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Professional Software for Valuable Data Acquisition

  • HxGN SmartNet - Satellite Positioning Service. HxGN SmartNet, the integrated 24/7 GNSS Network RTK and DGNSS service. Leica GNSS Spider. The all in one solution for GNSS networks and monitoring projects.
  • GNSS Test Toolkit is a software add-on for LabVIEW, C, and.NET with functions and tools for generating simulated GPS and GLONASS signals. This software enables you to create waveforms that simulate multi-constellation GPS, WAAS, and GLONASS satellite signals in the L1 band to test receiver characteristics such as sensitivity, time to first fix (TTFF), and position accuracy.
  • Leica Evidence Recorder. Evidence Recorder is the world's best-selling crash and crime scene data collection software used by reconstruction professionals using total stations or GNSS systems.

EZTag CETM software is designed to collect simple or complex data models in the field (including points, lines and polygons) along with their specific attributes to improve geometric accuracy in post-mission mode using EZSurv® Post-Processing software. It can be connected to different GNSS receiver brands commonly used in the market.

Ready-to-use without programming, the EZTag CE data dictionary editor manages simple and complex data models. In this way, you can easily model your data to match your own office database structure.

Along with feature and attribute data collection, you can record raw GNSS data from your GNSS device in order to improve the accuracy of your GIS data using EZSurv post-processing software. EZTag CE is designed for reliable raw data recording. When using a dual frequency receiver, EZTag CE records all the necessary data to post-process, accurate to the centimeter.

See EZTag CE in Action

Office Preparation Dictionary Editor

If you have to model a specific dataset, EZTag CE provides a Dictionary Editor for creating these data models. The Dictionary Editor lets you describe a feature based on different types of attributes:

  • Numeric value (default value, value within a range, value within a matrix of ranges, auto increment, fix number of decimals)
  • Alphanumeric (default value, maximum of character, entry mask)
  • Logical choice
  • Single choice from a drop-down list
  • Conditional choice

Field Data Collection Powerful Features

  • Easy and powerful field data collection of features, attributes and position data
  • Default data dictionary to speed up data collection
  • Data collection mode in grid form or in a scenario mode (stepby-step data collection)
  • Support for raster and vector background maps
  • Compatible with ESRI Shapefiles
  • Navigation to features and/or waypoints
  • Different views to validate satellite constellations (sky plot, azimuth/elevation/SNR table, etc.)
  • Support image attributes (from embedded camera)
  • Compatible with laser rangefinder to offset points
  • Record GPS and GLONASS raw data for post-processing
  • Post-process accuracy to the centimeter when using any dual frequency receivers

Extended GNSS Compatibility

Soft Gnss

EZTag CE can be connected through Bluetooth® or serial connection on any receivers based on the following GNSS boards:

  • Hemisphere GNSS
  • NavCom
  • NovAtel
  • NVS technology
  • Septentrio
  • SiRF
  • u-blox

Want to Know More?

  • Download the EZTag brochure
  • Visit our EZTag CE Solution section

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