Sally Face Download For Mac Episode Two

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Sally Face Android Latest version 1.8 APK Download and Install. Package Name: com.face.sallyface Free for Android. Updated: March 03, 2020. Unravel the sinister mysteries of Sally's world to find the truth that lies hidden beneath the shadows Get This Torrent Download Anonymously plaza-sally.face.episode.4.iso 1.1 GiB. Sally Face: Episode One – Strange Neighbors GAME INFO Sally Face is an adventure game by Steve Gabry released in2019 for Linux, Mac and PC. It has a Stylized art style, presented in 2D or 2.5D and is played in a Third-Person perspective.

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Sally Face Review

Sally Face is a beautifully animated and darkly funny interactivegame where you play as a boy who I think is actually named Sally, has blue pigtails and wears a mask to cover up his face which the prologue goes some way to explaining and not in full, once you make your way through the maze of doors and corridors in the prologue the game starts to delve in to something of the story but not everything is explained and although this version only includes chapter 1 and will surely leave you wanting more from this really nicely animated game.

Sally Face Download For Mac Episode Two

After the prologue part of the game you move in to your new apartment with your father and must take your time going round the building meeting your new neighbors and finding out information on the ominous crime that has taken place there the night before you arrived, on top of the neighbors you will also have conversations with policemen, detectives and the building caretaker.

Sally Face is one of those games that bridges the gap between visual novel and full on game perfectly, like a comic book that you are actually a part of, the very start of the game can be a bit frustrating as it is easy to get lost in a maze of doors but you might get lucky or perhaps have a pen and paper ready and you can write down which doors you have tried and which doors lead to where.


A great looking and very intriguing game you can download Sally Face chapter one here for free.

Sally Face Episode 5 is the final chapter of this amazing saga that I have been enjoying for a while now. I love point and click style adventure games; I love horror and this is a game that mixed both of these things together as well as a sprinkling of a few other genres too. It should go without saying, but you do not want to just jump into this final chapter, play the other four first!

How Did We Get Here?

To give you a little background I will touch on what has led us to the events of Sally Face Episode 5. The game is about a strange youngster called Sal. Sal has a “condition” where he has to wear a prosthetic face due to something that happened to him. He is called “Sally Face” and one day his dad moves the two of them to a new building, a building that is home to some interesting and strange characters as well as some dark and sinister secrets.

We Need To Stop The Cult

I am assuming you have played the other games in the series so keep that in mind as we go forward. The story of the final part of this chapter still sees Sal dead after the events of the last game. This time, Neil and Ashe decide that they need to put a stop to the Devourers of God cult that has taken hold of the apartment complex they live in.

Ashe decides that they need Sal’s help to do this so they decide to contact him from the other side and see if he can help. This is the premise of the story and it is awesome. I think that the level of storytelling here is just first-rate all of the way. It is very dark, grisly, engaging and by the time we got to this fifth chapter I was fully invested in these characters. There is not as much character development in this game as there was with the others, but by this point, we already know the characters well enough.

The Five Stages Of Hell

Sally Face Episode 5 has a very interesting “gimmick” remember how I said they wanted the ghost of Sal to help them? Well, they manage this but in order for this to happen, Sal must get through five very different stages. Each one of these stages/worlds or whatever you want to call them has its own style. You have a 3D block-based one, a Claymation one and my personal favorite is one that looks like it was brought to life with the mind of Tim Burton!

Classic Sally

The core gameplay of the game is what you would expect by this point. You control the game very much like a point and click adventure. There are many puzzles to solve, people to talk to and mysteries to figure out. The big new addition to the gameplay here is the combat! You can play as Sally, Ashe, and Larry and each one has a different form of combat which I thought was really cool.

Sally Face Download For Mac Episode Two Full

Ashe can do melee damage with her possessed arm; Larry can use a kind of magic ability and then we have Sal who is more of a shooter.

I know that I have to give Sally Face Episode 5 a score, but the score I am giving this is really as a series as a whole. There is no way that you could just jump straight into this game. It is an episodic adventure and you owe it to yourself and the game to play it from start to end. I think being able to plow through this from chapter 1 to chapter 5 is going to make you even more invested in the story. These are characters that will stick with me for a very long time. Even though I know the way the story unfolds, this is a game I know I will play through again.

Sally Face Episode 4 Walkthrough


  • The characters are truly unique
  • I liked the different style the worlds took
  • The writing is truly fantastic stuff
  • The combat is a fun and welcomed addition to the game
  • It will keep you hooked from start to end


Sally Face Episode 2 Download

  • You do need to have played the whole series before you jump in here
  • The character progression is pretty much done by this chapter

Sally Face Episode 1 Walkthrough

Overall rating: 9