Gta 4 Savegames

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  1. Gta 4 Savegames
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Gta 4 Savegames

GTA 4 Grand Theft Auto 4 Complete Edition 100% Savegame Pack (IV,TLAD,TBOGT)) Mod was downloaded 48254 times and it has 9.48 of 10 points so far. Download it now for GTA 4! GTAIV 100% Savegame. Installation: If you want to change the slot rename the savegame file. Example SGTA400 fill the first slot, if you rename in SGTA05 it will fill 5th slot. Make a backup of your savegames folder located in (XP): C:Documents and SettingsUSERLocal SettingsApplication DataRockstar GamesGTA IV.


1. Download desired GTA 4 save game file to your desktop.

2. Extract the saved game using WinZip or the other similar software.

3. Seek for Rockstar Games folder inside user/Documents and Settings/.

Gta 4 Savegames

4. Copy extracted SGTA400 file to Rockstar Games/GTA IV/savegames/.

Gta 4 Apk For Pc

5. Start your copy of GTA IV and load the first savegame slot.
NOTE: if you have a brand new game installation (which means you didn’t play game before using downloaded savegame), it is recommended to start the game, and exit right after the first mission starts. Do this before following the instructions above. This will create necessary files within the game save directory.