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You are immediately needing to delete Apple iD without password, one of the most commonly used methods currently is iCloud activation lock removal jailbreak. This procedure is possible thanks to a software called CheckRa1n which is installed from a computer running Mac, Windows And Linux (Ubuntu), its results can be applied on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and in virtually all updates of iOS 14, 13.6, 12, and other outdated versions.

  • Sep 05, 2018 Now V2.17 3uTools supports downgrading iPhone 4s and iPad 2 to iOS 6.1.3 after jailbreak without SHSH. After you downgrade to iOS 6.1.3, you can check iOS software update on your iDevice to upgrade to iOS 8.4.1.
  • 3utools Jailbreak Iphone 4s You will see the window above and connect you i-device via data cable to begin the operation. 3utools actually wonderful app to you form 3utools team. You can easily manage your i-device from it.

No first 4s cant jailbreak and you cant jailbreak 6.0.1 yet, so yea you need and iphone 3gs, 3 or 4 to jailbreak on the software 5.1.1 or lower Thisiszaksmithbro says January 1, 2013 at 5:18 am. 3utools Jailbreak Iphone 4s 8. Further you can click on Jailbreak section under firmwares and you can see available and relevant firmware precisely. The green dot confirm availability and you can download firmware by clicking on download button in download section. 3utools Jailbreak Iphone 4s 5.

If you want to learn how to use this tool and also to download it for free to install it on your Pc, we have a very complete guide that will serve you in your mission of bypass iCloud activation lock on iPhone X, 11, 12 or another iDevice with iOS.

Dedicated hosting server web are available to access all the features of the software for free

iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak

If you are interested in learning about a method to jailbreak iCloud locked iPhone, we bring for you a very complete guide which will help you to perform this procedure in a very easy, fast and above all free way. To remove iCloud lock with jailbreak you will need from a computer, old mind only worked on MacOS, but with the new update the process can be done from a Windows pc or Linux.

This iCloud jailbreak lock is the most commonly used solution for unlock Apple id Without Password. If you’ve had trouble trying to download the software, you can connect to a Dedicated hosting server web. And in this way.

What is Jailbreak?

jailbreak is a process performed by software that usually runs from a computer, this aims to remove those locks that locks that a device may have, for example on iPhone and iPad jailbreak unlocks the closed iOS system.

Initially if you wanted iCloud Activation Lock Removal Jailbreak the group of developers iPhone Dev Team, the same as in 2007 they released JailbreakMe, they created one of the first prototypes of software to unlock the first iPhone and iPod models. Later they highlighted jailbreaks for iPhone 4, 5 and 6 for their popularity. However, as of the release of iOS 10, interest in jailbreak software fell great, since, from this release, the system software had some problems, adding also the improvements that iOS updates had. However, thanks to programs like Checkm8 and its successor CheckRa1n, the jailbroken has taken hold and is available for iCloud bypassed.

Is iCloud Activation Lock Removal Jailbreak recommended?

This is a very important question, but at the same time very relative, for many to use a software for iCloud Activation Lock Removal Jailbreak is not a good idea, because in doing so you would be losing any warranty you have of the device. But if you are a user who found an iPhone or bought a second-hand one and does not have the password of the Apple id to unlock it, if jealbreaking is recommended.

One thing we’re sure of is that the jailbreak activation lock guarantees you to unlock your device without damage to it.

The first thing you need to know before applying jailbreak iphone to remove activation lock, is to know that it is Jailbreak and what are its advantages?

Advantages of iCloud Activation Lock Jailbreak

In addition to bypassing activation lock the jailbreak iCloud lock has other advantages such as:

  • Uninstall manufacturer-specific apps.
  • Installing and using vendor apps that are not available on the official App Store.
  • Adaptation of appearance (icons, initial loading animation…)
  • Possibility to share files between iOS and Android devices
  • With jailbreak remove activation lock you will have Access to hidden iOS system files.
  • Eliminate the limitation of Bluetooth connections that restricts them exclusively to image transmission.

