Flip The Robot Monkey Construct 2 Download

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Construct 2 (free edition) - Flip the Robot Monkey - Level 5 Solutions.capx Level I Layers a Main Blocks Background Projects v Flip the Robot Monkey. Layouts Level I Event sheets esGame Object types Ammo Banana Boundary e scirra.com Forums Scirra Help Store Online Run layout Debug layout Preview Exp ort project Start Page View Home Undo Copy Redo. Step 2 - Construct Switch Circuit. The circuit shown below will send the data from the switch being flicked to the Photon you just connected. The data from this code will then be recorded and you can see the reaction time of the robot. See below for downloadable code and circuit schematics. This photon is not required for the robot arm to turn.


Flip The Robot Monkey Construct 2 Download For Windows 7

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Students in the Intro to Programming course have been working on writing programs using Java as well as developing games using Scratch that can be played on the computer. Click the link below to try out several original games these students have created.

The following games represent gaming assignments for the Computer Science Basis through Gaming class. Click on one of the game links below to try out a game. Good luck.

Robot Monkey Head

Flip the Robot Monkey – In this platform-based game, the objective is to save the monkeys! You will help Flip navigate multiple levels to save his monkey friends. Watch out though, along the way you will be challenged with knights and arrows. You aren’t an ordinary monkey, no way, make sure to collect coconuts and blast those knights. Use the left and right arrow keys to move. Use the up arrow to jump and space bar to shoot coconut gun. Holding down the down arrow for a bit and then pressing the up arrow will give you super jump abilities. May the force be with you.

Asteroid Destroyers – In this action game you defend your aircraft from incoming asteroids and breaking them to bits. This is done through navigating around and shooting rockets to destroy the asteroids. Use the arrow keys to maneuver your ship. Use the up arrow to accelerate forward, left and right keys to steer and the down arrow to slow down or stop. Use the spacebar to shoot rockets at the asteroids to destroy them. As you hit them, they will break apart with the smallest being destroyed. Watch your ship’s health – it goes down as you get hit by the asteroids.

Bovine Battle– Bovine Battle is a game similar to classic Bomberman but instead of bombs you need to use cow pies to try to win the game. Move your player controlled cow around the map planting cowpies that explode, destroying hay bales, and sometimes revealing valuable power-ups. Use skill and strategy to trap your opponent or use a powerful line cowpie to catch them off guard and destroy them across the map. But while all this is happening you must avoid farmers who roam around the map. In one player mode you need to eliminate all the hay bales. In two player mode you need to eliminate the other player.

Flip The Robot Monkey Construct 2 Download Free

Instructions: Player 1: use keys WASD to move and SPACEBAR to lay cow pies. Player 2: ARROW KEYS to move and ENTER to lay cow pies.

Flip The Robot Monkey Construct 2 Download Windows 7

Bug Smash – Nobody wants bugs hanging around, and that is exactly the goal of Bug Smash. In this timed game you try to get rid of all the bugs as fast as you can. Moving the bugs into rows of three horizontal and vertical will eliminate those pesky creatures. If you leave less than three bugs of a single color, the game will be over. Use your mouse’s click and drag the bugs to swap positions to the right/left or up/down. Getting the bugs in groups of three or more will eliminate them. Make sure to check out the high score list and see if you can beat your high score. Best of luck and eliminate those bugs!

Silly Salmon – The salmon rush is on. In Silly Salmon, you navigate your salmon through obstacles floating in the water. This continual path game goes until your salmon is hit with an object on the screen. During the adventure you accumulate coins which can be used to buy various power-ups. The two power-ups, Land Salmon (shovel) and Salmon Smash (helmet), allow you to advance through objects. Make sure to use your power-ups wisely. The objective is to achieve the highest score. This is done by avoiding obstacles for the longest time. If you are using a computer (non-touch) use your mouse to swipe up, down, left and right to navigate the salmon around obstacles. If you are using a mobile touch device, you may use your finger to swipe up, down, left, and right to handle the navigations. Good luck – May the current be with you!