Macos Unlocker V3.0 For Vmware

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  1. Macos Unlocker V3.0 For Vmware Esxi
  2. Macos Unlocker V3.0 For Vmware Workstation
  3. Macos Unlocker V3.0 For Vmware Esxi
  4. Macos Unlocker V3.0 For Vmware Workstation
  5. Macos Unlocker V3.0 For Vmware Workstation

I use a Windows PC regularly. Sometimes, I need to run some apps for Mac, so I decide to install macOS on Windows PC with VMware. Most of the guides online are too difficult to follow, so I share mine in this post. You can also wath the step by step video guide below.

MacOS virtual machines are also good for those who can afford a Mac like me. In addition, it is good to run some untrusted or unstable apps for testing, because it won’t affect your physical machine.

Tools needed

  1. Unlocker解锁工具是一款能够解锁在苹果系统vm虚拟机系统工具,解锁VMware Workstation 对苹果系统MAC OS的支持,因为在通常情况下,vm虚拟机能够创建多种的系统虚拟环境,但是它本身是不支持创建mac os系统的虚拟机的,因为,我们就需要其他方法来达到这个目的,于是就有了以下这款软件Unlocker的出现了.
  2. - patches VMware - restores VMware lnx-update-tools.cmd - retrieves latest macOS guest tools 6. Thanks - Thanks to Zenith432 for originally building the C unlocker and Mac Son of Knife (MSoK) for all the testing and support.

Oct 01, 2018 Hi, yes, it works fine. I was stuck with windows 10 1903 setup (vmware workstation 15.0.2 not compatible) I dit it this way: Unlocker 207 win-uninstall.cmd ran as admin (because I used 207 at that time) VMware check update, found 15.1.0, upgrade VMware start Mojave it crashes after a few seconds and it's ok ^^ Exit VMware Check VMware not running Unlocker 302 win-install ran.

1. VMware workstation 16/15.

I use VMware Workstation 16 in this guide, but you can use an older version. If you use an too old version like VMware Workstation 12, I suggest you install an older version of macOS.

2. macOS Unlocker V3.0 for VMware Workstation.

VMware Workstation by default does not support macOS installation. You can run this MacOS Unlocker to lift such restrictions. It is a free open source program. If you run VMware Workstation 15 or previous versions, you can also use this Auto Unlocker, which is easier to unlock macOS restriction.

3. macOS Big Sur ISO file.

Some people manage to install macOS with the original image file, but ISO image file is much easier to install on VMware. You can just click the link to download it on your PC for later use.

Install VMware on Windows PC

When everything ready, you can follow the steps below to Install VMware workStation Pro. If you already have VMware installed, you can skip to the next section.

1. After downloading the VMware Workstation Pro, right-click and select “Run as administrator”to start the installation.

2. If there is a prompt to restart during the first installation, click “Yes” to continue. According to the prompt, continue to click “Next” to install

Macos Unlocker V3.0 For Vmware

3. In the Custom Setup window, it is recommended to change the installation location to another partition instead of C: drive.

4. In the User Experience Settings, you can uncheck the two useless options and click “Next””.

5. In the Shortcuts window, click “Next””and click “Install”in the next window to start installing.

6. When the installation is complete, click “License”and, enter the serial number in the same folder, restart the computer after activation.

After installation, you cannot yet install macOS, so don’t run VMware at the moment.

Unlock VMware for macOS

If you open VMware to create a new virtual machine, you will find that macOS is not one of the available guest operating systems. Don’t worry. You can follow the steps below to unlock this feature with ease. If you have not run VMware after installation, you can jump to step 3.

1. Right-click on the Windows task bar and select “Task Manager”.

2. In Task Manager, click on the “Services”tab, and stop all the services related to VMware.

Macos Unlocker V3.0 For Vmware Esxi

3. Locate the Unlocker for MacOS that you downloaded. Unzip the file. Find the file “win-install.cmd” and run as administrator.

4. Dragon ball z ultimate tenkaichi game free download for android. Waiting for automatic operation, it will automatically shut down.