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Disadvantages of jailbreaking iCloud Locked iPhone

  • You’re losing Apple’s warranty. If you jailbreak iCloud Activation Lock, you lose the warranty on your Apple device. That’s why many users do it on older iPhones. But remember that you can eliminate the jailbreak without any trace.
  • You lose updates. Forget about automatic updates, now they’re up to you and you’ll have to take care of updating your device. If you upgrade, you lose jailbreak.
  • Security. Obviously, the main downside is safety. You can’t have everything. Jailbreaking will make your device more vulnerable to attack. You know Apple only recommends installing apps from its store. If we choose to download Cydia software, we may encounter some corrupted file. Be careful.
  • Errors. It often makes mistakes, not to mention how complicated it can be. If you don’t want to face potential problems, it’s best not to jailbreak. In recent years, however, it has improved considerably.

iCloud Activation Lock Removal Jailbreak with CheckRa1n

For iPhone activation lock bypass jailbreak through CheckRain it is very important that you define from which computer you will use the tool, this is very important especially in the installation, because it is not the same to install the program on MacOS, as on a Windows or Linux pc.

  • On Mac computers the installation process is easier, but on Windows it not only changes the installation files but also the process in which the tool should be installed.
  • Below you will find a tutorial on how to install the software on a Windows or Ubuntu (Linux) computer.

Steps to iCloud Activation Lock Removal Jailbreak iPhone X

Let’s tell you about each of the basic steps you need to perform for activation lock jailbreak. The procedure was done from an iPhone X, but the process is the same for all iOS devices.

  • Step 1: Open the program connect your device and press on «START».
  • Step 2: Press again on «START» and press the volume down and power button.
  • Step 3: The tool will start applying Jailbreak, this will last a few seconds.
  • Step 4: When you finish press on «DONE» you will be able to disconnect the iDevice and enjoy the advantages of jailbreak, among those the unlocked iCloud.

CheckRa1n is currently the best tool with which you can apply jailbreak activation locked iPhone, its use as you could see is very simple, and if you connect to a Dedicated hosting server web the download of the program is free. Similarly you can iCloud Lock Removal Download that is used after Jailbreak.

Remove Find My iPhone Activation Lock Jailbreak

Another advantage of implementing this method is the option to remove Find My iPhone Activation Lock Jailbreak, obviously this requires a tool that complements this work. We believe that the best program to perform this service is «Dr. Moe – Ultimate FMI OFF».

To delete Find My iPhone the first thing you need to do is jailbreak iPhone iCloud, then it is to use the software that we mentioned to you. But for a better understanding watch the following video:

If you need bypass find my iPhone activation lock jailbreak, it is essential that you download the program, and you can do so if you use the Dedicated hosting server web

iPad Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak

Apart from iPhones, Apple iPads or tablets also have as their operating system the iOS, for those who have an iDevice of these, and you want to apply iPad Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak, we show you a guide focused on these devices.

Although in the previous tutorial the software is manipulated on a Mac computer, this does not mean that it is only executable on these PCs. You’ll also get bypass iCloud activation Linux and Windows.

How to Apply Jailbreak iCloud Locked iPad

As already mentioned, one thing that is much to be appreciated is that the activation lock jailbreak iPad is possible no matter what kind of computer you have or the operating system you own. And in the next video you can see that what we say is not a lie.

Jailbreak iphone 4s spirit

As you could see the process for bypassing iPad activation jailbreak is the same as if you did it with an iPhone.

How To Use 3uTools To Jailbreak Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

3uTools is one of the most complete multitasking tools out there, you can use it for many things including to bypass iPhone activation lock jailbreak. For this you need a Pendrive on a USB port, you don’t need to have a lot of storage capacity, because the files are quite light.

Steps To iPhone iCloud Locked Jailbreak With 3uTools

If you already have the 3uTools program installed on your Pc, and you want to know how to jailbreak iCloud locked iPhone, in the next video you will learn the steps you need to follow.

