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To this day, gamers are still trying to figure out exactly what Sally Face is as a game. It doesn’t fit into any real genre. It’s not a roleplaying game, first-person shooter, or adventure game, so what exactly is it? The creator of Sally Face came up with the idea around 2006 but did not fully develop the project until 2015. The concept behind the game was to make it a playable internet cartoon. Sally Face was finally released in 2016 and has been coming out in new episodes every year since then.

MasteredUIArthur @MasteredUIArthur. Hello there, um this is my mod of Sally.exe CN EoT (Created by Jaiz Koys) that which edits almost all the music in-game! SALLY.EXE CN EOT ANDROID INTRO/END OF HOPE DEMO by sonic2 @sonic2. Overview; Comments 1 Followers 6 Free. SALLY.EXE CN EOT ANDROID INTRO/END OF HOPE DEMO Version: 0.1.0 10 months ago. #horror #survival #other #adventure #fangame #platformer. Development Stage. May 31 2016 Demo 4 comments. This is a beta version of Sally.EXE, the game will look better in the full release. Sally.exe beta demo. No files were found matching the criteria specified. We suggest you try the file list with no filter applied, to browse all available. Add file and help us achieve our mission of showcasing the. The sequel to the bad ending of Sonic.Exe: Nightmare Beginning #platformer #sallyexe #sonicexe #NightmareUniverse #NightmareBeginning #NightmareShorts #EyeOfThree You can also use a cheat code that will give you 350 lives and make it easier to complete the game. Android Windows 7 Launcher Apk Download. While most things can be changed about Android, being an Open Source platform, which leaves a wide array of possibilities for the Developers, there is still something that every Android user can do to change the look and the feel of their smartphone, by simply using a Launcher app.

Sally.exe Download Android

It Is Creative

Sally Face is a creative game, we’ll give the developers that. The game starts by watching a dream about a boy covered in bandages walking through a hallway until he stumbles upon a human corpse. The game then moves on to the character Sal in his therapist’s office talking about some disturbing topics. That’s when we move on to Sal’s childhood as a boy, a horribly disfigured boy.

It’s An Unsettling Horror Title

If there’s any genre Sally Face can fit into, then it could be a horror mystery game. You’re following a boy who has a fake face on as he navigates his way through his life. You solve puzzles, play mini-games, and move around a nightmare through the mind of a young boy. Unfortunately, the game is relatively short. Sometimes it can get a little weird as you move from room to room solving puzzles that have no obvious ways of solving them. This is not a good game to play for those who have to keep tabbing out to look up guides. The vibrant world in Sally Face is brought to life through the visual artwork that lets you know the developers behind the game really put a lot of thought into the animation. The animation is brought to life by the immersive and beautiful soundtrack that makes you wonder what is around the corner. However, the unsettling part is how graphic the game is at times from cannibalism to suicide. This is not a game for children.

A Lot Of Hidden Content

One of the best parts about Sally Face is the developer really put a lot into fleshing out the plot so that there is a lot to discover in everything from optional areas to explore to unlockable minigames. There are also videotapes you can find and diary entries to read. Unfortunately, a lot of content that seems like it’s optional is rather important to the story. That means you’re going to end up very confused down the line if you’re not exploring everything.


You’ll end up running into characters wondering why their stories have changed which makes the store get convoluted if you’re not paying attention. That means you have to pay attention to everything. Look through each and every object through each and every room, oftentimes with no rationale at all, just to make sure you didn’t miss anything.


Sally Exe Download For Android
  • Very unique artwork
  • Great soundtrack
  • A lot of content to discover
  • Simple controls
  • Vibrant world
  • Beautiful soundtrack


Download Sally Exe Continued Nightmare Android

  • Extra content is important to the story
  • Adventure is not consistent
  • The game is short
  • Very graphic game with dark themes

Sally Exe Download For Android Free

Sally Field is short and filled with some uncomfortable topics but it’s definitely something to pick up if you want a change of pace from other video games.

Sally Exe Part 2 Download

Overall rating: 7