5. Open the VMware virtual machine and click “Create a new virtual machine”

6. Select “Typical”, then click “Next”

7. Click “Browse” and select the macOS ISO file that you prepared, and click “Open”. You may receive the message that the system cannot be detected by default, just click “Next” to continue.

8. Select “Apple Mac OS X”, select “macOS 11.1” for the version, and click “Next”. You should select the corresponding version based on the ISO you choose.

9. Click “Next”, it is recommended to change the installation location to another partition instead of C: drive. Then you can adjust the disk capacity, the recommended long-term use is greater than 60GB.

10. In the Ready to Create Virtual Machine window, Click “Custom Hardware”, 8G running memory and 4 processors are recommended, which should not beyond your physical hardware.

11. Click “Finish” and you can power on this virtual machine to install macOS.

Open Virtual Machine to Install macOS Big Sur

After the pervious configuration, you should be able to install macOS virtual machine like you install macOS on a physical machine. If you haven’t done so before, you can refer to the steps below. I will keep it simple.

1. Open the VMware virtual machine and click “Power on this virtual machine”

2. Wait for the system to load and you will be ask to select a language. Just select one based on your preference and click the Arrow icon to continue.

3. Then it will bring you to the macOS Recovery. From here, select “Disk Utility”.

4. Click the “VMware Virtual SATA Hard Drive.” ​​disk on the left, then click “Edit”and select “Erase” from the drop-down menu. You can give a name to your hard drive and select Mac OS Extened (Journaled) as the format, and click “Erase”.

5. Wait for the erasing progress and click “Finish” and click “red button” to exit Disk Utility.

6. Now you can select “Install macOS Big Sur”and click “Continue”. Agree the terms of the software license agreement when asked.

7. Select the hard drive that you just erased and click “Continue” to install macOS on the virtual machine.

8. Wait for the installation of the system and you can now follow the wizard to complete all the setup for your Mac.

Install VMware Tools

If you want to easily transfer any files between physical machine to virtual machine, you should also install VMware Tools after the installation of macOS. After installation of VMware Tools, you can also use macOS in full screen.

VMware has this feature built-in, so you can just click the “VM” tab and select “Install VMware Tools” to get started.

If that process fails, you can use the ISO file as I did in the video. It is in the macOS ISO folder. Just find the file named “darwin.iso”.

Final summary

With a macOS virtual machine on Windows, you can eExperience macOS at the lowest cost and the most convenient and simple way. The biggest advantage is security and stability. You can download untrusted programs and files in the virtual machine without worrying about damaging your physical machine.

You can create a few snapshots of your macOS virtual machine, so you can always restore everything back easily in case something bad happens to the virtual machine. .

Within this tutorial, we have provided a download macOS Unlocker for VMware and VMware Unlocker Patch Tool for macOS and also install it onto Windows. At length, the major update approached and macOS VMware Unlocker Patch Tool to macOS our computers with Apple’s official launch of the final version of macOS Mojave Patch Tool with its enormous features such as dark mode this season. macOS unlocker VMware 15, it’s available to get through App Store at no cost. Because of that, there is an enormous number of Mac users upgrading without actually joining the Apple Beta Program VMware unlocker 2.1.1 download. This post will offer macOS Catalina VMware Unlocker that is VMware Unlocker for macOS Catalina, VMware Unlocker for macOS Mojave, and VMware Unlocker for macOS High Sierra. Here is how to Install macOS VMware Unlocker Patch Tool.

In the event, if you’re a Windows or Linux user, unlocker for VMware Catalina, you definitely have the concept of installing it on your PC (should you have followed the manuals before). But, there are numerous approaches and software out there you might have tried, at least among them VMware unlocker macOS Catalina. If not, you are ready to receive the new operating system running on your device, macOS VMware unlocker to get VMware 14, and check out how to install macOS Mojave onto VMware. That’s correct. You’re on the path to acquire this. Here’s what’s Unlocker does and why you need it VMware Unlocker Mojave.

Not only that, but since today the new model of macOS is out that’s macOS Catalina, it is possible to set up macOS Catalina onto VMware and set up macOS Catalina onto VirtualBox. But for this, VMware unlocker for macOS Mojave download, then you will want to download macOS Catalina ISO For VMware & VirtualBox or download macOS Catalina VMware & VirtualBox picture which we’ve previously covered, so let’s do so macOS unlocker.