These steps apply to both current devices such as iPhone XR, 11 Pro or 12 Pro Max, as well as jailbreak iCloud Locked iPhone 4, 5s, 6 among others.

Downloading 3uTools can be done for free by connecting to the Dedicated hosting server web.

Jailbreak iCloud Locked iPhone Download Free

Jailbreak Iphone 4 Con 3utools

As you know the first thing you have to do to perform Jailbreak on iOS, is to download the tool, and you can do it completely free through dedicated hosting server web. You have to specify under which operating system the computer works where you want to install the program. If you have a MacOS you don’t need to show yourself a tutorial, but if what you have is Windows, then we’ll show you what to do.

jailbreak with Windows and Linux

One of the most famous and used operating systems in the world is Windows. If you have a Pc with Windows 7, 8 or 10 Home, you can install the software for iPhone activation lock bypass jailbreak. In the following video you can take note of the one you should do:

This is a much faster and safer way to install this program on Windows 10, 8 and 7, or Linux. As you well managed to see no other external installation method was needed, such as Ra1nUsb or BootRa1n.

Will jailbreak remove Activation Lock?

All the information provided was prepared with the aim of showing everything related to the iCloud Activation Lock Removal Jailbreak. If you read all this article you already know how to perform this method, as well as its advantages and disadvantages. The last thing we want to tell you is that jailbreak remove iCloud is possible, and it’s one of the best options you can use to free your iPhone from activation lock or any other restrictions by Apple.

You have recently updated your iPhone 4s or iPad 2 to iOS 9.3.5, but after some time you started experiencing some glitches or your phone gets very slow? This could happen because the iOS isn't suitable for your device. Now, you must be thinking to downgrade the iOS and perhaps are confused about how you can do it. Well! You can be happy now as we're introducing the most powerful way to downgrade iPhone 4s/iPad 2 to iOS 6.1.3. Continue reading this article to get the fruitful results.

Hi it seems ipad mini 1 is not supported by this after i chose the proper firmware (iPad2,76.1.310B329Restore), a window pops out saying this beta of beehind only supports these combos: downgrade to ios 6.1.3 for iphone 4 GSM, iphone 4s, ipad 2GSM, ipad 2 cdma, and ipad 2 wifi without shsh blobs. Downgrading iPhone 4 from iOS 7 to iOS 6 WITHOUT SHSH Blobs. So to downgrade from iOS 7.1.2 to iOS 6.1.3, you can use a tool called Pluvia, this tool is Mac only so if you're on windows you need to run a Virtual Machine or borrow a Mac from someone. There is already a pretty extensive Reddit post describing Pluvia so I won't go into too much. Mar 21, 2016 Downgrade iOS 9.x.x to iOS 8.4.1 Using OdysseusOTA 2.0 method. 3u is a software that allows you to record and organize your SHSH Blobs for all iDevices. It is possible to downgrade iOS 9 / 9.0.2 To iOS 8.4.1 and others lowers firmware Using OdysseusOTA 2.0. 3uTools is a flash iDevice software friendly user to let you save SHSH Blobs Using 3uTools. Dec 13, 2017 How to Downgrade iPhone 4 from iOS7 to iOS6.1.3 without SHSH Blobs Using 3uTools? Connect your iPhone to PC, start 3uTools, click “Firmware” to download iOS6.1.3. After it’s downloaded, click “Flash Jailbreak→Pro Flash→Select firmware ” to import the firmware “iOS 6.1.3”. Apr 12, 2020 Before downgrading the device, let’s see what iOS 13.4.1 update brings to the iPhone and iPad. The latest public release of iOS comes with bug fixes. This release fixed the FaceTime Audio calls issue with iOS 9.3.6 or later and macOS El Capitan 10.11.6 or earlier, including Bluetooth quick action menu issue.

