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Torque, Drag & Hydraulics

Sargent's Drilling Utilities - Free drilling software for The Man on the Rig.

Well engineering course that introduces Torque & Drag and Hydraulics to drilling and completion planning and operations engineers, comprehensively covering fundamentals, industry best practice and what if analysis. The three day course is delivered with hands-on training using industry leading commercial software (WellPlan) and with real life well examples.

Day 1:

  • Torque and Drag Fundamentals
  • Soft string and Stiff string models, Friction Factor, Wellbore tortuosity, trajectory, Open hole effective size, Operational and mud parameters
  • Drag forces and Torque analysis
  • Pre-assessment test
  • WellPlan Exercises – Well file build-up

Day 2:

  • Torque and Drag: Buckling analysis, Side force analysis, String stress analysis, Calibrate friction
  • Twist and stretch analysis, Floatation analysis
  • Margin of overpull, Fatigue analysis
  • WellPlan Exercises – Torque/Drag Analysis

Day 3:

  • Hydraulics Fundamentals: Rheology models, Pressure losses analysis, Basic swab/surge analysis, Hydraulics optimization (nozzle size selection), ECD analysis, Hole cleaning analysis
  • WellPlan Exercises – Hydraulics Analysis
  • Post assessment, feedback and certificates

Participants will need to have basic experience with well engineering principles and well design. Experience with WellPlan software is recommendable as each participant will use the software throughout the course to compliment the theoretical sessions.

Become familiar with:
  • Dynamic drag analysis with slack-off sensitivity analysis
  • String torque variations for a range of wellbore tortuosity’s
  • Liner rotation and fatigue analysis
  • String fatigue failure analysis due to shallow doglegs on a deep water well
  • Hole cleaning and cutting transport analysis on a ultra deep well with multiple liner strings

iDrill, developed by Tinca Technology Inc., has more than 1,000 users worldwide. Since the release of iDrill in 2009, we’ve been working to perfect it. Now, iDrill is internationally recognized by drilling engineers and technical management staff.

iDrill gives you the deepest insight and total control over data acquisition, analysis and visualization through the entire integrated drilling life cycle. iDrill helps you to manage, simplify and optimize your operations.

iDrill includes four modules, iDrill Rig, iDrill Base, iDrill Well Test and iDrill Downhole Operation. All modules work seamlessly together to capture data of the entire well life cycle, including well planning, drilling, completion, well testing, and downhole operation.

Based on its huge database and powerful analysis function, iDrill can help drilling contractor to optimize drilling technology, reduce problems, avoid accidents and decrease drilling cost. Operator will know drilling geology condition more deeply and be able to assess contractor ability, operation results, choose drilling contractor, and improve decision-making on drilling for next phase.


  1. Performance of Data Analysis

    • Multi wells and offset analysis, management reporting, time-based analysis, lessons and problems. All of this add value to your data.

    • Query, report, analyze – you can do everything to use the data.

    • User-friendly interface, copy-and-paste function and standard library speed up data entry

  2. Schematics

    • iDrill outputs your unique, industry leading wellbore schematic, which is automatically drawn based on the data in the database.

  3. Quick Reports

    • Quick, accurate, and automatic reporting to drastically reduce users’ time.

  4. Customizable Reports

    • iDrill’s team can work with you to make specialized reports quickly depending on your special needs.

  5. Engineering Computation

    • Integrated drilling engineering computation and simulation (such as the well path), drilling hydraulics, and torque and drag calculation can help users make timely analyses and decisions.

  6. Language

    • We provide a English and Chinese version of iDrill.

  7. Support

    • We provide a superior standard of customer support that is timely, responsive and personalized.

    • Our support network is available to you 24/7 from anywhere worldwide (with access of an internet connection).

iDrill Rig

iDrill Rig includes data capture, engineering calculation and reporting. It records design data, well basic data, daily drilling/completion data, well control data and almost everything in drilling and completion operation. Its integrated engineering calculation function saves you the trouble of re-entrying data. It outputs graphics and reports in excel, word or PDF format.

iDrill Rig

  • Data capture

  • Engineering calculation

  • Graphics generation and output

  • Reports and documents generation

  • System maintenance

Engineering Calculations:

