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Important notice:
Please note that this page is about the original diagnostic tool provided byvehicle manufacturer. The tool can be usually bought only by authorised
dealer. The page is intended only foreducational purposes.

The GDS-Mobile Complete Kit includes the following components: GDS-Mobile VCI II, Two Software DVD Packs, TPMS Bluetooth Adapter, all accessory Cables/Adapters, Carrying Case, Samsung Galaxy Note10.1 and 64GB SD Card. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with 64GB SD Card is preloaded with GDS-Mobile diagnostic software and service information. Kia Hyundai GDS Driver is a free-to-use app that enables AutoHex II WVCI to work with Kia / Hyundai dealer software (GDS). With this application you can read information from your ECU car. After installations users must perform update to download the data files. GDS VCI Vehicles Coverage:1996-2015 some new car models for Hyundai Kia. Notice: Hyundai & Kia- GDS VCI software can’t install on same computer. That mean if the computer install hyundai software, it can’t install Kia software. But A single interface can be used for both Hyundai & Kia software packages. GDS VCI Diagnostic Tool for Kia Hyundai with Trigger Module Support Flight Record Function. GDS VCI Diagnostic Tool is an advanced service system which support all Kia Hyundai from 1996-2017. GDS VCI with flight record function and provides complete diagnostics, analysis and reprogramming capabilities etc.

I just searched on the hyundai-forums and many posters asked for a link to download GDS VCI software. GDS, short for Global Diagnostic System which is the best OEM diagnostic system for Hyundai and Kia vehicle makes.

All mentioned names and rights belong to the owner.

Hyundai’s New Global Diagnostic System (GDS)

Hyundai ’s New Global Diagnostic System GDS

Hyundai Motor Corporation and Hyundai Motor America aredeveloping a powerful new diagnostic tool.

The Global DiagnosticSystem or “GDS”, for short, offers several new features. The tool, referred toas the “Information Terminal” is housed in Panasonic’s Toughbook laptop and allows diagnosis via wireless communication.When configured properly, the wireless function lets those in a wirelessdealership environment to access updates or review the parts dialogue without allthe wired connections.

The GDS is equipped with touch screentechnology that simplifies your communication with the unit.

The screen can be swiveledand locked into a flat exposed position so that the tool can be handled in a


The GDS in locked flat position

We developed the new tool with the intentof systemizing the diagnostic process. The following stages make up the process:

• Preparation stage: Gathers informationabout the vehicle and operating conditions for reporting

• Diagnosis stage: Data and DTC analysisfunctions

• Vehicle S/W Management stage: All ECUrelated reprogramming or option settings

• Repair stage: Verifies the repair andoffers link to parts information

Consider theses stages when approachingdiagnosis with the GDS.

Compared to existing scan tools, GDS offersthe followingdistinctive features:

• Coupling between information anddiagnosis-

The GDS Information Terminal is acomputerized system. It is possible to store large amounts of information. Furthermore,it can show the diagnosis results and related information on one screen, in

contrast to existing scanners’ limitations inoutput due to their limited screen size.

• Quick Support through internet updates-

If new data is introduced or if an errorhas been generated in the GDS System, data update or system fixes can be madethrough a real time internet update. Update availability and frequency areincreased

through the direct internet interface.

• CAN communication support

No need for an additional adaptor, becauseCAN communications protocol

is built-in.

• GDS supports powerful flight recordingfunctions.

• Wireless network support between VehicleCommunication Interface (VCI) and Information Terminal creates greater unitmobility. Multiple users can use the tool without relocating the terminal.


The welcome screen is shown in Figure 1.From here you can choose functions in Preparation, Diagnosis, Vehicle SoftwareManagement or Repair. Preparation includes defining the vehicle and parametersbeing diagnosed. Hot Fix is a new function that searches and displays itemsfrom the Hyundai Technical Library that apply to the vehicle, symptom orDiagnostic Trouble Code.

