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It's a sad state of affairs, but our cutting-edge PCs have become convenient dumping grounds for yesterday's Dreamcast hits. The latest title to be dusted off and shoved in a DVD case is 1999's fondly-remembered Sonic Adventure.

Before we go on, we can assure you the Director's Cut' tag is nothing more than a shallow attempt to make the game look less dated, the supposed host of special features' translating to a new mission mode and a few playable Easter Eggs in the form of even more old Sonic games. The effort is not unappreciated, but this is still a five-year-old game, re-issued for a price that would fetch you an entire room full of Dreamcasts on Ebay. Or indeed, a real hedgehog.

Despite all this, it's not an entirely unwelcome offering. The original was perhaps the best of all the Sonic games, boasting some dizzyingly fast and beautifully staged action levels - and even five years on, the visuals haven't lost their lustre.

Sonic XG is an awesome Fan game that follows from Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Though they kinda changed the ending a bit because after you beat Sonic's story in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Knuckles story comes next while in this game a new part of the story begins instead of Knuckles story. It looks like it would be a good Sonic 4.

Sonic Xg Full Game Download

Like most of the Sonic games, actual interaction is at a premium, and most of the action stages can be negotiated by holding forwards and occasionally leaning left or right - but they're no less exhilarating for it. The adventure' parts of the game are less impressive, mostly involving wandering around looking for the next action stage, but the whole thing I remains fun and I undemanding ' nonetheless.If this Sonic game had been released as part of a Best Of Dreamcast' line-up for a fiver, we'd have welcomed it like an old friend. As it is. it's more like an old friend has turned up wanting that 30 quid back that you swear you gave him in 1999.

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  1. Sonic R
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Description of Sonic R

Released in 1997; Sonic R is the first Sonic game ever made to utilize 3D graphics for its gameplay, and the third Sonic racing title published by Sega. Right after Sonic 3D Blast was made, Sega turned again to Traveller’s Tales to produce another technical marvel. The level design is amazing; rewarding exploration while reminding of previous Sega titles like NiGHTS: Into Dreams. The soundtrack is fantastic due to its CD-ROM quality; and the first Sonic title to feature vocal tracks in the music. It is one of the most graphically demanding titles for the Saturn; see how It compares to its PC counterpart.

There are 4 characters to choose from; including Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. There is a slew of characters to unlock including Dr. Robotnik “Eggman”, Metal Sonic and a creepy doll that looks like Tails. Each track is filled with alternate routes and collectibles, including the 7 iconic Emeralds that allow Sonic to transform into Super Sonic.

Sonic R has a lot of replay value, as you’ll race the same track a dozen times trying to get all the collectibles. The PC version has aged well; and can be played in HD resolutions! Highly recommend to all Sonic fans.

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thomas rogan2021-06-063 points

hello fellow retro gamers i am back with this tutorial
so if you want to play sonic r in a modern pc you cannot but there's a great workaround that i am going to show you
1. download rip/iso version (havent tested on retrobox)
2. extract to a folder of your choice
3. once it's done go to the internet and search sonic r updater
4. the first result will mostly be gamebanana, a popular modding site. click the result. once your on the website, a tl;dr description will appear before the download, and once your done reading, there is a download button. download.
5. once its done downloading, click on the .exe and be greeted with a setup.
6. if your in a certain point at the setup, it will ask you where to install the update. pick whereever is your sonic r directory, then install.
7. once it's done, a useful program will come with the installer, named sonic r mod manager. it has cheats menu in which it does some coding in the game for the cheat you want. (i.e. ring gates don't take away rings, sonic r and knuckles)
8. run the game and play! the update comes with music, so you can enjoy your full sonic r experience.

leleo2021-05-07-4 points

olá sou leleo jogo roblox e plants vs zombies mas a musica can you feel sunshine ? e melhoda minha vida

A biiiig Sonic fan2021-05-041 point

I like this PC game alongside other classic sonic games.

Cluckster30052021-02-132 points

The tails doll..

Onyxx3002021-02-100 point

For all of those who are wondering about missing soundtracks;
The game is using the CD for music, but the program for sound effects. You're not gonna get any music from the RIP version.

Zander2021-02-081 point

I would like to do it! But it was downloading Hehe..

Soapy2020-12-210 point

Is it just me or does this game not have music?? It was literally one of the best things in the game D:

ilikeyacutg2020-08-21-1 point

if you open this, your screen literally crunches down to 640x480 resolution. just press the windows key, click settings, then click system, then scroll down until you see 'display resolution' just change it back to your normal resolution. also use sonic r updater lmao

YOUR NICKNAME2020-07-162 points

If you guys have problems with running the game, then watch this video It's the definitive way to play this game. Have Fun :).

kukitolindo2020-07-08-1 point

dis game is great the program 'DXWND' helped me to play da game thank you my abandonware :-)

OmarElgendy2020-06-25-2 points

The game doesn't work for me.):

Sonic The Hedgehog Xg

Demont2020-06-16-2 points

I Like Sonic R I watched a person playing it on YouTube see you later bye bye

flower2020-05-291 point

so when i started to play the game my screen got small so i don't know how to get screen back to normal someone help me lmao

flower2020-05-29-1 point

when i just start to play the game my screen got small so i don't know how to put the screen to normal

im an uke2020-05-271 point

this is a awesome game and special for me

ethan2020-05-261 point

It works :)

gokuzinho2020-05-220 point

does not work is bugging

bluethunder2020-04-21-4 points

Listen,i'd like you to tell me... WHO IN THE WORLD CREATED THAT CREEPY FREAK TAILS DOLL! Yo,seriously who would create such... A CREEPY FREAK LIKE TAILS DOLL!!!!!!!

