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ECOWILL Fact Sheet

  1. Eco Drive Fiat Download Free

ECOWILL Fact Sheet .pdf (37.2 KB)

The Ram 1500 diesel model has arrived in Australia, and it promises effortless towing. But does it live up to the promise in the real world?We put it to the test - with and without a load behind it - to see if the 2020 Ram 1500 Laramie EcoDiesel is a good option for buyers after a big strong ute.

ECOWILL Presentation

ECOWILL Project Slides November 2011 .pdf (848.6 KB)

Public Documents

D 2.1 Overview on the status of ecodriving integration in the driver education and testing .pdf (4 MB)

D 2.2 & 2.3 Identification of potential benefits for relevant target groups& Recommendations how to influence target groups behavioural change in order to enhance ecodriving activity .pdf (1.7 MB)

D 3.1 Level 1 handbook for instructors, Ecodriving in Learner Driver Education European English .pdf (1.9 MB)

D 3.2 Ecodriving Standards for ECOWILL seminars .pdf (5.2 MB)

D 3.3 Level 2 handbook for trainers, Short Duration Trainings European English .pdf (1.5 MB)

D 4.1 Seminar Reports .pdf (11.1 MB)

D 6.1: Guidelines for Delivering ShortDuration Ecodriving Training courses .pdf (728.5 KB)

D 6.2/3 Marketing & Delivery of ECOWILL Short-Duration Training .pdf (3.9 MB)

D 7.1/3 National Reports of Integration Progress into Driving School Curricula and LearnerĀ“s Examination/ Testing Procedures .pdf (904.4 KB)

D 7.4 Blueprint for a Harmonised Ecodriving Curriculum for Driving School Education and Driver License Testing ,pdf (2.2 MB)

D7.5 Definition of pan-European minimum requirements for driver education in driving schools and practical and theoretical driver testing to pass the driver test .pdf (525.2 KB)

D 9.6 Final Report on Dissemination Activities .pdf (1.8 MB)

ECOWILL Brochures (D9.5)

ECOWILL Brochure .pdf (1 MB)

ECOWILL Brochure for driving schools .pdf (for printing)

ECOWILL Leaflets

ECOWILL Leaflet Catalan .pdf (942 KB)

ECOWILL Leaflet Croatian .pdf (706.1 KB)

ECOWILL Leaflet Czech .pdf (941.9 KB)

ECOWILL Leaflet Dutch .pdf (940.1 KB)

ECOWILL Leaflet English (General) .pdf (937.7 KB)

ECOWILL Leaflet English (UK) .pdf (937.7 KB)

ECOWILL Leaflet Finnish .pdf (943.5 KB)

ECOWILL Leaflet German .pdf (974.3 KB)

ECOWILL Leaflet German (Austrian) .pdf (940.7 KB)

ECOWILL Leaflet Greek .pdf (943.1 KB)

ECOWILL Leaflet Hungarian .pdf (940.9 KB)

ECOWILL Leaflet Italian .pdf (934.1 KB)

ECOWILL Leaflet Lithuanian .pdf (943.5 KB) Condition zero untitled map download.

ECOWILL Leaflet Polish .pdf (4.1 MB)

ECOWILL Leaflet Spanish .pdf (943.5 KB)

ECOWILL Promotional Materials

Eco Drive Fiat DownloadEco drive fiat download games

Eco Drive Fiat Download Free

Description of Promotional Materials .pdf (379.8 KB)