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Watch recording in 60fps,50fps,48fps,30fps,25fps,24fps. Save Recorded Videos in desired format. With Game video recorder, you can Record screen without any watermark. Capture Screen with No watermark screen recorder. Record Videos with or without sound. Screen recorder with audio is the right app for this purpose. A facecam (or face cam) is a live recording of a face in an online video, especially Let's Play videos, and it usually includes audio narration. These days, many people put their own face in the corner of their gameplay or video tutorial, and share it on YouTube. But, all thanks to Facecam screen recorders, you can now easily capture videos, record streamline video, and record during gameplay. Screen recorder with Facecam helps in focusing your face and shoulder area while playing games and recording.

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/sony-handycam-dcr-sr35-driver-download/. A facecam recorder is able to capture the activities on your digital device as well as your face. When you need to record a Skype video call, a gameplay video or a video tutorial with face, facecam recording software is the recommended solution you can take into consideration.

The article shares the 7 best screen recorders with facecam that you can seamlessly capture screen with facecam feed overlaid. Just learn more about the features of these programs and choose the desired one according to your requirements.

Part 1: Facecam Recorders for PC/Mac

Facecam Video Recorder

When you need to record tutorials for YouTube or gameplay on a computer, here are the Facecam recorders on Windows and Mac you can take into consideration.

Top 1: AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is the best facecam recorder for screen capture and video/audio recorder. It is able to record online videos, games, gotomeetings, Skype calls, Podcasts, online conference, webcam and more. It has the advanced algorithm to record your face in the video.

  • Record audio files, videos from different sources as well as facecam.
  • Flexible settings and parameters of audio, video and facecam recording.
  • Capture the audio, video and facecam in multiple formats and a high quality.
  • Multiple editing features to optimize the recorded screen and facecam.

How to Record Gameplay with Facecam

Step 1: Install and launch the facecam recorder

  1. Game Recorder with Facecam can help you to record the game screen and the audio easily. Record anywhere With Game Recorder with Facecam, you can record the game screen from inside the game directly. Pick desired quality Pick resolution, bit rate, orientation, frame rate or fps, and frame rate of the recording easily. Floating window.
  2. Jul 15, 2021 But, all thanks to Facecam screen recorders, you can now easily capture videos, record streamline video, and record during gameplay. Screen recorder with Facecam helps in focusing your face and shoulder area while playing games and recording.

Once you download and launch the game screen recorder with facecam, you can choose the 'Video Recorder', 'Audio Recorder', or 'Snapshot' to capture video for the gameplay, audio and facecam for your computer.

Step 2: Capture game screen with facecam

Choose the 'Video Recorder' and enable the 'Webcam' option to record facecam. If you use the external webcam, you can select the one from the drop down list to capture videos, audio files and facecam.

Step 3: Record screen video and audio files

When you need to record a gameplay, you can also select the recording area based on your gameplay. Choose the audio recording mode, such as 'System Sound', 'Microphone' or both.

Step 4: Preview and export the video

When the gameplay is done, click the 'Stop' button to open the recorded facecam in the 'Preview' window. If you are satisfied with it, hit the 'Save' button to export the recording accordingly.

Top 2: AnyMP4 Free Online Screen Recorder

If you want to record the Facecam without extra software installed, AnyMP4 Free Online Screen Recorder is a desired free online webcam recorder you can take into consideration. It enables you to record onscreen activities, capture picture-in-picture videos with webcam enabled on your Windows and Mac.


  • 1. Record onscreen activities, such as webcam, sound and screen online.
  • 2. Adjust the recording Facecam video quality, frame rate, and video codec.
  • 3. Feasible controls over to record Facecam videos to WMV/MP4 video format.
  • 4. Export the video with multiple file formats with up to 24FPS as desired.


  • 1. Task schedule recording and other advanced recording modes are not supported.
  • 2. Need to upgrade to the Pro version for hardware acceleration and more.

How to Record Facecam with AnyMP4 Free Online Screen Recorder

Step 1: Click “Launch Free Recorder” button to quickly install its launcher.

Step 2: Draw on the screen to set the recording area. Then you can specify the webcam and audio source.

Step 3: Click “REC” button to start recording Facecam video online.

