Download Game Don`t Whack Your Teacher For Pc

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Whack the Thief lets you test out your defensive skills and thwart the burglar in a variety of hilarious and gruesome ways. If you are squeamish or do not like violence, then this game may not be for you! It is truly no holds barred and the kid you are controlling truly knows how to dish out the pain! As the thief enters your room, you can. Whack Your Teacher suit was developed by Box 10 as well as isn't linked to the computer animation series by Doodie computer animations. Jim stengel grow book pdf. In Do Not Whack Your Assignment your intent is to seek out all of 13 methods to perform your instructor in. Points are put in a variety of areas around the teacher's office and you have to locate all 13 to complete the game.

Download Game Don`t Whack Your Teacher For Pc

Bloody Games are brutal shooting, fighting and killing games with a lot of violence and blood. For all you bloodthirsty freaks and vampires out there we now have something really cool for you. Fight against deadly stickmen and leave nothing but red blood. Defend your base and kill all attacking zombies. Start a duel with cowboys and ninjas until there is only one survivor left. Peace or war - what is your choice?

With a huge collection of free bloody games of the best shooting, fighting, hunting, killing and zombie games all we can say is: blood will flow. Who ever played the famous Whacking games series probably know what I am talking about. Find the funniest and most brutal ways to kill your ex-girlfriend, your boss, your neighbour and so on. Ingame blood is used to make online video games even more dramatic and fun. You are about to witness brutal accidents with broken bones, torn off arms and legs and deadly shooting actions.

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Whack Your PC started a new genre of games loosely known as destruction simulators. Anyone that has worked with technology long enough, knows a time will come when it won't work. No matter what you do, nothing can fix this kind of problem. You must smash the object, in this case a computer, until nothing is left. Release your rage on this virtualized PC. Please don't smash your real computer.

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In The Torture Game 2 you have to brutally torture and kill a doll with a variety of dangerous tools like saws, nails and other objects like in the movie Hostel. Whereas some games aim to be cruel, other online games want you to prevent a bloody mess. It's your turn to find out the best solution and of course enjoy our bloody games!