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If you are tired of playing the same games, try downloading the LIMBO mod apk or limbo apk. LIMBO is one of the games that has received many awards.

When playing it, players will find that the game is dominated by black. Even so, the objects in the game are still visible because of the clear color gradations.

Even though it looks 2D, the depth of field that is owned can be described well and looks 3D.

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Interested in knowing a full review of LIMBO games and where to download LIMBO game free full version apk?

Before downloading it, players can also play the LIMBO demo mod apk. Without further ado, let’s look at the information in this article until it runs out.

Game Flow

After downloading Limbo, players will be greeted with an opening scene in the form of a bright light that appears from the darkness at the beginning of the game.

After that, maybe players will be confused because there is no start button to start the game or just a tutorial. A new game can be started by sliding on the screen and a child character will appear.

In this game, the child character is depicted as a confusing figure. The player’s job is to guide the little boy along the dark plains to reach his final destination. As the guiding adventure goes, players will find out what really happened.

The player has to move the character by swiping with a finger on the touch screen, then hold it towards the front or back and the child will move in that direction. To jump, swipe up.

Limbo juego download

Limbo Juego Download

On each journey, players will encounter various traps, obstacles, and face enemies. Players must find a way to get through all these obstacles.

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One of the challenges that will be faced is that players will find a troll that is blocking the road and must be pulled in order to pass.

Get close to the troll and when the child is holding it, tap and hold the troll towards the back to pull it.

However, actually, this is not a sure way because as the game progresses, players can find new controls that can be controlled by themselves.

Over time, the traps you encounter will become more complex and difficult. Players will also encounter a giant spider and to break its leg they have to use a device.

However, it is not as easy as imagined because the device is located on a high tree. So, players also have to find ways to take it.

If you lose to this giant spider, what are the risks? Just like spider victims in the real world. /darkside-cc-generator/.

The child will be coiled with white spider thread, and he will be like a cocoon, ready to be devoured by the evil spider.

One of the interesting things about LIMBO video game platforms is that there are rarely or almost no traps the same. Every time a player crosses an area, the obstacles they face will always be different.

Overall, this game is quite creative and unpredictable. Many gamers think that LIMBO mod apk is very challenging and quite heart-stimulating so that it can make players feel like they are immersed in the game.

The View of Limbo APK

Above, we explained at a glance that even though it looks 2D, it feels like 3D. In addition, in this full version of LIMBO apk download, players will not find music, but there will be sound effects ranging from spinning wheels to closed traps.

What makes it even more unique is that this game doesn’t have an interface and the main menu. Players will only find the pause button at the top of the screen.

You could say this uniqueness can make users focus on the game. However, there are also those who feel that this is a creepy and annoying thing.

LIMBO Apk + Obb Data Download

Unfortunately, to be able to play this game, players must buy it on official platforms such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. On the Apple App store, LIMBO is priced at Rp. 59,000, while on the Google Play Store it can be purchased at a higher price, which is Rp. 62,000.

But don’t worry, there is a way to download it for free, namely by downloading LIMBO apk cracked. Even though it doesn’t cost anything at all, the games presented are still exactly the same as those downloaded via the official platform.

Here is a link to download the LIMBO mod apk without the need to pay like the Limbo game on Android.

Download LIMBO Mod ApkDownload
Size32 MB + 104 MB
UpdatedNovember 13, 2019

The Advantages of LIMBO Games

The LIMBO game does not carry a new concept. This is a game where the user has to overcome obstacles and fight enemies to get to the finish line later.

This game has become famous and has even been downloaded a lot even though it is paid, because of these advantages:

  • Unique concept. There’s no start button, no help button, just darkness and a little light
  • The graphics are creepy but attractive, different from the others
  • Mysterious look
  • Gameplay that is not complicated
  • Easy to move, not easy to crash
  • Not many annoying advertisements
  • The game is not accompanied by music that breaks concentration.

Disadvantages of the Limbo APK Game


Even though this one toy has received a lot of good reviews, there are some disadvantages of Limbo Game

  • The opener is a little confusing, there will be many new players who think the game is broken
  • Lack of tips and assistance
  • The game gives rise to bad feelings due to dark graphics and mysterious creatures
  • Less varied, not suitable for people looking for fun in a game.

Limbo Full Version Free Download

But, basically, the LIMBO game is a game that is well worth downloading. Users can spend time here, feel the ‘horror’ and don’t have to think about a complicated premise like other survival games.

Limbo Full Version Free Download Windows

Thus the review of the LIMBO mod apk . After reading it, are you interested in trying to play it? Just download the LIMBO game right now and feel the excitement in this dark game full of surprises.