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Analyser / Monitor Plugin by BEN/SCHULZ €49.00. Details Switch Section. Oszillos-Mega-Scope by BEN/SCHULZ is a Virtual Effect Audio Plugin for macOS and Windows. It functions as a VST Plugin, an Audio Units Plugin, a VST 3 Plugin and an AAX Plugin. Oszillos-Mega-Scope is a BPM-synced VST, AU & AAX oscilloscope with support for multiple inputs. It gives you a visualisation of the waveforms you feed it with. This can be handy in different situations like compressor-fine-tuning, sound design, drum programming, etc. Oszillos-Mega-Scope features a resizeable and intuitive user-interface that.

Oscarizor – 2D/3D Multi Channel Spectrum Analyzer Audio Plug-In VST / AU & AAX / Free & Pro

„Sugar Audio’s blindingly brilliant multichannel spectrum analyser has hit the market […] It’s as easy on the eyes as it is on the wallet.” – Computer Music Aug/2016, P.26

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„It’s a great little plugin that will definitely come in handy at some point if you’re a sound designer, or if you simply want to have a better visual control over the sounds that you’re working with.” – bedroomproducersblog.com

Downloads & Purchase

The digital single user not for resale license will be sent to you via e-mail within one day, please contact Sugar Audio for educational and other license models.

Try the FREE version !
Note: The free version is limited (e.g. no 3D, no sync, no multi channel support, fewer controls, no instrument tuner, no FFT customization, no combined view).
System requirements
x64 Windows 10 VST® 2/3, AAX (ProTools 2020 Native)
x64 Intel macOS 10.11 – 11 VST® 2/3, AU, AAX (ProTools 2020 Native)
You need a DAW host software to use this audio plugin!
16-32 bits sample resolution @ 44.1–192 kHz sample rate
Minimal 2 GB RAM & C2D 2.66 Ghz / 4 GB RAM & i5 and better recommended for multi channel usage and 3D functions

Higher CPU usage for 3D functions!
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2D / 3D Full Featured Parametric Multi Channel Spectrum Analyzer ( VST / AU and AAX )

Welcome to the world of Oscarizor Pro. Parallel waveform, spectrum & stereo field comparison in 2D and 3D using side-chaining and 255 send/receive channels (up to 10 channels parallel) is the power of Oscarizor Pro – especially the multi channel spectrum analyzer in VST / AU and AAX variants. Use DAW host synchronization to exacly compare waveforms. Nearly an unlimited count of instances inside your DAW projects is possible. Waveforms and spectrums are displayed with wonderful filled/lined graphics using blending, blending types, smoothing and antialiasing. Choose from common colors to beautify your dB or amplitude scaled view. Use the custom UI coloration, free resizing capabilities and innovative control multi panel to optimize your workflow. Read about the features of Oscarizor Pro.


  • 2D / 3D full featured parametric multi analyzer
  • Multi channel waterfall spectrum analyzer audio plug-in with mountains, bars, cylinder and tube models
  • Parallel waveform & spectrum comparison using side-chaining and send/receive channels
  • DAW host synchronization, initial autosync to receives & resync to receives button
  • Automatic instrument tuner with FFT size and function memory
  • Multi channel correlation & gonio meter
  • FFT size, window (7 functions) & average controls
  • Spectrum tilt/slope knob & Nyquist mode
  • Nearly unlimited instances in your DAW projects
  • 255 channels to send/receive waveforms and spectrums to/from other instances
  • 10 channels simultaneous view
  • Channel naming with propagation to receiving channels
  • Parallel and overlay view modes
  • Combined 2D/3D views Osc/Spectrum or Osc/Spectrum/Gonio meter
  • Stereo, mixed mono (avg/max) & M/S (mid/side) view
  • Filled/lined waveforms using blending, blending types, smoothing and
  • 360 degrees three axis 3D rotation, free positioning and zooming
  • Two independent 3D light sources with extended customization
  • Custom UI & waveform coloration
  • DB and amplitude view
  • Absolute view for better analyzation
  • Beat and measure display adjustment
  • Reset / Bypass / Freeze / Freeze all (global freeze) buttons
  • Signal modifying Gain, phase switch, L/R swap and mono controls
  • Sine test tone generator
  • Exact mouse wheel zoom in/out
  • Free positioning, scaling & dragging
  • Multipanel UI control with all-in-one-mode, menu splitter & control scrolling
  • Freely resizeable GUI from very small to enormously large
  • Full window and control hover mode
  • Preset Manager, quick save/load presets & A/B Comparison
  • SA 3D Engine 2.0: Highly optimized and customizable 3D renderer
  • No dongle required (except AAX), zero latency and low cpu usage (except 3D)