Why You Need to Downgrade iPhone 4s/iPad 2 to iOS 6

There may be many instances that demand downgrading of iOS. To make it clearly, there are times when you encounter app crashing issues or apps getting frozen. Also, your may be facing those annoying situations when your device freezes on a particular screen and you can't operate it further, Your iPhone gets stuck on the black screen or white screen of death and even it gets stuck on Apple logo after restarting. All these situations call for downgrading the iOS because the newer iOS could not work well with the hardware of your iPhone 4s or iPad 2.

Downgrade iPhone 4s/iPad 2 to iOS 6 without Jailbreak

To downgrade iPhone 4s or iPad 2, the most recommended way is using iMyFone Fixppo. With this professional tool, one can downgrade their device with ease using the Standard Mode. It guarantees no data loss while performing with Standard Mode. It's user-friendly, fully secure and easy-to-use tool. The more features that are associated with the tool include enter/exit into Recovery Mode by one click, and fixing iOS issues in hassle-free way. Let's now understand how you can downgrade iPhone 4s to iOS 6 with a few clicks.

Step 1 – To begin downgrading iPad 2/iPhone 4s, make sure to download the correct version of the program i.e. according to the operating system you own. Now, install it and launch it on your PC. Once launched successfully, pick out the 'Standard Mode' from the main screen.

Step 2 – Now it's time to connect your device to the computer via a lightening cord and hit the 'Next' button.

Step 3 – Your device will be detected by the program now and from the following screen, you can simply downgrade iPhone 4s to iOS 6. Just hit on the pull-down button and you can choose iOS 6.1.3 from the list of iOS firmware versions.

Step 4 – When the firmware is prepared, click on the 'Start' button and the downgrading process will begin. Please do not disconnect your device before the downgrade process is finished.

Now V2.17 3uTools supports downgrading iPhone 4s and iPad 2 to iOS 6.1.3 after jailbreak without SHSH.


After you downgrade to iOS 6.1.3, you can check iOS software update on your iDevice to upgrade to iOS 8.4.1.

Downgrade Iphone 4 To Ios 5


1. Download and install the latest version of 3uTools.

2. Download the corresponding custom firmware for your iDevice;


ota_iPhone4,1.ipsw(MD5: 03733FA4CA91873BD70E01DCEDCEC26E)

*iPad 2:

ota_iPad2,1.ipsw (MD5: 5021ED0CC6BD50594D9458B3F0A56581)

ota_iPad2,2.ipsw (MD5: 870F8C135B95395D02288DEBF518DC3F)



3. Jailbreak your iDevice: Please update your iDevice to iOS 9.3.5 to jailbreak.

4. This downgrading tutorial only applies to iPhone 4s and iPad 2 (Product type: iPad2.1, iPad 2.2, iPad 2.3 and iPad 2.4). You can check the product type of your device on 3uTools, then download the corresponding firmware.


  • This downloading would not save any data. You are suggested to backup your device before you downgrade.


Downgrade Iphone 4 To Ios 6 Without Jailbreak

Step 1 Launch Cydia and add repo: http://repo.tihmstar.netto enter KDFU mode (Please check the detailed tutorial). Only when your iDevice is in KDFU mode, you can downgrade to iOS 6.1.3. Please make sure your iDevice is in KDFU mode, then continue to downgrade. For iPad 2,4, you can refer this tutorial to enter KDFU mode: How to Enter KDFU Mode Using Futurerestore?

Step 2 Launch 3uTools and go to “Flash & JB” -> “Pro Flash”, click “Import Firmware” and select the firmware you have already downgraded.

How To Downgrade Iphone 4 To Ios 6

Step 3 After you import the firmware, click “Flash” on the right bar.

Step 4 Now 3uTools will automatically flash your iDevice, please confirm the connection between your iDevice and pc.

Downgrade Iphone 4 To Ios 4

Jailbreak Iphone 4s 3utools Free

Counter strike 2.6 download. Step 5 Normally, it would take around 10 minutes to downgrade.

Antares autotune free plugin.

After the process is finished, you will see the familiar interface of iOS 6, now you can activate your phone and enjoy it.

How To Jailbreak Iphone 4s Using 3utools

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Jailbreak Iphone 4s 3utools Update

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