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Posted By admin On 10/09/21

A home version of the arcade game Pump It Up: Prex 3. Unlike other home versions, this one will allow you to change the mode during gameplay. So instead of picking Normal and only being able to do normal. Now you will be able to pick Normal, then do a song on Hard right after. The videos for newer.

Salutations and greetings fellow Pump It Up fanatics and StepF2/P1 supporters. The StepF2/P1 team and I grealty appreciate the community's support throughout the last few years. Your usage of the engine, suggestions and overall support have kept us going and we could not be more greatful. However, all good things must end and while StepF2/P1 will always be available here for download, the time is near where we will no longer be pushing updates to the engine. We have decided this for a number of reasons, but mostly because StepPrime/XX is now available and is a solid engine.

Pump It Up Xx Pc

With that said, my step chart writing partner POPS and I will release one final pack for StepF2/P1 in the next few months. The pack will contain many revised charts written by POPS and myself and even a few new ones that fit nicely in the gaps difficulty wise. We are not sure exaclty when this pack will be released, but do expect an update in another month or two.

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Lastly, if you have a question concerning StepF2/P1 and are having trouble reaching us on our Facebook page, please reach out to me on the Pump Pro+ Facebook page. I will always be available there to answer all of your questions. Thank you all so much for your support. - Crevolous.