Application areas

  • Detailed spectrum and waterfall analyzation in mixing, mastering, djing and teaching
  • Averaged spectrum comparison of received channels (e.g. reference tracks)
  • Spectrum interference visualization (lightens parts with most activity)
  • Stereo field, mid/side & correlation analyzation
  • Compression tunings
  • Limiting fine-adjustments
  • Envelope shaping analyzations
  • Transient control
  • Ducking
  • Leveling / metering

2D multi channel waterfall

Use the 2d waterfall in parallel, stereo, M/S and/or overlay mode.

3D multi channel waterfall

Use mountains, bars, cylinder or tube 3d waterfall models with 2 light sources and emissive, ambient, diffuse and specular light controls. The highly optimized and customizable SA 3D Engine 2.0 renderer supports additional parameters like model width, depth, back face culling and perspective control.

Parallel and overlay view modes & 10 channels simultaneous view

Parallel mode shows all active channels in parallel mode from top to bottom instead of showing them in overlay mode.

3D multi channel spectrum analyzer & oscilloscope

Use a single analyzer or one of the combined views.

3D Rotation, positioning and zooming

Use the 360 degrees three axis 3d rotation, free positioning and zooming.

Compression analyzation

See exactly what your compressor effects.

Transient analyzation

See exactly how transient controllers change your signal.

Multi channel stereo spectrum analyzer

Analyze which frequencies are interferencing.

Multi channel correlation meter

Have just one look to see that everything is fine with your channel correlations.

Stereo 3D combined and overlay mode

Deactivate the grids and have an exclusive view to the signals.

Multi channel gonio meter

Make reliable judgments about your stereo image.

Channel naming & solo/hide controls

Enter the channel name, choose the color and turn solo/hide on/off for every channel.

Freely Resizeable GUI from very small to enormously large

Freely resize the effect window by dragging the bottom right corner, the multi panel controls are dynamically arranged depending on the UI size.

Waveform smoothing

Smooth the waveforms from the common visualization to…

… medium smoothed or …

… maximum smoothed waveforms.

Absolute view for better analyzation

Shows the waveforms in absolute mode. Negative waveform parts are transcoded to positive parts.

Custom waveform coloration

Choose the color of all signal waveforms.

Stereo absolute view

Displays two channels (L/R) of all displayed signals instead of one mixed mono channel.

Multi stereo dB view


Displays two channels for all signals in dB mode.

Exact mouse wheel and left button zoom in/out

Use your mouse wheel or mark waveform parts to zoom in/out the display at the current mouse position.

Non filled view

Turns off the filled waveforms.

Blend types

Choose from 5 different types of graphical blending types to optimize the visualization.

Automatic instrument tuner

The chromatic and automatic instrument tuner comes in handy when you just want to quickly tune your instrument.

Custom UI coloration

Adjust independently the main, secondary, view and background RGB color values.

Full window and control hover mode for the whole 2D 3D multi channel spectrum analyzer audio plug-in VST AU AAX

Use the full window to analyze your signals.


