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To download and install GNU Fortran into Windows, download into your c: directory the four files

Simply Fortran can be installed on any Microsoft Windows (XP or newer) or compatible operating system. The integrated development environment is shipped as a fully-functional thirty day trial version. Purchasing Simply Fortran will enable all features after the trial period in addition to supporting the ongoing development of Simply Fortran. Silverfrost FTN95 is the only compiler that can produce Microsoft.NET applications that can use the full Fortran 95 language. Silverfrost FTN95 also boasts its world leading CHECKMATE run-time checking technology that finds bugs fast! Full ANSI Fortran 77 compiler (Fortran 77 is part of the Fortran 95 standard) You can try out FTN95.

Get a command prompt and go to the root directory on your c drive by entering

Change the name of to unzip.exe by entering

Next unzip the three zipped files by entering in succession

Download Fortran 77 Compiler For Windows 10

The three files will unzip into a g77 directory, divided into three subdirectories named g77bin, g77lib, and g77doc.

Fortran is run from the g77bin directory. It is simplest to save all your Fortran programs to this same directory. To get into this directory from a DOS prompt, enter

Fortran 77 Download Mac

Then, to compile for example the file hello.f, enter Fortran creates a compiled file that it names a.exe. To run this file from the g77bin directory just enter

Download spiderman 2 game free for android. If you want to give the compiled file a name of your own choosing, say such as hello.exe, then compile it with the command

(Any name you give a compiled file must end with the extension .exe.)


On your home computer probably the easiest editor for creating Fortran source files is the DOS editor. Open a DOS window, go to the g77bin directory (as above), and enter 'edit'. The DOS editor will open and you can type your source file. When you save the file, just name it whatever.f and it will automatically be saved to the g77bin directory (by default, since that is the directory from which you opened the DOS editor). You do not have to enclose the name in quotes, as you do in saving with Notepad.

Perhaps the most efficient way of writing and testing a Fortran program on your home computer is to open two DOS windows, one for editing your source file with the DOS editor, and the second for compiling and running your program. In each window you will be working from the g77bin directory, and you can jump from one window to the other with the click of your mouse.

Remark: This distribution of Fortran was obtained from the now defunct website but the instructions should work (last checked on January 7, 2012).

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3 GFORTRAN and G77

Why do we write a compiler front end from scratch? There's a fine Fortran 77 compiler in theGNU Compiler Collection that accepts some featuresof the Fortran 90 standard as extensions. Why not start from there and revamp it?

One of the reasons is that Craig Burley, the author of G77,has decided to stop working on the G77 front end. On Craig explains the reasons for his decision to stop working on G77in one of the pages in his homepage. Among the reasons is a lack of interest in improvements tog77. Users appear to be quite satisfied with g77 as it is. While g77 is still being maintained (by Toon Moene),it is unlikely that sufficient people will be willingto completely rewrite the existing code.

But there are other reasons to start from scratch. Many people, including Craig Burley,no longer agreed with certain design decisions in the G77 front end. Also, the interface of g77 to the back end is written ina style which is confusing and not up to date on recommended practice. In fact, a full rewrite had already been planned for GCC 3.0.

When Craig decided to stop,it just seemed to be a better idea to start a new project from scratch,because it was expected to be easier to maintain code wedevelop ourselves than to do a major overhaul of g77 first,and then build a Fortran 95 compiler out of it.