Step 4: Click Stop to stop recording. The recorded video will be saved into the default location folder automatically.

Top 3: Webcamera.io

Webcamera.io is a free web-based screen recorder that record videos and take pictures with your webcam. The facecam recorder will capture the face in the video as well as the browser actions.


  • 1. Automatically detect webcam and record your facecam online.
  • 2. Flexible settings and different parameters to record video in the browser.
  • 3. Record facecam and browser without length limitations.
  • 4. Export output videos on your computer or cloud servers.


  • 1. It is difficult to save the output recording within a high quality.
  • 2. Lack of the editing features to further edit the video files.

How to Record Facecam via Webcamera.io

Step 1: Open any web browser and visit https://webcamera.io/.

Step 2: Once prompted, permit it to access your web camera, and everything in front your camera will show up. Click the 'Record' button to start capturing facecam and browser activities.

Step 3: When it finishes, click the 'Stop' button. Finally, click the 'Save' button to download the recording video to your computer.


Part 2: Facecam Recorder APKs for Android Devices

If you need to record a gameplay on Android phone with facecam, you can just choose some free facecam recorders on Android to capture the desired videos accordingly.

Top 1: Screen Recorder - Record with Facecam And Audio

Screen Recorder is a game screen recorder with facecam on Android. The facecam recorder APK is able to record your apps and video games with a high video quality.


  • 1. Built-in facecam to overlay your face with the videos of the gameplay.
  • 2. Record screen in HD and without recording length limitations.
  • 3. Capture audio files with your built-in microphone with ease.
  • 4. Export high quality screen recording with built-in camera.


  • 1. Need to purchase the facecam recorder to export high quality videos.
  • 2. The popup ADs of the free version are annoying for capturing files.

How to Record Game Screen with Facecam

Step 1: Install Screen Recorder app from Play Store and run the program.

Step 2: Then a floating button will appear on your screen. Open the game and start playing the gameplay. You can also add the face with audio files within the video file.

Step 3: Tap the 'Record' icon and initiate capturing the game screen. Press the 'Stop' icon to save the recording. Then you can share it via email or social media.

Top 2: Screen Recorder With Facecam & Audio, Video Editor

Screen Recorder With Facecam is another app to record gameplay with facecam on Android. Besides the basic recording features, you can also edit the videos within the facecam recorder.


  • 1. Record Android screen, audio files and even the facecam on Android.
  • 2. Floating button helps you to record video call more conveniently.
  • 3. Provide draw tools and editing features while you are shooting.
  • 4. Extensive tools to edit the video, countdown before recording files.


  • 1. Annoying notifications and ads that may be frustrating for you.
  • 2. Glitches and errors when you need to record the audio files.

How to Record Gameplay with Facecam

Step 1: Once you set up the game recorder with facecam on your phone, the floating button will appear on any screen.

Step 2: When you play a game and expect to make a recording, tap the floating button and select the 'Record' icon.

Step 3: After gameplay, tap the 'Stop' icon to save the video to your memory or share it with your friends.

Part 3: Facecam Recorder APPs for iOS Devices

What should be the best facecam recorder apps for iPhone or iPad? In order to add facecam, audio commentary and other files to the screen recordings, here are the recommended apps you should know.

Top 1: Go Record: Screen Recorder with Facecam Reaction

Go Record is an all-in-one game screen recorder with facecam for iPhone. You can also use the facecam to add a reaction to your recordings or further edit the videos.


  • 1. Capture iOS screen with any apps, games, facecam and commentary.
  • 2. React with facecam while recording gameplay and other videos.
  • 3. Polish and edit your screen recording with multiple built-in editing tools.
  • 4. Share your video recording to social media websites directly.


  • 1. Glitches for recording videos with a long period of time.
  • 2. Cannot export the video files and facecam in a high qulity.

How to Capture Gameplay with Facecam

Step 1: Open your App Store, search and install Go Record to your iPhone.


Step 2: Start your game, head to 'Control Center', select the 'Screen Recording' option, and then tap the 'Go Record' for facecam recording.

Step 3: Touch 'Face Cam' at the bottom to overlay face and audio commentary on the game screen recording.

Step 4: Finally, tap the 'Stop Recording' icon to complete it.