The Diagnosis mode is very powerful anddesigned with you in mind. We will look more specifically at a few diagnosticfunctions in this article. Vehicle Software Management Mode facilitates reflashes,VIN rewriting required on some control modules and vehicle software upgrades.The repair mode taps into the Hyundai service knowledge base offering guidanceon replacement procedures, part information and circuitry.

To begin a diagnostic session, you caneither enter the VIN for the vehicle; or you can select the parameters andsystems to be diagnosed in the Preparation mode. Next a vehicle system to beevaluated must be selected. Remember, the tool has a touch screen so selectionis easy with the supplied stylus.

Figure 2

Note: Do not use a ball point orother pen on the touch screen. Any stylus made for touch screen activity will work.

Setting and running “Fault Code Searching”function in the “Vehicle Selection” allows users to continue workflow on theprimary system (denoted by a check mark on the vehicle selection process) whilethe GDS searches in the background for DTCs in allselected systems.

The progress status for the Fault CodeSearching will be displayed on the top of the “Fault Code Searching” icon, whichis located on the lower section of the GDS screen.

First, establish communication with thevehicle. You will need to plug the communication VCI (shown in Figure 2) intothe communication port in the vehicle.

To turn on the VCI module, depress themain power switch after connecting the main DLC cable from the vehicle to theVCI module.

Note: If the vehicle DLCdiagnosis connector does not use a 16-pin connector, or if battery power cannotbe supplied to the VCI module, the cigar power cable must be connected tosupply battery power to the VCI module with the vehicle’s ignition switch inthe ACC position.

The VCI will run through a test sequenceand when it is ready, green lights will be displayed for “PC Comm” and “Veh.Comm” on the unit.

When using a USB connection, the “PC Comm” light will be red.

Note: When the unit is engaged inFlight Recording, its light will appear red.

If communication between the GDS and thevehicle is interrupted, hold down the power button for five seconds.

After you have selected the vehicleinformation or VIN enter “GO” on the touch screen. This will alert the GDSwhich vehicle it will be diagnosing. You can also select symptoms from a drop downbox or add comments for later review.

Select the Diagnosis mode from the welcomescreen. In this mode you can select the various components requiring diagnosisto gather Current Data or Flight Recording. The GDS will return values in realtime for Current Data.

In the Current Data mode, you can record anddisplay graphs for up to six inputs simultaneously via the Basic Inspection function. The datacan then be analyzed. Just click the box next to the appropriate sensors.

The GDS can return graphs, componentlocation and descriptions, component specifications, circuit Information.

In the Flight Record mode, data from theprevious ten minutes is recorded when the trigger is activated.

This becomes helpful for intermittentproblems. A condition experienced can be recorded after the fact if you arestill within the ten-minute timeframe.

DTC Analysis is a function that runs DTCdiagnosis for control modules in a vehicle, and supports specific repairprocedures for each DTC. Results appear when DTC diagnosis proceeds through thecommunication between a VCI and a vehicle control module. DTC list will beshown in the upper section and “Freeze Frame” will be shown in the lowersection of the page if the control module in question supports the Freeze Framefunction.

If there is no DTC for correspondingcontrol module by DTC diagnosis, message “No Error Code” will appear. If theDTC is found, DTC will be listed on the screen. DTC codes are listed in thefirst column. DTC name descriptions are listed in the second column. The DTCstate (History or Pending) is listed in the third column (State section).

DTC diagnosis updates itself automaticallyevery 25-seconds. It can also be updated manually by selecting “DTC Analysis”on the screen menu at any time.

DTC saved in the control module can beerased after the printout of DTC code followed by the DTC analysis functionprocess.

We have just highlighted a few of thepowerful features coming with Hyundai’s new GDS diagnostic tool.

With so much information at your fingertips, thorough diagnosis and repair can be achieved much more efficiently.

