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A-collection-of-flash-games-swf Scanner. SHOCKWAVE FLASH. The World's Hardest Game.swf download. Download 1 file. Free Games Online v.1.0. Free Games Online gives you easy access to your favorite games online. Free Games Online includes games like Tetris, Pac-man, Baseball, Breakout, Frogger and more. A total of 10 online flash games are installed on your desktop for easy access. File Name:Online-Games.exe.

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Looking for the funniest SWF games to play? This article introduces to you top 5 SWF games and more interesting online SWF games sites, as well as shows you how to download SWF games while playing.

SWF is one of the most popular formats, as there are many people downloading their favorite games in SWF format. So SWF games become popular games around the world. If you want to share your playing skills of SWF games to your friends, SWF Games Recorder is the best choice for you to download your SWF games video.

SWF Games

This article introduces several popular SWF games and how to download SWF games playing with the best recording software - SWF Games Recorder for you. And you are able to record the process of playing SWF games, and create the process to be a video to share with your friends. With SWF Games Recorder, you can customize the screen size, add extra audio or record audio as you like.

Part 1: More recommendations of the most popular SWF games

Here we will recommend several popular SWF games from SWF games lists for you, maybe there is an SWF game you would like to download and play among them.

1. Angry Gran2

Voicemod pro license key generator. Angry Gran2 is a crime game, the leading role is a old grandma, she take her baseball bat to beat the people she meet on the road, so as to collect the gold coins. Your task is to help the old grandma to beat the passerby you meet along the way, so that you can collect the gold coin. If you are keep to beat, you will collect more gold coin. But you need to note the policeman on the road, you cannot beat the policeman, and you also need to be careful of the barrier in the road. This must be an interesting SWF game for you to play.

Play method: bold click the mouse to swing your weapon. Hold and release the mouse for a more powerful swing.

2. Bike Blast

Bike Blast is a running game, in this SWF game, you need to running toward the city by bike, you will meet many hinders along the way. You will collect the gold coin when you go ahead. The longer you go, the more gold coin you will get. Get ready for this a cool and fun Bike Blast distance game. Hop on your bike and try to ride as far as you can collecting gold coins to buy upgrades, bikes and unlock new characters. Try your best to complete your missions while avoiding obstacles such as shields and moving vehicles, and collect bonuses that could be very useful. So ride, jump and slide like a pro and get as far as possible.

Play method: You are able to jump, duck, move, use helmet shield, tap repeatedly to gain power during downhill section in the game.

3. Gave Golf

In Gave Golf, you need to play as a bearded caveman, playing on a prehistoric golf course! Try to get the ball into the hole and also try to collect all three stars for the best possible score! Avoid Pterodactyls and lava pits that will try to get in your way! This SWF game is an interesting game, you can play the games in your free time. This SWF game is very simple, but if you want to get more stars, you may need to be very patience when you are playing.

Play method: Tap and drag to aim and set your power.

4. Free Rider

Free Rider is a very popular SWF game, you can draw and make up your own courses with obstacles, jumps, and stunts in it. Once your course is made, you ride your bike or vehicle on the course. Race bikes on tracks drawn by other players or draw your own! It is an addicting game that you race a bike on tracks created by other players! Thousands of top tracks to race on, create your own and challenge other players.

Play method: You can accelerate, brake, lean, turn rider, restart course while you are playing the game.

5. Heli Attack3

Heli Attack 3 mainly praises for its extended weapon arsenal, its introductory level, and its feature of different levels, rather than simple shooting. It is a difficult game for many people. Take on the extraterrestrial threat with an weapons, massive Mechs and complete missions in space. Unlock new weapons and armour and kit out your Mech with explosive force. Choose from multiple difficulties or take on a new challenge online with multiplayer. This exciting SWF game will meet your satisfication.

Play method: You can move, jump, slide down, switch weapon and pause during the game.

Part 2: How to free record SWF games online

Above introduces several popular SWF games, then we will introduce the useful SWF games Recorder for you to download your favorite SWF games from website. Aiseesoft SWF Games Recorder is a professional video/audio recorder. With this recorder, you can free record your favorite SWF games from website, such as football games SWF, car games SWF, bike games SWF etc. Then, you can download the recorded unblocked SWF games playing as a video to share with your friend.

Step 1 Download and install Aiseesoft Screen Recorder.

After downloading this product on your computer, please launch it with double clicks.

