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These plugins are all free & VST only

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Wierd freak-organ/toy piano..

(click image for fullsize screenshot)

This is a phase modulation synth. It makes metallic, noisy, science fiction sorth of sounds.


This synth combines phase distortion, subtractive synthesis & waveshaping to create synth-bass sounds.

New in v1.2: fixed the waveshaper leakage problem

(click image for fullsize screenshot)

Analog-style synth that can be used to create soundtrack-type sounds.
Deep, low PAD's or spacy melodies. It can also produce convincing storm-sounds

sample (playing random notes while tweaking some of the controls)


This is a phase distortion synth.
Warm & organic, clean or distorted..

sample (first clean, then distorted)


Downsized version of the shuttle-echo.
Filter, drive & time modulation are preset & can be mixed in.

(click image for fullsize screenshot)

Shuttle-Echo with dedicated LFO section for the filter frequency.

sample (glockenspiel)

New in v1.2: ID bug fixed


Stereo random ring modulator
(sample & hold LFO controling the carrier frequency)

sample(playing a simple sinewave through the saringo while messing with the controls)

(click image for fullsize screenshot)

This is a delay device that focuses on inperfections in the repeats. Especially good for slap-back stuff & wild echo madness (the delay-time can be modulated).


The idea was to create a degrader/distortion effect that doesn't sound harsh & doesn't apply any bit-crushing. The controls are not labeled, they each affect several parameters within the cirquit. Tweak untill you like what you hear would be the best way to go at it..


This is a pitch modulation effect.
The range knob allows everything from subtle chorus-y flutter-effects to full on sickening pitch throbs.

sample1guitar with very subtle modulation
sample2drumloop with sample & hold pitchshifts
sample3sample from 'Attack of the 50 foot woman'


This is a pimped version of the fuzz-cirquit that was used in the 'Piggle'.
It's very nasty.
Allthough it can sound sweet on some instruments, most of the time it's just awfull.
A lot of time was spend tweaking it to perfection & this is definately the best version. It's just a matter of finding the right moment to use it..


Spili is a lo-fi/filter effect.

sample - drumloop (first clean, then with spili, tweaking the controls)


Ringelay is a delay effect that applies ringmodulation to the repeats (not like the Vrek, where the input signal is ringmodulated with delayed repeats of itself).
There's also an LPF & reverb that affect the repeats only.

New in v1.2: improved LFO section


Two tremolo's (one for each stereo channel) to create a more complex stereo image than regular autopanners do.


Dual sample & hold filter to create stereo random filter steps


Audio-destruction-unit / fuzz-machine.


New in v2.2: improved CLATTER cirquit

(I've been watching a lot of 50's B-movies lately, that's probably where the cheapness of the interface comes from)

Timeframe 1.3

This is an LFO-controlled delay-effect.

A simple concept with interesting results..

New in v1.3: ID bug fixed
New in v1.2: added 'sluggg' feature wich increases the maximum delay-time, creating a more dramatic sweep
(if anyone would like the original version, by all means download it here)


Hula is a dual phaser. It can produce very interesting stereo-effects.
Unlike most stereo-phasers it doesn't pan back & forth, but each channel has it's own phaser.
There's also an optional lowpass-filter at the end, to smooth out the highs.


Hulo is an LFO-controlled filter effect.
There's two stereo-modes: one where both channels are sweeped by the same filter & one where each has it's own.
The LFO rate can be dialed in manually or synchronized with the tempo of your track.

The filter of the hulo is relatively subtle in nature. I also have an older version that looks & works the same, but uses a lowpass filter. If you are interested in this version, mail me & I'll send it to you.


A very flexible drive-unit.
From subtle breakup to more extreme fuzz-type sounds.
It's great at distorting drums, synths & even vocals.

There's also an alternative version. It has a different filter. The filter of the original lawnmower sounds smoother, but uses a lot more CPU. So this version is a nice solution for those effect heavy tracks..


A simple spacer-plugin.
Sounds very nice on 60's organ-sounds.


This is an overdrive designed specifically for drums. It's also nice on electric piano-type synths.
It uses a VCF that let's you control the range of frequencies going into the drove & has an optional low-pass filter at the end for smoothness.


This is a weird experimental lofi/delay effect. Well, actally it's a ring-modulator that uses a delay of the incomming signal as carrier frequency. Only the repeats ring-modulate your sound, so it sounds like a delay that interferes with your signal.
The one knob in the middle controls the delay time.

Stereo Vrek

Two vrek's, one for each channel.
Just like the vrek, this sounds best when used as an insert-effect.


Noise-box, it turns your signal into a soundscape of weird textures.


This is an extended stereo-version of the drom.
It turns your signal into a layer of noise, blips & splatter. Lots of fun for real-time tweaking. With subtle mix-settings it can also be used to add some modulating texture to a track.

The most drastic effects are achieved by using this as an insert effect (enables to totally take out the dry signal)

Echo Vst Plugin Free Download

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