Hitman Absolution Cheats Ps3 Infinite Health

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  1. Ps3 Hitman Absolution Cheats

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Hitman: Absolution Cheats and Cheat Codes, PlayStation 3. Web Media Network Limited, 1999 - 2020. This site is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft, Sony, Sega, Nintendo or any video game publishers. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, trophies, and secrets for Hitman: Absolution for PlayStation 3 (PS3).

The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, trophies, and secrets for Hitman: Absolution for PlayStation 3 (PS3). Hitman Absolution BLES01403 & BLES01778 & BLUS31142 CHEAT v1.02. 1.Infinite Health 2.Can Never be seen/Invisible. Hitman Absolution BLES01403 CHEAT v1.02 v2. 1.Can Never be seen/Invisible. Credits: Thanks to Xtatu for codes! Me for making the Cheat pkg! Download HIDE HitmanAbsolution. Hitman Absolution V2 /HIDE PassWord HIDE gamerz.

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  • First, destroy one arm he will bow shoot him with megawatt hammer. Repeat with the other arm do this as fast as you can. Instead or shooting his torso, aim for the legs he should be down in.

  • Easy 'Faith Can Move Mountains' Trophy

Play the 'Fight Night' mission. The first part involves obtaining The Patriot's outfit. Do this by following the wall that has the escape door, then behind the crates, and finally behind the trailer. From there, sneak and steal the teddy bear on the chair next to The Patriot's sandbag. This may be easier to do with a coach outfit; lure one behind the trailer with the generator if you are having problems. When The Patriot notices the missing bear, he will send his coaches out to search for it. Strangle The Patriot and drag him to the crate behind the trailer. Take his outfit. Then go the door, knock, and progress to the next part. Follow the hallways and defeat Sanchez. If done correctly, 'Silent Assassin' may also be earned.
  • Easy 'It's All in the Wrist' Trophy

In any mission, collect a weapon such as a knife or syringe. Note Weapons such as the bottle or fire extinguisher will not work. Hide close to an enemy you can easily see. Press [Aim] and target the head of your victim. A red circle should appear. Throw the weapon to earn 'It's All in the Wrist'.
  • Easy 'Not Worth It' Trophy

In the mission where you take Lenny to the desert and have him dig his own grave, do not kill him. Return to your car and leave him there.
  • Easy 'The Russian Hare' Trophy

Hitman Absolution Ps3 Cheats

Ps3 Hitman Absolution Cheats

You must hold your breath will shooting for the headshots to qualify. The sniper headshots can be farmed at the start of the last level, 'Absolution'. The level begins with a sniper rifle and 10 bullets available. There are more than ten enemies that can be found in this area. Kill as many as possible with headshots, and restart from the checkpoint when are out of ammunition. Your overall headshot kills will be retained and you will have ammo again. Repeat the process as many times as needed.
  • Kane and Lynch references

In 'Welcome To Hope', when you enter the bar, turn left to find Kane. In 'Birdie's Gift', go to the shooting range to find Lynch.
  • Mini Ninjas Easter Egg

Look for a side-room on the first floor in the 'Rosewood - Orphanage Halls' mission which has a desk with a lit green lamp on it. Near it will be a Mini Ninjas figure, Mini Ninjas is another stealth-action game made by the same developers as Hitman: Absolution.
  • Mortal Kombat Easter Egg

At the start of the 'Dexter Industries - Old Mill' mission you will see two soldiers playing a video game on a TV and arguing. If you kill the soldiers and look at the game you will notice that it is very similar to Mortal Kombat.Cheats
  • Secret Death in End of The Road

When you take Lenny out to the desert to decide whether to kill him or spare him, there is a secret and hilarious way to kill him if that is what you choose. Don't kill him. First, look around, and you'll see 5 vultures, some in air, with some perched. Make sure all of them are in air by running up to them and scaring them away. Then shoot all 5 down with any gun, and just wait. All of a sudden, an ice cream truck comes out of nowhere and runs over Lenny, sending him sky high. Interestingly enough, the ice cream truck seems very similar to that of the one in the Prologue.
  • Shoot The Piggy! Easter Egg

Go left and enter the door on your left when you reach the pig testing area in the 'Death Factory - Test Facility' mission. When you are inside the room shoot the pig in the box.
  • Tactical Nuke Easter Egg

When you are inside the 'Enter Industries' building in the 'Dexter Industries - Factory Compound' mission shoot the tip of the nuke hanging from the ceiling. This will enable you to view a hidden cutscene featuring Kane and Lynch.

