
The good people of the Yoshi's Island hacking sub-forum has also got a whole thread full of Yoshi Island hacks if you want to check 'em out.
Super Mario 64
Name: Super Mario 64: The Missing Stars
Author: Messiaen
Description: This hack is the first fully modified SM64 hack, it's full of awesome ASM hacks, music hacks and brilliant level design. I still play this game pretty much every time I boot up my PSP N64 emulator so it's a personal recommendation from me.
Download: Here (Mirror) (If you need help applying SM64 hacks, that page also has information on how to do it there)
Name: Super Mario Star Road
Author: Skelux
Description: This hack boasts over 120 stars, new music, new boss battles, new worlds and heck you can even find a few new objects to interact with.
Download: Here (Mirror)
Name: Super Mario 74
Author: Lugmillord
Description: This is a huge 151 star hack, ever level has been changed giving the game a fresh new feel to it.
Download: Here (Mirror)
Pokemon Red/Blue
Name: Pokemon Brown
Author: Koolboyman
Original Game: Pokémon Red
Description: This is the 2009 version and features a new dungeon, if you haven't played this hack yet, you should totally go and check it out now. It's features a complete overhaul of the original Pokemon games.
Download: Here (Mirror)
Name: Pokemon Brown 2014
Author: Koolboyman
Original Game: Pokémon Red
Description: The 2014 version of Pokemon Brown, this came straight out of left field for most people. This is the definitive version.
Download: Here (Mirror)
Pokemon GBA
Name: Pokemon Flora Sky
Author: 12345 (SKY)
Original Game: Pokemon Emerald (US)
Description: This looks to be a really interesting hack, It's a complete mod for Pokemon, including new story, new moves, new location, 386 Pokemon (from each current generation) and much more.
Download: Here (Mirror) (Check here (Mirror) for complement Dex version)
Name: Pokémon Quartz
Author: Baro
Original Game: Pokémon Ruby
Description: This is a, lets just say a interesting hack. It was made pretty famous after this written Let's Play. It has quite a fan following so it quite worth trying out (Note:this hack contains swearing and rude humour along with spelling and grammatical errors)
Download: Here (Mirror)
Name: Pokémon Throwback
Author: RichterSnipes
Original Game: Pokemon FireRed Version
Description by expert_bro: Remake of the original red/blue version. 8-bit music selectable, original character outfits, new features, fixes and running indoors. definitive version of the original adventure.
Download: Here (Mirror)
Pokemon Black/White
Name: Pokemon Blaze Black and Volt White
Author: Drayano
Description: This first Pokemon Black and White games of it's kind to be made, every Pokemon from every game is self contained in this hack, allow a much higher variety then your usual teams. Most Pokemon has also been improved as well as their being more difficult Trainers.
Download: (Mirror) (If you know where the official hack is re-hosted please let me know so I can link it)
Super Mario 64 DS
Name: Another Super Mario 3D
Author: Skawo
Description: An really impressive one person SM64DS hack. I recommend getting an DS R4 cartage and playing this hack on the go.
Download: Here (Mirror)
New Super Mario Bros.(DS)
Name: New Super Mario Bros. 3
Author: SKJmin
Description: This isn't just a remake of SMB3 for NSMB, this is that and more. Seriously there's so much packed in this hack that it's really worth taking a look at.
Download: Here (Mirror) (if you need instructions on how to patch NDS games see here)
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Name: Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Author: RVLution Forums
Description: Nice to see this is finally out. This hack, like most other large scale Wii hacks, had been in development for years. New worlds, new bosses, new power ups. I'd say this hack has shown the full potential of NSMBWii hacking and is a must play for people who love the NSMB series.
Download: Here
Note to Misc. ROM Hacking staff: If my name is inactive and you see that the thread hasn't been updated in over a year, make sure you check the links and update from the suggestions if necessary.