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  1. Stereo Spread Vst Download Full
  2. Stereo Spread Vst Download
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Download Ozone Imager Stereo Tool Stereo Width Spatial “Free instant audio imaging Updated in 2019 with immersive, fluid visuals, full resizability, and a smooth new Stereoize mode, this free plug-in offers a wider world of possibilities for imaging in your mix.

Hello Composers, Mike here. Are you looking for a simple stereo widening VST plugin that can add width and depth to your music?

iZotope Ozone Imager is a completely free VST plugin, and it works really well! =)

There are many stereo imager plugins out there, but I personally only use plugins that truly enhance the final sound.

If you are a perfectionist like me when it comes to good audio, you will be glad to know that the Ozone Imager is one of the best ones I’ve heard out there.

And it does its magic while also being super quick and easy to use. Perfect! =)

It has even been endorsed by Alan Meyerson. Scoring Mixer for The Dark Knight, Gladiator etc. I will quote him: “Imaging control is one of the big bonuses of the digital signal processing world. No plug-in does it better than Ozone.”

Visual Stereo Overview

With Ozone Imager you will get immediate and intuitive feedback as you adjust settings. You get both a Vectorscope as well as a Correlation Meter, witch visual feedback to help guide your mixing and mastering decisions.

Wide or Narrow?

You can of course choose to go in the opposite direction, and reduce the stereo width on particular sounds. Don’t forget that depth comes from contrast.

Some sounds should be more in the centre of the stereo field, while others should be more spread out to widen the field.

For example: I personally like to use the Ozone Imager plugin on my different group bus tracks. This gives me control to decrease the stereo field on the bass group, increase it on the harmony group and so on.

I also like using it on the final stereo master bus, to add a touch of extra stereo depth to the final mix.

Simple Interface

Stereo Spread Vst Download Full

You get two simple sliders. The first is the width control, which goes from -100 to 100. -100 is effectively making the sound completely mono, while 100 is doubling the stereo width on the sound you feed into it.

The stereoizer slider is where you can adjust the character of the stereo effect. It is very subtle, and you will probably find yourself focus far more on the stereo width slider which is where the main magic is.

My Final Thoughts

I would say that every music producer needs a good stereo widening plugin. And the Ozone Imager is one of the best I’ve used, both in terms of sound and ease of use. And all of this for free!?

Download Ozone Imager for Free here. And also get full specifications and learn more about it.

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Stereo Spread Vst Download

Native Instruments MOD PACK takes three classic modulation effects – chorus, flanger and phaser – and adds features never seen before. Each offers exciting new creative possibilities as well as stunningly convincing vintage-style results, making MOD PACK a must-have upgrade from the rest of modulation effects.

Free stereo vst

Native Instruments Choral: Drawing sonic inspiration from some of the most iconic chorus effects from the past 40 years – including iconic stands and unison synth effects. Add width, movement, sparkle and shimmer to any signal, or take advantage of the new Scatter feedback mode. This avoids unpleasant metallic sounds. Instead, a completely new effect similar to reverb is created. The classic effects contained a small number of settings – On, Off and Type are usually the only controls. Our plugin offers many customizable options. The number of voices can be set gradually from one to three, the sync speed can be manually changed, as well as the modulation speed, volume, mix, delay time, stereo width and feedback.

Native Instruments Flair: Flips the classic head flanger effect. FLAIR adds a revolutionary new Voices mode that uses multiple delay lines to create custom harmonic flanger layers and resonances. It even has 24 chord settings, offering different chords and note intervals. In addition to revolutionary features, FLAIR is capable of rich tape saturation and pedal flanger, offering all the parameters you’d normally expect, such as tempo-synchronized pitch modulation.

Stereo Spread Vst Download

Stereo Shaper Vst Free

Native Instruments Phasis: Offers endless phasing sounds – adding movement, soul, and creative magic to any signal. PHASIS takes inspiration from the classic phaser but adds powerful new features. For example, the Spread control changes the step spacing of a vocal style effect passage. Ultra Power Mode brings modulation to ultra-high speeds, creating unique FM-esque tones. The plugin adjusts the peak density and Q-factor of the slices in the spectrum and whether it is set to one value, applied in real time or with automation, or reversed with the “Invert” button, “Spread” provides a new effect for both the phasing process and vowel sounds of vocals. With its powerful stereo spread function, advanced sync options and all the controls, what you’d expect from a professional phaser, PHASIS is already a formidable modulation device, but the ULTRA parameter takes the effect to a new area of ​​application. ULTRA boosts the maximum modulation rate from 8.37 kHz to an incredible 477.3 kHz, which generates unusual FM-style effects never heard before and is able to turn even white noise into immersive sound.