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Mercedes Navigation Updates for COMAND ONLINE Head Units can end up costing you $ 300 + at your local Mercedes dealership. Vehicles that are 2012 and up need to be present at the dealership costing additional labor. We offer alternative cost-effective, online Mercedes Navigation Update Service

Mercedes comand 2.0

Fresh Data, Enhanced Routing

A single road segment contains up to 260 unique data attributes. Speed limits, road signs, junctions, turn restrictions, nearby points of interest—every road presents a complex stream of data.

Each navigation system map update provides fresh data that improves routing accuracy, estimated arrival times, and much more. To ensure you have the freshest data, update your Mercedes-Benz navigation system today.

DVD Mercedes NTG4-204 Comand Map 2019 V16 A. €35.00 (2) Mercedes SD CARD Star2 Garmin Navigation W205 C, GLC 2021 A213 906 46 07.

Important Information
Important information for customers outside European Countries.

If during the selection of your vehicle the first 6 digits of your VIN/FIN don´t appear, please proceed as follows:


Introduce your Vehicle Identification Number and you get as example this.
Your VIN = WDDXJ8FBXGA011701 corresponds to FIN = WDD2173851A011701
With the first SIX DIGITS after the capital letters you can select by your model in our website and find the corresponding maps whichs fits to your vehicle.

If you still have problems, don´t hesitate to contact us through our contact formular or directly here [email protected]

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What Is A Mercedes Navigation Update?

Mercedes vehicles that are equipped with OEM Navigation can be updated to the Latest Version through the use of a USB or a SD Card.

Mercedes Navigation Update offers precise routes, rich map features. many POIs: golf courses, theaters, hotels, parking lots and much more making Mercedes-Benz digital map the perfect guide to traveling through the whole WORLD. Please consider that we DON´T sale BECKER MAP PILOT, GARMIN MAP PILOT updates.

Why Should I Update My Mercedes Navigation?

The world is constantly changing around us with new roads, streets and businesses. Latest Map updates include critical, fresh details about the road network that can save time and money.

Many Mercedes owners report the inability to find addresses despite the presence of infrastructure within their surroundings. This is due to an outdated Map.

The Latest Mercedes Navigation Update will help you save on fuel and provide you efficient routing. In addition, independence from external devices such as phones and aftermarket GPS systems.

I Have A 2010 Mercedes, What Version Is My Map?

The Map Version on a Vehicle is always the same year or a year older. If you have 2010 Mercedes than your Map version is either a 2009 or a 2010.

How Does The Navigation Update Process Work?

Mercedes Navigation update process is very simple. Once the Model and the Year of the vehicle has been confirmed, update is carried out using a CD, USB or SD Card depending on the vehicle Year.

How Much Does Dealership Charge For A Navigation Update?

Mercedes Dealership prices vary from location to location. If your vehicle is under 2012 your cost will be around $270 Tax Inclusive from a Mercedes Dealership.

If your Mercedes is 2012 and up, you will need to book an appointment with Mercedes. Not only will you be charged Map Data, but you will also be required to pay for License Key and Labour. This usually ends up costing you $300+.

How Long Does A Mercedes Navigation Update Take?

Mercedes Command Maps Downloads

Mercedes Navigation update usually take between 1-2 hours depending on the vehicle. If a customer is short on time, EuroMasters technician can initiate the update and you can be on your way in as little as 15mins while the the Navigation System updates in the background.

Does My Mercedes Benz Require A License Key For Navigation Update?

Mercedes Command Maps Download Free

All Mercedes vehicles 2012 and up require a License Key in order to Update the Navigation System.