Version 1.0.0 (30/01/2016) *
Version 1.1.0 (04/03/2016)
– 10 Channels simultaneous view (Pro)
– Channel naming (Pro)
– Channel solo and hide buttons (Pro)
– Parallel and overlay view modes (Pro)
– Additional blend mode (Pro)
– Sync position button (Pro)
– UI redesign
– Sharpened and emphasized waveform edges
– Free vertical positioning and scaling
– Multipanel UI control
– Gain On/Off
– Gain unit in dB
– Units added to numbers
– Performance optimized
Version 2.0.0 (19/04/2016)
– Spectrum analyzer audio plug-in – Oscarizor is now a multi analyzer (Free/Pro)
– Multi channel support for spectrum analyzer (Pro)
– Intuitive and free mouse spectrum scaling (Free/Pro)
– Multi channel correlation meter (Pro)
– Automatic instrument tuner (Pro)
– FFT size, window (7 functions) and average controls (Pro)
– Spectrum tilt/slope knob (Free/Pro)
– Initial autosync to receives (Pro)
– Resync to receives button (Pro)
– M/S (mid/side) view (Pro)
– Freeze all (global freeze) button (Pro)
– Oscilloscope maximum time size enhanced to 30 seconds (@ 44kHz SR) (Free/Pro)
– Win/Mac AAX support added (ProTools 12 ) (Free/Pro)
– Mac 32 bit support added (Free/Pro)
– bugfixes
Version 2.5.0 (24/06/2016)
– 3d multi channel spectrum analyzer audio plug-in& oscilloscope (Pro)
– 360 degrees three axis 3d rotation, free positioning and zooming (Pro)
– Free window resizing by direct input or dragging (Free/Pro)
– Gonio meter analyzer added (Free/Pro)
– Multi channel support for gonio meter (Pro)
– Combined views Osc/Spectrum or Osc/Spectrum/Gonio meter (Pro)
– Custom UI coloration (Free/Pro)
– Maximum 255 send channels (16 before) (Pro)
– Spectrum analyzer low frequency down to 10Hz (25Hz before) (Free/Pro)
– Spectrum analyzer high frequency up to Nyquist (Pro)
– Instrument tuner switch FFT size and function memory (Pro)
– Mono mix average sum switch (Free/Pro)
– Smoother high limit is now 30x (instead of 20x) (Pro)
– Test tone is now at -12db (instead of 0db) (Free/Pro)
– Graphic controls consolidated to new GFX panel (Free/Pro)
– All-in-one switch shows as many controls as possible in one panel (Free/Pro)
– Receive channels show names of sending channels (Pro)
– Grid on/off switches (Free/Pro)
– Performance tuning (Free/Pro)
– Bugfixes
Version 2.6.1 (09/07/2016)
– Full window and control hover mode (Free/Pro)
– Free channel naming (Pro)
– Channel color picker (Pro)
– Channel color propagation to receiving channels (Pro)
– Swap L/R button (Pro)
– Oscilloscope off beat lines (Free/Pro)
– Default colors changes (Free/Pro)
– Multi panel slider improvements (Free/Pro)
– Bugfixes
Version 3.0.0 (08/10/2016)
– New function: 2D/3D multi channel waterfall (Pro)
– Mountain, bars, cylinder and tube 3D waterfall models (Pro)
– SA 3D Engine 2.0: Highly optimized and customizable 3D renderer (Pro)
– Two independent light sources with free positioning and coloring for all 3D analyzers (Pro)
– Emissive, ambient, diffuse and specular 3D light controls (Pro)
– Extended 3D parameters with model width, depth, back face culling and perspective correction (Pro)
– 3D spread control to strech the model (Pro)
– Dynamic control menu splitter (Free/Pro)
– Thicker 2D signal contours (Free/Pro)
– Performance & memory optimizations
– Bugfixes
Version 3.2.2 (24/02/2017)
– Preset manager with factory presets (Pro)
– Quick save/load presets (Free/Pro)
– A/B comparison (Free/Pro)
– Flexible FFT formants csv file output (Pro)
– “Function” control always visible in AIO mode (Free/Pro)
– 3D line antialias and antialias is default (Pro)
– Font homogenized for Win and Mac (Free/Pro)
– Bugfixes & some minor visibility changes (Free/Pro)
Version 3.2.3 (21/03/2017)
– Oscilloscope cursor is now hidden in lower time resolutions (Free/Pro)
– Fixed rare crashes when closing MixBus software (Free/Pro)
– Fixed oscilloscope display buffer inaccuracy (Free/Pro)
Version 3.5.0 (29/07/2017)
– UI resizing up to Ultra-HD & Retina (Free/Pro)
– RMS/peak/peak hold meter (Free/Pro)
– Wave length measurement in samples, Hz, milliseconds, meters and notes (Pro)
– UI Lock feature (Pro)
– Keyboard shortcuts (Free/Pro)
– Much smaller memory footprint (Free/Pro)
– New logo & minor UI changes (Free/Pro)
– Minor bugfixes (Free/Pro)
Version 3.5.1 (15/10/2017)
– OS X High Sierra compatibility (Free/Pro)
– Side chain improvements (Pro)
– AU format mono compatibility (Free/Pro)
– Alternative key input handling implemented and MuLab/Bitwig key input fixed (Free/Pro)
– Double left/right click on resize tringle switches between display modes (Free/Pro)
Version 3.6.0 (15/04/2018)
– dB scaling for scope & spectrum improved (Free/Pro)
– UI color adapted for Filterizor (Free/Pro)
– Knobs & switches revised (Free/Pro)
– UI sparkle effect (Free/Pro)
– Minor bugfixes (Free/Pro)
Version 3.7.0 (30/09/2019)
– Steinberg license changes (Free/Pro)
– macOS Catalina compatibility preparation (Free/Pro)
– Technical core changes (Free/Pro)
– macOS 32 bit support dropped (Free/Pro)
Version 3.8.0 (18/01/2021)

