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Posted By admin On 16.09.21

Ever since the release of PUBG, the battle royale genre has become phenomenal in the gaming industry. However, as there is currently no PUBG for Mac devices, all the Apple fans out there have been missing out the 'original battle royale' experience. We at PUBG Mobile World has received a bunch of question from Apple fans who want to join in the battle royale bandwagon, like 'How to download PUBG on Mac?', or 'How to download PUBG on MacBook Pro?'

  1. PUBG Mobile On MacBook (second) Most players of PUBG mobile play this game on a windows PC by using the android emulators. In same manner we are using the Android Emulator for MacBook to play PUBG Mobile on it. In this topic I am going to tell you the step by step procedure of installing the PUBG Mobile on your Macbook Airor Macbook Pro.
  2. PUBG is one the most famous game in the world nowdays. The PUBG was released in 2017 for PC and later for Mobile. There is still no official release for Macbook. But here are some ways that will make you able to Download PUBG Lite For Macbook.
  3. The steps will work on MacBook Air and MacBook Pro along with their desktops. You can take screenshot of selected portion of your screen using following key combination – 1) Hold down Command ⌘ + shift + 4 simultaneously 2) Now your mouse pointer will change to a crosshair (+).

Pubg game is available for all kinds of devices. So whatever the device you have you can definitely play pubg game. Now pubg is available for PC Windows, Android, and IOS mobiles, Xbox One and play station 4.Installing pubg on Mac is not that much of a tough process but there is no official pubg game released for Mac users so installing pubg on Mac little tricky. Follow the Steps To Download and Install ApowerMirror on Mac—. Download and install ApowerMirror on your computer system. Lunch the emulator and connect your cell phone via USB cable to the computer. Open Pubg Mobile on your cell phone. Now hit the keyboard bar for more menu options and select your control options.

Playing PUBG on Mac

To answer the above questions, we must first know the reason why there is no PUBG on Mac. While the MacBook is mainly considered the best for working, the specifications of the device are only mediocre at best, and not suit at all for gaming. Meanwhile, the original version of PUBG on Steam is really demanding - due to poor optimizing. Because of this, playing the original PUBG for MacBook or PUBG on MacBook Air is out of the question - as those devices can't play the game with decent FPS on their own unless you have an external VGA.

So if the original version is out of the question, can you play PUBG for Mac free with the Mobile version? The answer is yes, theoretically, with a mobile emulator application like Big Nox for Mac. However, takes warning, as the Mac version of Nox is unoptimized for the device, the FPS can drop to really low.

But if you really want to play PUBG for MacBook Air or regular MacBook via Android Emulator, then you can follow these steps as follow

How to download PUBG Mobile on Mac:

Pubg Mobile Download For Macbook Pro Windows 7

  1. Download BigNox for Mac at Remember to select the Mac version at the Download page.
  2. Install Nox on Macbook and launch the emulator application.
  3. Setup your Google Account to access the PlayStore.
  4. Download PUBG for MacBook via the Google PlayStore.

But if you have an external VGA connected to your Mac, you can actually install Windows on your Mac via Boot Camp Assistant and play the original version of PUBG on Steam. And here is the tutorial video:

Install Windows 10 on a Mac - video tutorial.

How to download PUBG for Mac - Using Boot Camp Assistant

  1. Open Boot Camp Assistant on your Mac by selecting Applications > Utilities > Boot Camp Assistant, or pressing Space + Command and search for Boot Camp Assistant.
  2. Download Windows 10 iso file on Windows' official website.
  3. Using Boot Camp Assistant, create a partition for Windows 10 and format that partition.
  4. Install Windows 10 in the newly created partition.
  5. Boot to Windows 10 by holding the 'Option' key when turn on the MacBook.
  6. Install Steam, login and download PUBG to your MacBook. Of course, you will have to purchase the Steam version of the game to PUBG download for MacBook Air.

How to download PUBG for Mac - Using Streaming Services like Parsec or GeForce Now:

With the rise of cloud gaming services, you can actually play PUBG on your low-end MacBook - if you have a good enough internet connection. By using streaming services, your Mac will stream the gaming contents from a gaming computer provided by the cloud service - that means you can play PUBG just fine on your Mac.

GeForce Now is a new game streaming service from NVIDIA, that according to them, 'provide AAA-gaming experience' on any device you own - including NVIDIA Shield and MacOS. Below is the list of games that supported by GeForce Now:

However, at the time of this writing, GeForce Now is only available in the US Region, so you will have to wait until NVIDIA releases this service globally.

And that's all the way you can enjoy PUBG on Mac at the moment.

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