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Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter would be the second game in Capcoms cross over fighting series. This game would also be what set the stage for Marvel vs Capcom! Capcom had a massive hit on their hands with X-Men vs Street Fighter and opening that up to the whole Marvel Universe was the next logical step. While it was the second game in the vs series. This would actually be the fourth game in the Marvel fighting series that started with X-Men: Children of the Atom.

A New Gang Is Here

The roster of the game is fantastic. You have all your Street Fighter favorites that you would expect such as Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, and so on, but it was with the Marvel side where Capcom went all out for Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter. The only returning characters from X-Men vs Street Fighter are Wolverine and Cyclopes, the rest are all brand new.

Hulk, Captain America, and Spider-Man are here, but you also have more obscure characters such as Blackheart and Shuma-Gorath. It was a fantastic selection and while it is not as deep as the rosters that the Marvel vs Capcom series would be known for. At the time, we had zero complaints about the characters in this game.


Two Heroes Go To War!

The game is the same idea as its predecessor. You need to pick a team of two characters and then fight a series of two on two battles. You can tag in your partner and this game introduced a new feature that was called the variable assist. This allowed your tag partner to jump on screen and do a move without tagging them in. This was a neat idea and one that the Marvel vs Capcom series would run with. Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter has two awesome bosses. First is Apocalypse, but you also have to fight a really badass version of Akuma too.

What I like about the vs series of fighting games is that they are a great deal of fun. They are super flashy and over the top and anyone can jump in and have a good time with them. On the flips side of this, as is the case with all Capcom fighting games, there is a real level of depth here for those that want to master the game.

Playing At Home

The arcade version of the game is awesome, but the home ports are interesting as well. The Sega Saturn version makes use of the ram expansion and is near arcade perfect. Sadly, it was not released outside of Japan. The PlayStation version on the other hand is not able to have the tag feature so it has all the characters, but you take part in one on one fights instead. The PlayStation version, however, did add in extra game modes.

The Future Is Bright

As you would expect the game looks like a million bucks like all Capcom fighting games do. It moves at a blistering pace and the characters are all animated amazingly well. The only issue I have with the presentation is that Capcom phoned it in a little bit with the stages. Many of them return from X-Men vs Street Fighter with a few colors changed. I do feel that they could have added in more new stages. Still, when your biggest complaint about the game is the stages, you know it is good!

I think that Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter holds up very, very well. This more than X-Men vs Street Fighter set the tone for what would come with the Marvel vs Capcom series. It is a fighting game that is easy to pick up and play, but it also has a layer of depth for those that want to master it the same way they would a Street Fighter game. This is a fantastic game and one that is well worth checking out. For some reason, it also does not appear to get as much love as the game that came before it which is a shame as this is a better game.

Final Score


  • The selection of Marvel characters is fantastic
  • The game looks amazing
  • It has some great tunes
  • Anyone can pick up and play this game
  • The combo system is crazy


  • A few more new stages would have been nice
  • The Marvel vs Capcom series has arguably made this irrelevant
Overall rating: 9

Street Fighter Psp Iso Download

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