Microsoft Sql Server 2014 Express For Mac

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  1. Microsoft Sql Server 2014 Express For Mac Download
  2. Microsoft Sql Server 2014 Express For Mac Os

There are a lot of misperceptions and misinformation about Microsoft’s SQL Server® Express edition. Some of these misperceptions are holdovers from the limitations of previous releases, and others stem from misunderstandings about the product’s features and licensing. In this article, I’ll tackle some of the myths about using SQL Server Express as a production database, and explain the differences between the various SQL Server 2014 Express editions and their limitations.

You can also watch this video where I demonstrate how to set up SQL Server Express as a production database:

Myths and realities

Before jumping into the details of SQL Server 2014 Express, let’s do away with some of the main myths concerning this edition of SQL Server.

Myth: SQL Server Express can’t be used as a production database.

Reality: While SQL Server is a completely free product, it is also completely capable of legally being used for production workloads. The licensing allows you to include SQL Server Express as a part of your own products, and many ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) do just that.

Microsoft Sql Server 2014 Express For Mac

Myth: SQL Server Express is limited to a single user.

Reality: The predecessor of SQL Server Express, MSDE (Microsoft® Desktop Engine) used to have a workload governor that would reduce the performance of the database for multiple users. However, SQL Server Express has no such restrictions and is only restricted by the maximum capacities that I discuss in the Limitations section.

Myth: SQL Server Express is limited to 4GB of storage

Reality: This used to be the case with SQL Server Express 2008 and earlier. However, with the SQL Server 2008 R2 release, Microsoft increased the maximum database size in SQL Server Express to 10GB—that’s 10GB per data file for a database. You can have multiple 10GB databases.


There are four editions of SQL Server 2014 Express, all of them have both 32-bit and 64-bit versions:

  • SQL Server 2014 Express LocalDB: First introduced with SQL Server 2012, SQL Server Express LocalDB is a lightweight version of SQL Server Express that is intended as a development tool. It runs as a local application—not as a service. It supports all of primary programmability features as the other SQL Server relational databases, but there is no required configuration. It is not intended to support production or multi-user workloads. The installer is called SqlLocal.msi.
  • SQL Server 2014 Express: The SQL Server 2014 Express edition includes only the SQL Server database engine. This edition is a good fit for small scale production databases, and is often distributed by different ISVs along with their applications. SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio is not included with this edition. You can download SSMS separately, or you can manage SQL Server Express 2014 using the SSMS that comes with the SQL Server 2014 Standard, Business Intelligence, or Enterprise editions. The English language setup programs are called SQLEXPRE32_X86_ENU.exe and SQLEXPR_x64_ENU.exe.
  • SQL Server 2014 Express with Tools: This version of SQL Server 2014 Express includes both the core relational database engine as well as SSMS. This version is best for developers who are creating and managing multiple small SQL Server databases. The English installers are called SQLEXPRWT_x86_ENU.exe and SQLEXPRWT_x64_ENU.exe.
  • SQL Server 2014 Express with Advanced Service: This edition is the most full-featured member of the SQL Server 2014 Express family. It includes the SQL Server Express relational database engine, SSMS, the option to install LocalDB in addition to Full Text Search, and Reporting Services. This version is best for small application developers who need to include reporting capabilities with their applications. The English installer packages are called SQLEXPRADV_x86_ENU.exe and SQLEXPRADV_x64_ENU.exe.


While the SQL Server Express editions can definitely be used for production databases, there are some important limitations that you need to be aware of:

  • The relational database engine is limited to the lesser of 1 socket or 4 cores.
  • The buffer cache of each instance is limited to 1MB of RAM.
  • If you have the SQL Server Express with Advanced Services edition, the Reporting Services components are limited to 4GB of RAM.
  • Databases are limited to 10GB of storage per database data file. FILESTREAM data does not count toward this limit.
  • SQL Agent is not present.

For a more complete picture of how the SQL Server Express feature set compares to the full- blown editions of SQL Server 2014 you can check out Features Supported by the Editions of SQL Server 2014.

Express delivery

SQL Server Express is a great choice for small-scale, cost-effective multi-user database implementations. It can run on both Windows® desktop operating systems like Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10, as well as server operating systems like Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, and 2012 R2. It is completely compatible with the Standard, Business Intelligence, and Enterprise editions of SQL Server 2014, and can be upgraded to any of these editions. Microsoft® SQL Server Express is employed by many Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) as a built-in database and it can be included in your own installation packages. You can download all of the SQL Server 2014 Express editions for free from Download Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express.

Here I’ll show you how to install SQL Server on a Mac with VirtualBox running Windows (a free trial edition).

The result of this is that you’ll have both Windows and SQL Server running on your Mac. /home-fit-living-mac-9010-service-manual/. And because you’re using VirtualBox, switching between macOS and Windows is as easy as switching between any other application.

