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  1. Ford Raptor Logo Font Download Microsoft

Sometimes official SYNC2 updates delete your vehicle’s special startup logos / animation and you get just the ordinary Ford logo animation. Or you installed an unofficial version and lost your beautiful splash screen… or you just want to have that awesome Running Pony Mustang Logo Animation in your SYNC2-equipped Non-Mustang Ford Vehicle? Here you go! 🙂

Official Ford Logos Downloads

All packages should be available in your vehicle’s latest SYNC2 update provided by Ford. However, for some reason they have probably not been installed or even overwritten or deleted and/or you are unable to identify or even find them.

Here is a list of downloads of Custom splash screen provisioning packs with the animation you are probably missing:

Mustang SYNC2 Running Pony Logo Animation

Most requested of all and promoted on my Youtube Channel: The Running Pony Animation

Raptor SVT SYNC2 Logo Animation

Splash Screen from the mighty F-150 Raptor, powered by the Special Vehicle Team (SVT).

Want more Logos?

There are more packages available but they are not very popular. However, if you put your request in the comments section below I might be able to help you.

I want GT350/GT350R animation!

/gadmei-usb-tv-stick-utv382f-driver-download/. Sorry guys. I am not aware of a Shelby Mustang GT350 equipped with SYNC2 (would have to be a MY2015, but was released as MY2016) so Ford didn’t provide us with an appropriate software package.

I want XY animation!

I am sorry, as long as that model has never been delivered with a Sync2 / MyFord Touch and/or there actually is no logo for it, my super powers are not strong enough to create the package you want. But I’d love to, seriously!

Can I / can you create a custom animation?

There are rumors this could be done somehow but my little tries failed. I used same dimensions and encoding for the video, cut it to the same length with the same number of frames like the original ones. Unfortunately, there is a hash check and it is virtually impossible to create a different file with the same checksum.

If there is anybody out there who succeeded, please contact me! I’d love to share knowledge or link to your sources.

> Contact Form

If there is still people trying to solve this, my only suggestions are:

  • creating a Windows Auto development environment and packaging videos with the right (testing) certificates -and/or-
  • playing with safe mode (enabled by using EA5T-14D546-AUA in installation script)

Get it all!

I have created an installable package with some logos and offer it for 2 euros – get it in the shop! However, you are free to download the above packages for free. 🙂

Brand Name:

ord Motor Company, commonly known as Ford, is an American multinational automaker that has its main headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. It was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated on June 16, 1903.
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Ford Raptor Logo Font Download Microsoft

Ford Motor Company
', but this is the font that the community have designed based on the logo.
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company
Ford raptor logo font download free
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company
' uses this font and it was verified ✔️by our designers.
This is a community submission, and it's not verified yet.
The current Ford logo is known as the “Centennial Blue Oval”, which was released in 2003 in honor of the 100 years birthday. The font used for the word “Ford” is very similar to FordScript.