Its wireless capability improves mobilityand simplifies upgrades. This breakthrough system can

guide your diagnostic procedures and draws on Hyundai’sfull service library for tackling the conditions discovered with the tool. Lookfor future articles walking you through the steps for maximizing the power ofGDS.


GDS System Kit Contents

The Hyundai Global DiagnosticSystem ships with the following components:

Module Reprogramming

Many reprograms are available forautomatic transaxle driveability issues. Please refer to the appropriate TSBfor further information.

It’s how-to’s of installation Hyundai GDS VCI software V19 firmware V2.20 on XP and Windows 7/8/10. Credits to

Released on Jun. 5th, 2017

Software version: Hyundai GDS software V19 (Kia software V12)

Firmware version: VCI firmware V2.20

System requirement:

Windows 7; Windows XP (tested) Autodesk 123d download windows 10.

Windows 8; Windows 10 (try with luck)

What is GDS?

The Global Diagnostic System (GDS) is the only OEM diagnostic toolfor Hyundai. It is an advanced service system that provides comprehensive coverage for all Hyundai vehicles including all Hybrid cars. GDS provides complete diagnostics, analysis and reprogramming capabilities as well as a huge library of technical, service and repair information.

How to install Hyundai GDS software V19:

Open Computer->Removable disk (F:)->GDS VCI EN

Run DAEMON Tools Lite application

Windows security alert: Allow access

Install DAEMON Tools Lite

Next to install DAEMON Tools Lite

Accept the agreement

Free licence, Next



Installing DAEMON Tools Lite…

Pop-up: installing device driver software

Install DT gadget? Yes

Finish installing DAEMON Tools Lite on your computer

Windows security alert: Allow access

Hyundai gds tool

Close the IE explore if it automatically opens

Install GDS software

Go to Computer->Removable disk (F:)->GDS VCI EN->HYUNDA MASTER

Open Hyundai GDS Master ISO file

Autoplay: open folder to view files

Then open the setup application

Preparing setup…

Input the dealer ID

Next to install GDS


Tick on MS PP Viewer, MS World Viewer, MS Excel Viewer, Adobe Acrobat Reader


Power point viewer will be installed. OK

Yes to install


Power point viewer 2003 setup is completely installed! OK

Word viewer will be installed. OK


Accept the licence agreement, Next



Word viewer 2003 setup is completely installed! OK

Excel viewer will be installed. OK


Accept the licence agreement, Next



Excel viewer 2003 setup is completely installed! OK

Adobe Acrobat will be installed. OK




Finish installing Adobe Acrobat 9

Click on Install to begin the GDS installation


Select PC type: Toughbook or Common Laptop


Accept the licence terms, Install


Finish installing Microsoft visual c++ 2008 redistributable

Installing GDS usb vci driver….

Windows security: install this driver software anyway

Installing GDS usb vci driver….

Windows security: install this driver software anyway

Installing GDS vim usb driver….

Hyundai Gds 2 Software Download

Windows security: install this driver software anyway

Installing GDS vim usb driver….

Installing GDS….

Finish installing GDS

Installing Shield….

Install GDS HMA Update Pack

Go to Computer->Removable disk (F:)->GDS VCI EN->HYUNDA UPDATE 1

Open Hyundai GDS 19 Disc 1 ISO file

Open folder to view files

Open the setup application

Preparing setup…

Input the dealer ID, Next

Next to install GDS HMA Update Pack



Finish installing GDS HMA Update Pack

Installing Shield….

Then go to folder HYUNDA UPDATE 2

Open Hyundai GDS v19 Disc 2, then do the same as Hyundai GDS 19 Disc 1

Installing GDS HMA Contents Update Pack…

Finish installation of GDS HMA Contents Update Pack

Installing Shield….

Open Computer management

Select Device manager->GIT->GDS VCI

Open GDS application on Desktop

Hyundai GDS VCI software V19 is installed successfully and ready for use!


Hyundai Gds Vci Download

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Hyundai Gds Vci

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