Hitman Absolution Cheat Table

  • Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.
TrophyHow to unlock
  • A Heavy Blow (Bronze)
  • Assassinate facility leaders.
  • A Personal Contract (Silver)
  • Assassinate Travis.
  • A Taste for the Game (Bronze)
  • Complete 10 challenges.
  • Absolution (Gold)
  • Complete Hitman: Absolution on any professional difficulty.
  • All Bark and no Bite (Bronze)
  • Assassinate Wade.
  • Blood Money (Bronze)
  • Complete the Play Contract Tutorial.
  • Catch a Ride (Bronze)
  • Enter the train in the train station.
  • Chamber of Secrets (Bronze)
  • Locate room 899.
  • Competitive Spirit (Silver)
  • Create a contract competition.
  • Contender (Silver)
  • Participate in a contract competition.
  • Damage Control (Bronze)
  • Contain a situation gone bad.
  • Destroying Something Beautiful (Bronze)
  • Assassinate Layla.
  • Faith Can Move Mountains (Bronze)
  • Defeat Sanchez with your bare hands.
  • First Contract (Bronze)
  • Complete the Create Contract Tutorial.
  • Forepost (Bronze)
  • Assassinate Wade's men.
  • Grand Master (Gold)
  • Complete 100 challenges.
  • Heavy Burden (Bronze)
  • Assassinate Diana Burnwood.
  • Hour of Reckoning (Bronze)
  • Approach the church.
  • Inconspicuous (Bronze)
  • Remain undetected in a whole checkpoint.
  • Information is Power (Silver)
  • Collect all evidence.
  • It's All in the Wrist (Bronze)
  • Achieve a lethal throw kill.
  • Jack of All Trades (Silver)
  • Collect all play styles.
  • Jailbird (Bronze)
  • Gain access to the jail.
  • Kingslayer (Bronze)
  • Assassinate the King of Chinatown.
  • Like Stealing Candy From a Baby (Bronze)
  • Pacify Lenny the Limp.
  • Not Worth It (Bronze)
  • Leave Lenny in the desert.
  • One of the Guys (Silver)
  • Blend in successfully.
  • One With the Shadows (Silver)
  • Escape attention from enemies.
  • Partners in Crime (Silver)
  • Play a contract created by a friend.
  • Reach for the Stars (Silver)
  • Complete 50 challenges.
  • Rocksteady (Bronze)
  • Execute a point shooting with 3 kills.
  • Sandman (Bronze)
  • Subdue a person.
  • Self-improvement (Bronze)
  • Buy an upgrade.
  • Set for Life (Silver)
  • Earn 1 million contract dollars.
  • Signature Weapons (Bronze)
  • Acquire the Silverballers.
  • Silent Assassin (Silver)
  • Achieve the rating: Silent Assassin.
  • Step Into the Light (Bronze)
  • Exit the mines.
  • The Bartender Always Knows (Bronze)
  • Approach the bartender.
  • The Final Countdown (Bronze)
  • Assassinate Blake Dexter.
  • The Killing Fields (Bronze)
  • Eliminate the Saints.
  • The Russian Hare (Bronze)
  • 47 precision headshots using a sniper rifle.
  • Thumbs Up (Silver)
  • Like a contract.
  • Top of Your Game (Platinum)
  • Collect all trophies.
  • True Form (Bronze)
  • Acquire suit & gloves.
  • True Potential (Bronze)
  • Unlock a technique.
  • Under Wraps (Bronze)
  • Hide a body.
  • Whoops (Bronze)
  • Achieve your first accident kill.


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