Before we go any further, we should basically have an idea of how VMware unlocker for macOS GitHub and how it functions.

VMware Unlocker for macOS or macOS Catalina Unlocker VMware 15 ( Unlocker for VMware ) is quite a handy tool that replaces a few documents such as VMware-vmx vmwarebase.dll, vmwarebase. So and stains macOS configurations and setup features like alternatives, booting, and installation configurations into VMware and even obtain a copy of the newest version of VMware Tools for macOS on VMware should you want. As a result, when you’ve run the patch, then you’ll figure out configurations incorporated into VMware and put in any version of macOS on VMware with no restrictions. Download & Install macOS Unlocker to get VMware Workstation/Player.

Initially, when you set up macOS Catalina or Mojave or previous versions on VMware, when installing, you’ll certainly be asked to choose the operating system and model that you want to set up, as you’ll want to select macOS to install. By default, there’s no such alternative for macOS to select if installing. That’s because the VMware program does not support and restricts installing macOS on VMware, whether its VMware Workstation or Player or mix, so macOS unlocker to get VMware Workstation 15.


In cases like this, if you want to install and utilize macOS on VMware, to begin with, that which we need to do is eliminate limitations. To do that, here comes VMware macOS unlocker to work. If you don’t know what VMware macOS unlocker, then here is what you should know.

Download macOS Unlocker For Vmware Workstation By Updated 18th Dec, 2020 (Free Signup)

Alternate link:


Macos Unlocker V3.0 For Vmware Workstation

VMware Unlocker v3.0.0
VMware Unlocker v3.0.1
VMware Unlocker v3.0.2

For updates you can join our forum here.


Now that you’ve VMware Unlocker Tool (Unlocker for VMware) or macOS Catalina VMware Unlocker Tool, also recognized exactly what and how it operates, you are all set. It is worth pointing out that this works only on Intel systems with VMware set up. Sadly, this will not do the job for AMD based systems as AMD CPUs are not supported by macOS.

Before you step right into it, it’s good to take a copy of your VMware program folder since this patch can replace original files. Although the utility takes a backup, it’s a great idea to copy by yourself. So let us install VMware Unlocker for macOS.

In the first, head to VMware Workstation, Player, or blend you’re using and depart completely (Seriously, otherwise, this can hurt the app ).

Note: If you didn’t close VMware services, including background services, completely, this process may damage and might make VMware unusable.

Macos Unlocker V3.0 For Vmware Esxi

When you have shut the VMware apps and services from a desktop computer, navigate to VMware Unlocker for macOS or VMware Unlocker Tool whether you’re using VMware Workstation/Player or Fusion 7/8/10, extract it manually.

If you’re using previous VMware apps sooner than 11 (version), you can keep on using VMware Unlocker for macOS version 1.

After the file is pulled, open it, and right click win-install, choose Run as administrator.

As soon as you’ve run the Unlocker, Command Prompt will open up and prevent VMware services, backup files and perform some patching and begin the VMware services back running, wait.

After the process is finished, Command Prompt will close automatically as nothing happened.

And you’re all caught up! That is it for your patching.

To check if the uninstalled has successfully gone, launch VMware and press Ctrl + N or click Create a New Virtual Machine. Subsequently, proceed Next on the very first brand new digital machine setup page.

Just choose I’ll put in the operating system later and hit Next.

Macos Unlocker V3.0 For Vmware Workstation

And you will find that the Apple macOS X option with versions there. Choose the Apple macOS X as a guest operating system and select the macOS edition you wish to set up.

Macos Unlocker V3.0 For Vmware Workstation

Further, you may install macOS Catalina on VMware or even macOS Mojave on VMware Workstation in the tutorial measures.

The VMware Unlocker for macOS has been installed. When something is remaining, you are no way to share your own ideas, jump down and tell us exactly what you think about this in the remarks section.

Here is a video tutorial on How to Download & Install MacOS Unlocker For Vmware Workstation/Player.