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  1. Ride as Mountain Bike legend Sam Pilgrim, and use the advanced trick system to bust out insane combos in over 40 hand crafted levels. Created out of passion for the sport by a solo developer, Shred! 2 is the most authentic MTB gaming experience available!
  2. MTBFreeride is a mountain biking simulator that offers realistic physics, a feature which distinguishes it from the many games of its type that seem to be unconcerned with the fact that the user can do impossible and unrealistic moves such as huge jumps.
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Avoid all the obstacles and keep your balance in this first-person simulator that puts you in control of a mountain bike

Riding a bike can be both a relaxing activity and an extreme sport, depending on your preferences. Naturally, there are all sorts of bicycles to choose from, each one of which is designed to deal with a specific type of terrain. Off-road bikes require sturdier components in order to navigate tough environments, while street bikes have a leaner design for extra speed.

Keep your balance and avoid the obstacles

MTB Freeride 2 is an interesting simulator that allows you to ride a mountain bike as you try to reach the bottom of a mountain without falling off or hitting various obstacles along the way. It’s easier said than done, on the other hand, because the road is full of rocks, trees, as well as abrupt valleys that force you to try daring stunts in order to remain on the bike.

There are multiple tracks to choose from, and each one of them is fairly challenging. Unfortunately, there’s not much variety in the landscapes, even if the actual tracks are different, because all you see are trees and rocks around you. /contour-hd-software-for-mac/. It’s also a bit too difficult to control the bike, mainly because the input appears to be amplified a bit when it shouldn’t be.

Use ramps to perform daring jumps

Every now and again you come by specially designed ramps that allow you to cover great distances through the air, at least as long as you manage to land perfectly. It’s actually very difficult to do so, mainly because the controls are annoying and even the slightest mistake in the landing angle causes a crash. Hence, most of the time you might be more inclined to avoid the ramps instead.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that the graphics are fairly impressive, even if the level design is repetitive. The first-person point of view is very engaging, and the bike is quite detailed as well, although it would be nice to have more models to choose from. The actual simulation is a bit of a letdown, mainly because it doesn’t feel at all like your bike is designed to handle such environments.

A neat game that could use more content

In spite of its shortcomings, MTB Freeride 2 is still a fairly fun game, especially since there are not many like it out there. However, it still needs more content, a better simulation engine and a lot more refined gameplay mechanics.

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MTB Freeride 2 2.3

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Post subject: MTB Freeride
Posted: 17.07.2013, 23:55
License: Freeware
Downloads: 96344x
MTB Freeride
Description :
Practice makes perfect, that counts for MTB Freeride the most. It's a downhill mountainbike simulator. We jump on our ride and cycle through the landscapes. The game itself is still in an early stage with a few bugs and gameplay issues. The interface isn't really attractive or user-friendly, but the simulation is in a good shape already. The graphics are pretty nice and everything feels smooth, but the controls are hard. You can change them before you start the game as we know it from Unity.

Version 0.3.5
Features :
- Good 3D graphics
- Awesome landscapes
- Mountainbike simulation
- Scary jumps
Requirements :
- Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista
- Processor 2 Ghz
- 1 GB Ram
- 3D Graphics Card with 128MB Ram
- DirectX
Screenshots :

Publisher Sites :

Free freeride games - Publisher Site - MTBFdeveloper

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User: jai and shoel
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nice game yolo lol
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User: jai and shoel
Posted: 01.02.2016, 05:50
nice game yolo lol
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User: Maybe
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I dont think these r real comments
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User: bruuuuhhhhhh
Posted: 27.04.2020, 03:55
When I quit the game I have to redownload the game to play again

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