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The first thing you need is the model number, usually found on a tag on the right side of the station. You can then decode it by viewing the table in the MSF5000 Photo Tour article. You'll need a standard Motorola 2135 key to open the cabinet. You should be able to identify the major internal components; read the Photo Tour article. MOTOTRBO is a Motorola digital radio product marketed primarily to business/industrial users. The format is based on, and compatible with the European 2-slot DMR standard and uses Time Division Multiple Access ( TDMA) to effectively accommodate two simultaneous users. A single 12.5 kHz channel is able to carry two simultaneous and independent. The serial number can be broken down into sub-components which identify the year and week of the original production. You may ignore the 310A (first four digits) of the serial number. Digit five (X) of the example serial number identifies the year of manufacture. In year 2000, Motorola Inc. Started their alphabet calendar from “A”.

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Motorola Radio Serial Number Decoder

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Motorola Serial Number Check

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Motorola Radio Serial Number

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Motorola Serial Number Lookup

See how competition saturation, economic or political volatility, sure you have a solid plan on what to do with that vital information.


Motorola MT-2000 and MTS-2000
programming tips

Motorola Serial Decoder

Shown with optional keypad and optional front display

Rather than retype the conversion instructions, here is a link to BatLabs.

I will not list the 48 frequencies that are programmed into my radio. The other features may be things people that have little experience with these radios and software are listed below. The way I have my MT-2000 programmed is:

  • The TWO POSITION SWITCH is set for Normal (repeater) and Direct (TX and RX on the repeater output frequency & CTCSS). This switch setting has no effect on simplex channels.

  • The ORANGE 'Emergency' button is set for 'Nuisance Delete'. This temporarily deletes a channel from the scan list. Just stop and restart scan (or power cycle the radio) to restore the channel to the scan list .

  • The ABC (three position) switch is set for 'Zone Select'. (3 'Zones' of 16 channels = 48 channels!)

  • The TOP (blue) button is set for 'Backlight' and 'Flip display'. A short press enables the display backlight for 5 seconds. Download cs 1.6 free pc. A long press (5 seconds) flips the display so it is easily read while on your belt.

  • The MIDDLE button is set for Monitor (receive PL® defeat and open squelch), and if you hold the button continuously for 3 seconds it opens the squelch ('sticky open squelch').

  • The BOTTOM button (above the PTT) is set to turn SCAN On/Off.

  • The channels are set in the 'Zones' as follows. Channels 1 through 16 are in Zone 1 and Scan List 1. Channels 17-32 are in Zone 2 and Scan List 2. Channels 33 through 48 are in Zone 3 and Scan List 3). Note that the Scan lists can only contain 15 channels so program channels 16, 32, and 48 with frequencies you will not want to scan (suggestion - program Channels 16 and 32 with a simplex frequency and Channel 48 as the local NOAA weather frequency).

  • Set the display properties for no zone display and 6 characters for channel text.

  • Set the scan lists for 'Selected Channel' as the priority channel with tone alert (beep) when the priority channel becomes active and 500 to 750 milliseconds sample ('lookback') time.

  • Set the 'Tone Boost' for 'Constant' at a value of -15dB.

  • Suggest you program Channel 48 for your local NOAA frequency. Set the display in the 'Zone/Channel Assignment screen' for Channel 48 for your Amateur Callsign. This makes it easy to identify your radio from others that may be on-site by selecting Zone-C Channel 16 (radio channel 48). It also makes it easier for you to recover/identify your radio if it is ever lost or (shudder) stolen and it has not been reprogrammed.

  • It would not be a bad idea to inscribe or write (permanent marker) the shield inside your radio with identifying information (your Callsign?) along with keeping a record of the serial number and model designators of your radio. I suggest your records include the radio model designator (MT-2000, MTS-2000, etc), the long Motorola model number which will be something like H01KDD9AA4AN, and the serial number which is not only on the radio casing but permanently burned into the EPROM on the controller board. This serial number will look something like A355AUV1234.

  • If you wish to mount a standard Amateur antenna on the radio, you will need a female SMA to female SMA 'barrel' adapter. Motorola puts the male SMA in the radio and a female SMA on the antenna. The default for Amateur antennas with SMA connectors is: female SMA in the radio and male SMA on the antenna (reversed from Motorola). You also could purchase a female SMA to female BNC adapter to put on your radio. I am investigating drilling and tapping the chassis to mount a standard BNC connector like I have done to the GE-MPD.

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