Gta 5 Patch Download Ps3

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Although GTA 5 Beach Bum Update was announced to be added automatically to GTA Online through the next title patch 1.06, you have to download it separately. PS3 players will be able to access the new Beach Bum content by simply downloading this update. In order to see new content after approximately 77 MB patch, Xbox 360 players will be able to download the Beach Bum Update for free from the Xbox Live Store.Gta 5 Patch Download Ps3

Gta 5 Ps3 Download Iso

Designed by UnrestrainedGTA Hi Console crunch, today I bring you Unrestrained. Adding some new/unique features. Serial number sketchup 2013. Visible to online players. Video Changelog v5.5 Known Bugs Credits Download Thanks for all and special thanks to those who helped me, And now the mod menu has become.

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How to download Beach Bum Update

After downloading 1.06 patch, search for Beach Bum Update on

Gta 5 Latest Patch Download


Gta 5 Patch Download Ps3 Iso

, it’s an extra Download from the Xbox live store, and new 33 MB download will start.Or, from the Xbox Dashboard choose Games -> Add-ons -> New Releases and the first one is Beach Bum Update.

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Chill out with the free Beach Bum Update featuring all new beach-inspired customization options including striped board shorts, neon short shorts, inane tribal tattoos and shaggy hair. Cruise the Great Ocean Highway in new vehicles including the Paradise beach van, Bifta dune buggy, or take to the seas in the luxurious Speeder speedboat. Compete in new activities around the beaches of Los Santos and Blaine County including new Races, Deathmatches, Parachuting, Gang Attacks and more, or totally ruin everyone’s vibe with new weapons like the brutal new broken bottle melee weapon and SNS Pistol.