Mappy2020-04-05-3 points

Can you put Sonic R on the Ios and Android

cia agant2020-04-02-1 point

i like ds game! i well tell all my generals to blay it!

csonic2020-03-280 point

I Kinda Grown Up With Sonic R The Music Damn Amazing

Rolee07072020-03-250 point

Working in Windows 10?

someone2020-03-232 points

does this realy work?

DanTDM2020-02-200 point

The only reason i got this came is for the Tails Doll curse lmao

Eggman NEGA2020-02-014 points

Why am I not in this game?

Ǥᗩᑕᕼᗩ ᑎᗝᖇᗩ2020-01-190 point

I'm using my Windows 7
Ita was mya bed
Now mya computera isa deada

sonic r2019-11-29-17 points

what the f* people u have kids play an creepy game 2 children died from this game doods

Sr_foxbr2019-11-022 points

I want to know whats the diference on the downloads..and whats is recommended

Ro872019-10-062 points

Just a quick notice: If you download the RIP version, do not run unless you entirely know what you are doing. On Windows 10, it changes the display resolution, and on Windows XP it changes the colour mode to 8-Bit. BE CAREFUL

TAILS DOLL2019-08-21-4 points

All I want to know is can I play Sonic R with a modern computer that plays discs?

Vexzeal2019-07-201 point

Sonic R was that pc game I always played at my grandmothers house. She had a Dell tower with Sonic 3&Knuckles and Sonic R. Of course I always played Sonic R. Its games like these that makes me miss the past, where dlc wasn't a thing or wireless connection. You had to go to your friend's house and sit with them and play games. Reminds me of when I got my first gamecube, I couldn't put Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Gem's Collection down, not even Sonic mega collection. This game brings me great nostalgia and it makes me happy to download it again, thanks guys. :)

omarrabo462019-06-283 points

lesten up everybody
i solved the controls problem
in the game's folder open the joystick.inf
delete everything in it
write 'keyboard'
close it
rename the file 'keyboard'
hope you good luck

Super Nitro Z642019-05-161 point

Sonic R may not have the best controls, but the games does have some great graphics and one of the best game soundtracks ever. Speaking of graphics, the player can choose one of two different texture styles: DirectDraw (Sega Saturn textures) and Direct3D.

blaine kenel2019-05-153 points

i need to know the command i use to open sonic R, i don't do dos. sorry for asking but please tell me. thank you

blaine kenel2019-05-153 points

what is the command i use, i'm not that much of a computer king but all i need now is the command, ive used SonicR.EXE SONICR.EXE sonicR.EXE and more please tell me the command i use in dos box!

It's Aweswome!2018-07-213 points

what are the controls

SUPER SONIC2018-06-27-5 points


Austin2018-06-223 points

For the people who are having problems with the controls,here is the problem,I heard the controls for the keyboard don't work on modren day PCs (windows 7, stuff like that) but there are some patches for it, but older PCs ( windows XP, windows 95/98, stuff like that) the controls are fine.

Ger2018-06-09-3 points

¿cuales son los controles con el teclado? Cook up a storm movie download in hindi.

Sonic Xg Full Game Download Windows 10

Tat2018-06-073 points


lautaroavila2018-05-131 point

juego tan cool no paro de jugar con tails doll

justasbybys of shity gamers2018-04-21-2 points

wow thats a cool game

Henrique Melo2018-04-186 points

♫ ♫ ♫
Everybody's Super Sonic Racing
Try to keep your feet right on the ground
When you're Super Sonic Racing
There's no time to look around
We're just Super Sonic Racing
Running to the point of no return
Everybody's Super Sonic Racing
C'mon let the fire burn
♫ ♫ ♫

CaioExtremerGamers BR2018-04-170 point

My favorite race game of Sonic ;D

romero llador2018-03-260 point

me gusta mucho sonic y he probado sonic lost word y rivals 2

Sonic Xg Full Game Download Torrent

snoic2018-03-110 point

the screen just goes black

mack2018-01-253 points

I get to the screen prior to the main menu that says hit the start button but no buttons work at that point. Do i need to get a remote??

facucop2018-01-21-1 point

espero que al fin esto me deje jugar a sonic r

dda2017-12-10-1 point

i cant play it maybye the tails doll is hounting my computer

Thelango992017-11-290 point

This is going to be a great experience playing

pants2017-11-14-1 point


guddu2017-08-11-2 points

good gAME

no worst thing ever2017-07-291 point

Made to hack made by heartless soul

sonic r lover2017-04-262 points

it worked the 1st time i got it but it does not work anymore

Auto tune 7 dll. The Great2017-03-19-11 points

This is not working and is ugly software

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