As mentioned, this method involves Windows. If that scares you, then you might be better off installing SQL Server on your Mac via a Docker container. That method doesn’t involve Windows in any shape or form.

But if you don’t mind using Windows (or if you need to), here are the main steps for installing SQL Server for Windows on your Mac using VirtualBox:

  1. Download and Install VirtualBox
  2. Create a New Virtual Machine (VM)
  3. Download the Windows ISO image
  4. Install Windows
  5. Download and Install SQL Server

Below are more detailed instructions for each of these steps.

Download and Install VirtualBox

  1. The first step is to download VirtualBox from the VirtualBox download page.
  2. Install VirtualBox just as you’d install any other software. Once the .dmg file has downloaded, open it up and double click on the VirtualBox.pkg icon. This opens the installer. Follow the prompts and close the installer once it’s installed.

VirtualBox is virtualization software by Oracle. It allows you to create virtual machines on your computer. This allows you to install other operating systems onto your Mac (or other computer). The benefit of this is that, once you’ve installed another operating system on your Mac, you can run any software that runs on that operating system.

Create a New Virtual Machine (VM)

This is where you create a new virtual machine that you will install Windows on.

  1. Open VirtualBox (via the Applications folder)
  2. Click New
  3. Follow the prompts to the end. Call the virtual machine Windows or Windows 10 or something descriptive. The default settings on each screen should be fine, although it might pay to bump up the memory to around 4GB (or more if you can afford it) when you get to the Memory Size screen. Just be sure to leave enough memory for your host machine.

Once you’ve finished, your new virtual machine will appear in the VirtualBox side panel.

Download the Windows ISO image

Now that we’ve created a virtual machine, we can go ahead and install Windows on that. But first we need to download it.

If you already have access to a fully licensed edition of Windows by all means use that.

If you intend to keep using Windows (i.e. pay for it), download an ISO file from the Microsoft download page.

Otherwise, you can install a free Windows evaluation trial from the Microsoft Evaluation Center. This allows you to install Windows for free, and trial it for 90 days. If you prefer this option, go to the Evaluation Center and select an edition of Windows to download. Note that the Evaluation Center usually only has the Enterprise Edition and Windows Server.

Microsoft sql express 2014 download

Once downloaded, move the file to the VirtualBox VMs folder. For example /Users/Bob/VirtualBox VMs/. Or even better, just download the file directly to that folder). This isn’t essential though – if you have another place for the file, go ahead and use that instead.

Install Windows

  1. Double click on your virtual machine in the VirtualBox side panel (like the one with the arrow pointing to it in the above screenshot).
  2. Use the interface to browse to the Windows ISO file that you downloaded, and click Start.
  3. Follow the prompts to install Windows.

Once Windows is installed, the Windows desktop will be displayed.

Download and Install SQL Server

These steps are done using Windows inside the virtual machine you just created (not with your macOS).

  1. Using the Windows VM that you just installed, open up Edge (Microsoft’s web browser) and download the SQL Server installation file from Microsoft’s SQL Server download page (seeing as you’ll be doing this from within the VM, it’s probably easiest to do a web search for “download sql server” or similar, and choosing the official Microsoft website from the results). The Developer edition is fine, but use whichever edition suits you best.
  2. Run the installer file and follow the prompts. This downloads and installs SQL Server.

Once SQL Server has been installed, a screen will appear with Installation has completed successfully! Keep this screen open for now – this screen has a button to install SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). See below for how to install SSMS.

Download and Install SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

SQL Server Management Studio is a GUI tool from Microsoft that helps you manage SQL Server. SSMS is one of many tools that you can use with SQL Server, so this step is optional. However, if you’re learning how to use SQL Server, you should definitely learn how to use SSMS.

Microsoft Sql Server 2014 Express For Mac Download

  1. While still on the previous screen (i.e. the one that reads Installation has completed successfully!), click Install SSMS to download SQL Server Management Studio. This opens the SSMS download page in a web browser. Find the download link (it will read Download SQL Server Management Studio 17.6 or similar, depending on the version at the time of download) and click it to download SSMS.
  2. Once downloaded, run the installation file and follow the prompts.

Once SSMS has been installed, you can open it via the Windows Start menu.

Microsoft Sql Server 2014 Express For Mac Os

When you open SQL Server Management Studio, a connection will need to be established to SQL Server. A connection box will pop up, allowing you to enter your details or confirm the ones that have been pre-populated. Go ahead and click Connect to start using SQL Server.

Optional Extra: Install the VirtualBox Guest Additions

Guest Additions is a free optional extra that can make your life easier when working with your virtual machine. Guest Additions provides closer integration between the virtual machine and the host machine. Guest Additions provides features such as shared folders, time synchronization, mouse pointer integration, and more.

The VirtualBox Guest Additions are installed inside the virtual machine after you’ve installed Windows (or other operating system).

For more information about the Guest Additions, as well as installation instructions, see this Guest Additions help article on the VirtualBox website.