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Sonic Megamix Mania is a Sonic Mania mod for that recreates and reimagines the Classic Sonic Megamix Experience inside Sonic Mania. While previous versions of the mod tried to bring back original beta releases of Sonic Megamix. (by Stealth) This brand new rendition aims to be a completely fresh and new experience, building upon ideas and features of the older versions, pushing Sonic Mania to it's limits.

Migos culture download mp3. Play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty and Shadow with brand new moves and abilities, and take on a familiar classic adventure.



  • New Move sets for all 5 Characters. Shadow The Hedgehog replaces Ray.
  • Unique Character Theming - Each Character has their own HUD, TitleCard and Music. (Such as 1UP Themes, Speed Shoes, and Invincibility.)
  • Compatibility with Amy Mania. (enable both mods and make sure Amy mania is on the top using the arrows to the right)

Please Note:

This mod is still a work in progress. Aspects are subject to change.

Please take a look at the 'README' inside of the main project folder for more information.


Sega Mega CD
Due to a (very) temporary cancellation of the project, the latest release was made in an incomplete state, and as such, contains various issues ranging from minor to major, which can possibly hinder gameplay under certain circumstances. This is far from an ideal release, and we do not claim it to be one. To play a 'complete' version, please wait for the next release, or see version 3.0 for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis.
· v4.0b US · v4.0b EU · v4.0b JP ·
(3.26MB 'Unstable')

Sega Mega Drive / Genesis
(793KB, released 06/30/07. Last Sega Mega Drive / Genesis build and latest stable version)
Jan 07 '07 Build
(617KB, released 6/7/09, dated 1/7/07)
(474KB, released 06/16/06)
'06 Contest Build
(472KB, released 05/31/06)
(387KB, released 12/11/05)
(388KB, released 11/15/05)
'05 Contest Build
(354KB, released 05/31/05, dated 7/9/05)

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