Top 2: ApowerREC: Facecam Recorder for Training Videos

ApowerREC is a free game screen recorder with facecam for iPhone users. The facecam recorder is able to capture gameplay, streaming videos, video chats and other screen activities on iPhone.


  • 1. Record anything on your screen without watermarks.
  • 2. Mirror and stream screen recordings to large screens.
  • 3. Include your touch actions when recording gameplay.
  • 4. Save gameplay recordings to Photos or cloud servers.


  • 1. This screen recorder and facecam recorder is pretty large.
  • 2. Cannot save recordings in high quality.

How to Capture Game Screen with Facecam

Step 1: Set up the game screen recorder and facecam recorder on your iPhone.

Step 2: When you intend to record gameplay, tap the 'Screen Recorder' in 'Control Center', and select ApowerREC.

Step 3: Touch 'Start Broadcast' and set up your microphone to begin game recording.

Step 4: When you finish, simply press the red flashing bar on top of the screen.


When you make a gameplay video or record an important video conversation meeting, you can select a facecam recorder for different platforms from the article. If you have any query about facecam recording apps, you can share more details in the comments.

Whenever you see some YouTuber or gamer sharing their screen or gameplay with webcam, will you ever wonder how they make it? If you are considering that, don't worry, this is the right place for you. Create a video with computer screen and webcam activity will be much more effective and impressive, especially in game recording. Luckily, there are lots of reliable facecam recorders that can capture the computer screen and webcam simultaneously. Here below, I will introduce you a best facecam recorder for you to seamlessly record your computer screen with facecam.


Background Information: What is Facecam?

A facecam is a camera that is set up to record only your face and shoulder area, which is pretty standard in recording gameplay. It can record your face in an online video as well as your audio narration. Facecam allows the camera to catch the reactions of the player which is more attractive to the audience.

Facecam Video Game Recorder Online

Facecams can be camcorders or other camera types, but most of them are webcams. Therefore, if you want to record your face while recording a gameplay tutorial, business presentation or online lecture, you need to get a computer with webcam and a useful facecam recorder.

Record the Screen and Your Face with Amazing Facecam Recorder

Speaking of facecam recorder, it is actually a recorder that can capture the computer screen and webcam activity at the same time. Well, VideoSolo Screen Recorder enables you to do that. This program is a powerful screen recording tool that can record any activities on your computer screen, including online videos, gameplay, Skype chat and so on with your real time response. Also, you are available to add your own voice to the video with the audio input from system sound and microphone. You can do some simple edition to the video and output the video with suitable format and high quality.

Let's take the gameplay recording as an example.

# Step 1. Enter into 'Video Recorder'

Download the software in our official website, after installing and launching the program in your computer, click 'Video Recorder' to enter into the window to record your computer screen.

Game Recorder With Facecam

# Step 2. Select the Recording Area

Now, you can set a suitable recording area to capture the what you need. You can directly adjust the dotted box or change thefigure.

# Step 3. Turn on the Webcam

Now, you can turn on the Webcam and there will be a window popping up. You can zoom out the webcam window and drag it to a right position, and then all your activities will be shown in the video.

Note: Please keep the Webcam window is in the recording area. Otherwise, this program will be not able to capture the Webcam.

# Step 4. Change Audio Settings

Here, you can enable the 'System Sound' and 'Microphone' to record your voice to the video. You are allowed to explain what you are doing or just add more technical tips on winning the game. And you can directly turn up or turn down the volume as you like.

# Step 5. Record Your Gameplay Screen

When all settings are done, click on the 'REC' button to start recording. During the whole recording process, you can make comments or narrations based on the real situation.

Screen Recorder Free With Facecam

That's how you can record a gameplay video with your face and voice. The above tutorial is applicable to record PowerPoint presentation, gameplay or video tutorial or any other videos that you want to show your computer screen and your reactions to the audience.

Pc Game Recorder With Facecam

Overall, this article provides you the great facecam recorder - VideoSolo Screen Recorder. When it comes to record screencast along with live commentary from your webcam, this software will make your job a lot easier and hassle-free. It is also a good facecam recorder for YouTube user and gamer who are enthusiastic about creating interesting and attractive videos for their audiences and increase followers. Try it yourself, I believe VideoSolo Screen Recorder will bring you success!