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Free Spotify Mockup. Sketch uploaded by Andre. An awesome Spotify mockup that includes 4 screens/versions: Mobile, Small Screen, Browse and Playlist. Thanks to AomAm for creating and sharing this mockup. Check out other freebies by the same author →. Free Spotify Mockup Psd Download Holding Postcard in Hand Mockup. /diskinternals-excel-recovery-31-serial-key/. This Free Postcard in Hand mockup which can help you display your Postcard, Photo, greeting card, invitation card, and other print designs in a photorealistic manner.

I have a pretty intense obsession with the curation of my Spotify playlists. Not only do I take the name of them extremely seriously, but I take the time to curate the perfect cover image that’s depictive of the vibe, mood, and aesthetic of the songs within.

BULBFISH‘s new customizable cassette tape designs are calling my Spotify account’s name. Inspired by Soviet Union cassette tapes from the 70-80s, the pack comes with 3 Photoshop mockups that offer customization possibilities: think realistic torn stickers.

Free Spotify Mockup

While cassette tapes might be a thing of the past, BULBFISH is making sure that the grit and pure loveliness of these tapes never lose their magic, even if it’s just digitally. Now excuse me, I have some Spotify playlist cover art to make.

This project is inspired by the design of Soviet Union cassette tapes from the 70-80s. The pack contains 3 high quality .psd mockups with a lot of customization options and authentic vintage feeling. You can apply your design to the cassette label and cover (J-card), change cassette and case color, control highlights and shadows, use any background.

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Free Spotify Mockup Template

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Redid the layouts for the Spotify app, also added a new 'Explore' page. Things I wanted Spotify to change/have:
1. Lyrics display is disastrous and annoying to swipe
2. Missing featured section on the 'Home' screen, instead there is only 'Daily Mix' which can also be found in 'Radio', it's a repetition
3. Placing the pause/play button on the right side it's not very comfortable to reach if you are holding the phone with your left hand.
Hope you like it!

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