Oszillos Mega Scope Vst Download Free Windows 10

– Performance improvements (Free/Pro)
– macOS Big Sur adaptions (Free/Pro)

Jan 08, 2019 Serato Scratch Live Waveform VST or something similar? DJing Discussion. There are also real-time waveform analyzers out there - here's a free one for mac: bram.smartelectronix.com. HCReis 4:35 PM - 11 November. Been hacking a way into doing this with Oszillos Mega Scope and a multiband limiter. MegaVST is a free VST plugins archive, download free audio plugin for musician or sound engineer. We allow you to download freeware VST, both audio effects and virtual instruments (VSTi). This plugin can be used in audio software (DAW) that supports VST including: Steinberg Cubase, Nuendo, FL Studio (Fruityloops), Ableton Live, Adobe Audition, etc. Jul 21, 2015 This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

Ben/Schulz is offering the JP-ME-1 digital reverb effect as a free download during the beta testing stage. Users who download the plugin for free can keep their licenses forever.

Download piano vst plugins for fl studio. Download over 400 Free VST Plugins and Free VST instruments.We have searched the web for the best free VST plugins to download. These are the best VST plugins that can be used with music software like FL Studio, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Reaper, and more.

JP-ME-1 emulates a famous digital reverb hardware unit from the 1980s. The plugin comes with twelve reverb algorithm presets that are based on the original hardware. JP-ME-1 is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for compatible digital audio workstation software on PC and Mac. A standalone version of JP-ME-1 is also included in the download.

Oszillos Mega Scope Vst download free. full

The plugin features a streamlined user interface. The user can select the active reverb preset using the six buttons. Additionally, JP-ME-1 lets you adjust the input volume, output volume, and the reverb intensity. The reverb presets can’t be edited in any way. Whereas some users will find JP-ME-1’s streamlined interface limiting, others will enjoy the ease of use and instant results.

Although it lacks flexibility, JP-ME-1 is focused on painstakingly recreating the sound of 80s digital reverbs. The 12-bit audio processing engine gives it the authentic, slightly gritty digital reverb sound. It works incredibly well on gated drums, synthesizers, and even certain types of vocals. Use the gated reverb technique to recreate the famous 80s snare drum sounds.

Oszillos Mega Scope Vst Download Free Pc

Ben/Schulz is also running a sitewide sale on all plugins. Use the coupon code FLATTEN-THE-CURVE at checkout to apply the discount to your order. If you like JP-ME-1, be sure to check out the RedVerb 2 plugin, too. Also, the Oszillos Mega Scope is one of the best multi-channel oscilloscope plugins on the market.

Vst Wikipedia

Oszillos Mega Scope Vst Download Free Game

JP-ME-1 can be downloaded completely free of charge during the beta period. The plugin will cost €39 after that. If you claim your free copy of JP-ME-1 during the promo, the plugin license will be stored in your user account forever. A valid email address is required for user account registration purposes.

More info:JP-ME-1(€39 value, free during beta, 9.53 MB download size, EXE installer, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/VST3/AU/AAX plugin format for Windows & macOS)

Oszillos Mega Scope Vst Download Free Version

Oszillos Mega Scope Vst Download Free Download

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