  • Targeting analysis

  • Nozzle optimizing

  • Stuck point calculation

  • Cementing calculation

  • Anti-collision calculation

  • Hydraulic parameter calculation

  • Survey calculation

  • Basic mud calculation

  • Torque and drag calculation

  • Killing well calculation

Data Capture:

  • Design data

  • Drilling basic data

  • Daily drilling process data

  • Drilling equipment

  • DST

  • Bit data

  • BHA data

  • Directional well and survey data

  • Well control data

  • Mud/completion fluid data

  • Caliper/Deviation data

  • Formation pressure test

  • Cementing data

  • MPD and UBD data

  • Accidents and problems

  • Daily material supply and consumption

  • Technical report


  • Daily drilling report

  • Daily cost report

  • Drilling history report

  • Drilling summary report

  • Phase report

  • Time log drilling

  • Time log NPT drilling

  • Time log completion

  • Time log NPT completion

  • Mud properties summary

  • Bit summary

  • BHA summary

  • BHA detail

  • Geological formation markers

  • AFE vs field cost

  • Overall time distribution

  • Customized report

iDrill Base

iDrill Base analyzes data you have recorded in iDrill Rig and helps you make informed decisions from data analysis. Quick query and analysis function assist users to prepare drilling program and to deal with complex accidents.


  • Query

  • Statistic reports

  • Statistic and analysis graphic

  • System maintenance

iDrill Base Features:

  • Integrated analysis curves for single well

  • Accidents and problems vs Drilling fluid type

  • Drilling time breakdown analysis

  • Bit performance

  • Construction schedule chart

  • Cost distribution chart

  • ROP chart on hole size

  • Drilling index

  • Cementing report

  • Accidents/problems analysis report

  • Well structure in contrast and analysis

  • Bit best performance analysis

  • Targeting analysis of directional well

  • Warning and treatment of accidents and problems according to structures

  • Customized output

iDrillWell Test:Nbme step 2 ck form 6 offline.

In the process of operation, such as well killing, acidizing, testing, tight pull or getting stuck and other operation, operation parameters need be quickly analyzed in order to optimize process measures. But related calculation formula and model is complicated and relevant reference is dispersed. It greatly reduces analytical efficiency of well test engineers. For this reason, iDrill well test integrates the calculation method and the modified mathematical model of the relevant parameters in well test operation, and can quickly provide construction parameters analysis for well test engineers.

Engineering Calculations:

String Calculations

  • Tubing controlled pressure calculation

  • Friction loss calculation of conventional tubing injection

  • Production casing normal pressure analysis

  • High-pressure gas well casing checking calculation

  • Dynamic gas column pressure calculation

Wellhead Pressure Calculations

  • Shut-in wellhead pressure

  • Wellhead pressure analysis during acidification

  • Wellhead pressure analysis during sand fracturing

Testing Calculations

  • Critical velocity calculation

  • Washers flow meter calculation

  • AOF calculation

Acidification Calculations

  • Acid displacement volume calculation of low pressure

  • High-top water activity calculation

  • Residual acid concentration calculation

  • Sand washing calculation

Workover Calculations

  • Depth of stuck point calculation for single string

  • Depth of stuck point calculation for combination string

  • Turns allowed to twist stuck pipe

Well Control Calculations

  • Killing well calculation

  • Oil and gas upward flow velocity calculation

Hydraulic Core Drilling Machine

Well Productivity Predictions

  • Conventional productivity prediction when static pressure is below saturation pressure

  • Conventional productivity prediction when static pressure is above saturation pressure

Data Capture:

  • The basic data of test reservoir

  • Well testing log

  • Wellhead assembly

  • Tubing record

  • Surface production and measured results

  • Perforation data

  • Acidification data

  • Fracturing data

  • Well test data

  • Test construction process records

  • Accidents and problems

Output Reports:

  • Downhole operation history

  • Acidification report

  • Fracturing report

  • Perforation report

  • Well testing time breakdown

  • Daily well testing report

  • Well testing accidents and problems statistical analysis

  • Monthly well testing report, annual well testing report

  • Well testing handover and takeover report

iDrill Downhole Operation

iDrill Downhole Operation includes well test log, acidification, fracturing, well test, and completion string data. All kinds of reports can be customized.

Hydraulic Drilling Machine

Data Capture:

  • Well basic data

  • Well test log

  • Time breakdown

  • Acidification basic data

  • Fracturing basic data

  • Test basic data

  • String after job

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