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Available Platform: Windows

Link for Setup file- the PayPal Donate Link below to support my YouTube Channel- https://. /free-autocad-dwg-blocks-lighting/. Road Rash Full Game Setup Free Download (size: 27.1 MB) The Best Racing Game.First Of all Install The Game.After Installation, An Icon On Deskto Is Created.You Can Play this Game.Full Inst. Cadillacs And Dinosaurs Full Game Free Download (Size 18.4 MB). Road Rash 2002 is an Actions, Bike Racing game which was Developed by Electronic Arts and Published by also Electronic Arts. It game was released in 1999 with many features Like a High graphics in low size, new maps, new maps, more tracks, Includes new motor cycles and highly sound effects. 8-bit racing game. Road Rash is a motorcycle racing game where you’re pitted against other racers and the police. The mechanics of the game are to stay on the same horizontal track, swerving only to the left or right to get ahead of their opponents. Along the way, you.

Road Rash is a violent motorcycle racing video game developed and published by Electronic Arts released initially in 1991 for Sega Genesis, then ported to Amiga and other platforms..


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PublisherElectronic Arts
DeveloperPapyrus Design Group
OS supportedWindows 98/XP/2000, Windows 7
Updated25 March 2019

Game Review

Road Rash is a violent motorcycle racing video game developed and published by Electronic Arts released initially in 1991 for Sega Genesis, then ported to Amiga and other platforms. In 1994 a remake was created for the 3DO and this version was ported to Windows in 1996.

This was the first entry in the Road Rash franchise and one of my favorite games! The chain was my weapon of choice when I played. As my friends know, watching me play any sort of racing game is hilarious because I am the worst video game driver ever.


The basic plot of the game is you play as a biker and compete in illegal races to win money. The races are on linear tracks and you are pitted against other bikers who will attack you and try to knock you off your bike.You can either ride clean by racing well or play dirty and take out your opponents with weapons or your bare hands. The road also features hazards that can trip you up, as well as traffic in both directions. Should you get knocked off your bike you have to run on foot to retrieve it. The bike will also suffer damage that you will have to repair. You can also get fines from cops if they can catch you, that is. Winning or placing in races can net different sums of money and lets you move through the ranks to harder races worth more money. You in turn use your money to buy a better bike, repair damage, or pay your fines. Run out of money or get busted and it’s the end of the road for you.

Road Rash was well received upon its release and landed at #88 on The Top 100 Games of All Time poll. This game features arcade-like gameplay and is not intended to be a motorcycle simulation. Just a violent and exciting racing game. It is incredibly fun, so put on your leathers and I’ll see you at the starting line.


And you, what do you think? Is it too too violent or it's just fun? Do you prefer the Windows version or Road Rash - Original Version for Amiga? Let us know what you think, just leave a comment below.

Review by: Tasha
Published: 16 June 2017 9:32 pm

Windows game, 1996

Papyrus Design Group
Electronic Arts

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Rough music, leather clothing, plenty of booze and sexy girls - these are the main characteristics of bikers, or at least how most people portray them. The game Road Rash is about motorcycles and playing this game you will.. wait for it.. confirm all these myths/ideas! In the game you will meet a bunch of people, who have quite a lot of money so they can afford to buy expensive and fast bikes, and their life are not very valuable for them. You will race in with fast bikes and believe me, this game is everything, but not a fair-play, the races are harsh. Each time your opponent will try to overtake you, you can attack him (kick him, punch him,..) and tries to crash his bike. In real life, a fall at a speed of about 200km/hour would be fatal, but in the game is just a small crash, after a short moment you get up get back on the track. Road Rash contains 5 different tracks and offers 3 game modes: Trash mode (sit on the bike and at play), Big Game Mode (Championship, where you start as a beginner and you have to move to the top) and Mano-a-Mano Game Mode (multiplayer game over a network). Road Rash is not a traditional racing game, where bikers are fair, but the game has a great atmosphere, gameplay and catchy music.

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Road Rash Game Setup Files


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My bad, this game shouldn't be playable online, it's a windows game and there is no good way to play win games online. I've removed the online play.
You have to download the game and run it locally on your computer.

i downloaded the game and it's working perfectly other than the music in the menu and the tracks before starting every race it shows a error prompt that bad or missing file, after you click ok another error comes with midi error, the race goes on perfectly after clicking ok again along with all the effect sounds like engine,punch and kick just the music is missing. is there any fix for that.

I downloaded the game and followed the instructions in 'How to play' (Win10). I can mount the folder in dosbox and see all the files, but when i run roadrash.exe I get the error 'This program cannot be run in DOS mode'. How do I fix this, do I need to do something else first, like a registry entry or give the dosbox administrator rights or something?

Road Rash is Windows game, you don't need to run the game through DOSBox. Run the game in compatible mode.

Really loved this game in 1996 but I cannot get it to work: Roadrash.exe, Rashme.exe and Run.bat in comp.mode tell me I need to install the game before running. Rash.reg works and says it successfully added registry entries. Setreg.exe says it can't run on this computer and to ask publisher. Runonce.bat says it has compatibility issues and cannot import rash.reg.

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