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A collection of WAV format character voice samples & Sound effects from Super Mario Sunshine on the Gamecube

Luigi’s Mansion by Games Repainted. Super Mario Sunshine by Games Repainted. Pikmin 2 by Scrunk. (COMING SOON) Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. By Games Repainted. In terms of structure, Super Mario Sunshine is very similar to Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, and other 3D Mario platformers. After the initial tutorial and cut-scenes, players can explore the hub-world of Isle Delfino, accessing various worlds through painting-like portals.

TitleFile size
1up 32K
1up appear 30K
Bells 14K
Blue Coin 13K
Box Bust 15K
Buzzer 13K
Cackle 38K
Chat 13K
Classic Coin 21K
Coin 6.7K
Coin Appears 8.4K
Drain 12K
Exit 15K
Fludd charge 27K
Fludd Mario! 12K
Fludd nozzle 27K
Fludd squirt 60K
Fludd switch 8.3K
Gamecube 107K
Intro 215K
Lowhealth 25K
Mario doh 11K
Mario double jump 13K
Mario fall 60K
Mario gasp 12K
Mario grunt 4.0K
Mario haha! 16K
Mario herewego 30K
Mario jump 4.8K
Mario jump2 7.6K
Mario jump3 4.6K
Mario letsgo 19K
Mario oof 13K
Mario push 10K
Mario snore 40K
Mario uh! 6.2K
Mario waha! 23K
Mario whoa 19K
Mario woo! 14K
Mario yeehaw! 22K
Menu away 7.3K
Menu confirm 6.5K
Menu done 19K
Menu popup 10K
Menu select 5.6K
Nozzlebox 7.2K
Painting 39K
Pause 1 15K
Pause 2 15K
Pianta 1 18K
Pianta 2 30K
Pipe 24K
Pokey 8.4K
Seedy groan 47K
Seedy song 72K
Shine 28K
Shine appears 83K
Shine get 101K
Shine select 24K
Stage enter 51K
Stage intro 139K
Start 25K
Switchtimer 27K
Swoopin groan 32K
Water big splash 39K
Water paddle 14K
Water splash 32K
Whistle 41K
Zoom in 11K
Zoom out 5.7K

(This mod now works on real hardware without a gecko code, but a couple extra sound effects still won’t play correctly unless played on Dolphin, but it’s otherwise perfectly playable and enjoyable on a Gamecube.)

Download link:

The Super Luigi Sunshine mod has been a thing for quite some time, but there was no simple way to get this mod until this xdelta was created.

The mod started by just replacing Mario’s model with the Luigi model from Super Mario 64 DS, but a custom model to fit the Sunshine theme was eventually created along with many other features. In addition to converting these assets into a simple xdelta patch, new features have been added as well, including Luigi voice-clips!

(Please remember that editing Super Mario Sunshine sound effects is still a very buggy process and that a few sound effects, Luigi’s voice or not, may not play or play distorted.)

Previously worked on by:

Melonspeedruns, Nibroc.Rock, Kaio, GeoshiTheRed, stomatol, Quasmok,

New features made by:

Wizard, Yoshi2

Full permission was given for Nintendo 64 Wizard or anyone else of with interest to continue this mod when the assets were released by Marionova64 here at the request of Melonspeedruns:

New Features (Ver 5.1):

  • The mod now works on console without a gecko cheat.
  • All the FLUDD nozzles now render correctly.
  • The HUD icons for the hover, rocket, and turbo nozzles now have more accurate coloring to their corresponding models.
  • Luigi is now given a fire flower necklace to wear in place of the sun shirt.
  • A bug where graffiti ‘M’s instead of graffiti ‘L’s still showed up on mission 7 of Sirena Beach was fixed.
  • A bug where a random NPC in Delfino Plaza sometimes still called the graffiti ‘L’s graffiti ‘M’s was fixed.

What it doesn’t feature (yet):

  • The pre-rendered cut-scenes still have Mario. (They probably always will due to the extremely difficult rendering it would take to fix, unfortunately.)
  • The FLUDD when not worn on Luigi’s back shows up like its original non-Poltergust 3000 counterpart. (That model acts up if you try to edit it.)
  • The Luigi model doesn’t get dirty when slipping in goop. (Except the ‘L’ on his hat, which seems to have a property that allows it to get dirty.)
  • The level entry portals are still “M”s instead of “L”s. (That model also acts up when you try to edit it.)
  • The goop originally at Delfino Airstrip is still in the shape of a Mario head with an “M” above it instead of a Luigi head with an “L” above it. (There might be a way to fix this, but the question is: Would that make the mod not viable for speedrunning? Because no matter how slight, that would be a gameplay change rather than just an aesthetic change.)
  • Luigi’s hands don’t close while jumping. (This would require assembly coding to the best of my understanding, which is very difficult.)
  • The particles Luigi turns into when entering some level portals or spawning in some levels are still light blue and red instead of dark blue and green. (The model for these particles has yet to be located in the ISO.)

Addressing a couple complaints this mod has gotten:

  • Shadow Luigi is supposed to resemble Gooigi; his bright green color is not the result of a modding limitation.
  • Due to multiple complaints, the shines may be reverted to their yellow color if enough people vote on it.
  • The title screen is modeled after the European version because this mod originally had a European lead developer and won’t be changed until someone can provide a North American version that looks at least just as good.

If anyone is able to improve this hack by adding anything listed as lacking, send Nintendo 64 Wizard the new asset(s) (and explain how you made them) at [email protected]

If the asset(s) are quality enough to be in this mod, the creator’s name will be added to the credits, both on this page and in-game.

Download link:

Super Luigi Sunshine Mod Download

(Unfortunately, the xdelta patch must be downloaded offsite because files exceeding 30MB in size are not permitted onsite.)

Super Mario Sunshine Luigi

Added a custom title on GameTDB and added the Title ID to be “GLSE01″