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  1. Aircraft takeoff weight includes battery, propellers, and a microSD card. Check all applicable rules and regulations before use and always fly safely near others. Measured at a constant speed of 14 kph in windless conditions. 4 km for FCC compliant Model (MT1SS5) and 2 km for CE compliant Model (MT1SD25).
  2. Complete set of plans and specifications for a Affordaplane aircraft. That the purchase of such plans includes the exclusive right to assemble one (1) Affordaplane aircraft. That all rights, title and interest to the plans and specifications of the Affordaplane are.

Writing about this one brings a big smile to our faces; we had the opportunity to fly the Ultra-Pup for a US Aviator flight report in 1990 and several other times since then. We found plenty to like about the high-wing, 60 to 80-hp Ultra-Pup.

As a matter of fact, we liked the bird so much that we bought one (yes.. at the full retail price). A stretched, tweaked, refined version of the Preceptor Repli-Cubs, this bird flew even better than the real J-3 Cub it is so obviously modeled after.
Span 30'6'
Length 17'3'
Engine 2074 65HP VW
Empty Weight 450 LBS
Useful Load 550 LBS. MAX.
Wing Area generous
Seats 2 Tandem
Take Off Distance 300 FT
Stall 35 MPH
Landing Speed 44 MPH
Cruise 90 MPH
Rate Of Climb 1400 FPM
A high-wing, strut-braced taildragger with conventional gear, the Ultra-Pup has a flaps and folding-wing mechanism that can be used in less than 10 minutes. It has a steel-tube fuselage, all-aluminum wings, and is covered with aircraft-grade fabric and paint. The lovely little Ultra-Pup stands 5.5' high, has a cabin width of nearly 25' (it is a tandem two-seater), spans 30.5', and 17.3' long.
The wing has 122 sq ft of wing area and with the help of some good sized flaps, the Ultra-Pup can stall as low as 35 mph. Though not aerobatic, the wing is stressed to +6.3 and -3 G. The cabin also offers 36' of headroom and 70' of length. A 14-gal tank should be good for up 4.5 hours at the 90-mph cruise speed?although if you firewall this baby, you'll probably see 110 mph in a hurry (if not more.. I did).

The Ultra-Pup flies beautifully, with excellent pitch and roll response and modestly positive static and dynamic stability profiles, which include the ability to pick up a wingtip obediently with rudder persuasion only. The stall is well buffet quite symmetrical, and though the bird spin if forced, the initial autorotation is reluctant and the recovery quite simple: relax pitch or roll and the bird will not be able to sustain a spin. Kick opposite rudder and hard negative pitch and you'll out nearly instantaneously.
Haul back to best climb speed and watch this thing do as much as 1500 fpm. It is a home sick angle and the Preceptor bunch is one of the few that doesn't fib a mite about their takeoff and landing specs. It really uses about 300' for both and I've done better. Honest. Service ceiling is 17,000'. The Preceptor Gold engine is a highly-modified VW engine, engineered by Total Engine Concepts, and can allow the Ultra-Pup to climb like the proverbial bat, with excellent fuel economy. DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo – Ultralight Foldable Drone, 3-Axis Gimbal with 4K Camera, 12MP Photos, 31 Mins Flight Time, OcuSync 2.0 10km HD Video Transmission, QuickShots, Gray: Camera & Photo. During the three-year project, a fuel-cell based power system was designed and flown in a Rapid 200FC ultralight aircraft. 87 The NASA Electric Aircraft Testbed (NEAT) is a NASA reconfigurable testbed in Plum Brook Station, Ohio, used to design, develop, assemble and test electric aircraft power systems, from a small, one or two person. Telnet Communications provides reliable digital phone and high speed DSL internet solutions to customers across Ontario & Quebec.


Kit options are numerous and include an alternator package, a cabin heat system, floats, and 60-to 80-hp engines. Build time is estimated at between 450 and 500 hours, and no special tools are required. A number of special builder assistance programs are available, including a hands-on, two-week, factory building program.

The Ultra-Pup is available as a complete kit. There no' also some good alternative purchase plans that deserve your attention, whereby you can buy your bird in pieces as your budget permits. Separate plans are also available.

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ZOOM REPORT: This is easily one of our favorite two-place Affordable Flyers. As a matter of fact, we own one. The Ultra-Pup, equipped with the 60-hp, TEC/Preceptor Gold four-stroke engine makes for a dynamic combo, under virtually any circumstance. Mimicking the ageless Cub, the Ultra-Pup actually outperforms its look-alike! This small company has also made great strides in the last few years, and shows every sign of being one of the true survivors. Best of all, customer service reports are quite positive. Check this critter out, it's a winner