Step 2 Select 'Record Video and Audio'.

After selecting recording content, you are able to customize the recording area, you can choose the full screen or custom the recording area as you like.

Step 3 Start to record.

After selecting record area, please click 'REC' to start record your SWF games. Just play the SWF games normally.

Step 4 Finish to record.

When the SWF games was over, you can click 'Stop' to finish your recording. Finally, click 'Save' to download the SWF gamesplay video on your computer.

Part 3: Some interesting SWF games online sites

1. DolyGames

DolyGames is a big website of SWF games. It possesses many small SWF games, you are able to play any kinds of SWF games you like. There are some multiplayer games, such as sport games, adventure games and action games, etc. You can invite your friend or family to play together. This SWF games website is very suitable for you to play with your friend.

2. Games144

Games144 is an online SWF games website, this website processes several kinds of SWF games, such as control games, credit games, tool games, lunar games and ups games, etc. You can free play your favorite SWF games on this website. There are some SWF games on this website are very popular, many people like play these SWF games online. You will be pleasure when you play the games online.

Swf Flash Games Free Download

3. Lile Games

Lile Games is life games website, most of the games on this website are very close to your life. It is very suitable for girls, because this SWF games website have many games related to girls, such as Princess Butterfly, Mermaid Maker, Frenzy Airport, etc. These games must be very attractive for girls.

This article mainly introduces three parts. The first part introduces 5 popular SWF games for you; the second part helps you to record unblocked SWF games and save it on your computer with using SWF games Recorder. Hope it is helpful for you; the third part recommend several interesting SWF games websites for you, you can play the interesting SWF games online in your free time.

Free Swf Games Download Torrent

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Swf games free download for android

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SWF PlayerEnjoy this free program flashvideo you can access content even without an internet connection. It can open SWF files quickly, and it can also read metadata tags from any file head. This software can be used to replace any flash player on your device.

Boardroom or classroom

Flash has been abandoned by many modern devices, which has led to a decrease in its popularity on the internet. This app allows you to play SWF files without an internet connection. Flash is still an option and users will continue to enjoy Flash content for many reasons. SWF player can be used on any device without a computer. Native flash players.


Any video that includes a.SWF file extension Adobe program creates files that contain interactive text and graphics. It is called “swiff” (pronounced “swiff”) These files are usually movies but can also contain animation files or online games web browser.

Free Swf Games Download

SWF files can be played in a browser, but require an internet connection. A browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer can open any flash content automatically. Accessing the films is difficult for many users without reliable WiFi.

Many people have yet to acquire this skill. Flash movie they want to be able to access the content they love, but most players don’t have an internet connection. SWF player is the reason they choose it. You can enjoy all the content you would otherwise be unable to with this completely free software.


Although SWF Player’s aesthetics are rather dull, it appears that this was intentional. The player’s simple, straightforward design makes it easier to use and reduces file size. It is easy to install on new systems because of its small size.

It’s also very limited in scope, just like the player’s appearance. This was deliberate. It is larger than any advanced function but serves its purpose.

Compatibility and Support

SWF Player has one job: to play flash videos and games. It does this well. This is also a bonus. freeware means that it is free to download and use. However, there are some system requirements. The computer you intend to install must have the.NET Framework and Shockwave Flash Object. These are not required and should be installed.

Free Swf Games Download For Pc

The SWF player can be used to read six types Metadata tag signature tag is a three-byte FWS. This is either an uncompressed SWF (which is compressed) or a CWS (which is compressed). The software can also read 8-bit version numbers, file lengths, frame rates, and total frames count.

Swf Racing Games Free Download

Good usability

Once you have downloaded the app, Freeware It’s easy to get started. Click on “File” and choose “Open” from the drop-down menu. The software will display the metadata tags in a message box when you choose the.swf format file. This allows you to see all details about your file.

Click on “Play” and you will be able to view your SWF file. If your SWF file has a Flash game you can start playing. You can also watch a movie and just relax. To toggle full-screen mode you can use the F11 key. It’s easy to use this app.

Is this a relic from the tech past?

Free Swf Games Download Windows

SWF Player’s popularity is not due to any logical reason. It simply reflects the fact that Flash players and Flash content are rapidly becoming obsolete. This software serves its purpose well, despite its gray interface.

Free Swf Games Download Windows 7

SWF is available for free to those who do not have an internet connection. You may prefer a program that has a modern interface to it.VLC media player SWF Player HD.