Download Exocad Dentalcad Full Version With Crack

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Step 1

Download the Framework 2020 (.exe)

and install following the installation instructions.

Important note: This new Microsoft Framework 2020 installation is required since engine build 7662!

Step 2

Insert the green dongle you received from exocad

Step 3

Download DentalCAD 3.0 Galway DEMO (engine build 7754) 64-bit Version, with test data

Optional install, PartialCAD:
and unpack it (by using 7-Zip) to a directory of your choice

For PartialCAD --> Simply unpack the archive to the DentalCAD installation folder and a new 'Design Partial' icon will automatically appear in DentalDB. The material configuration 'Partial' for partial frameworks is included in the Matera release in the standard material configuration and is now listed in the list of indications when the standard material configuration is selected. Partial Frameworks can be combined with crown and bridge designs, or other indications available in the exocad DentalCAD platform - e.g. for secondary structures on telescopic crowns, attachments, advanced implant cases, and more.

Step 4

Launch DentalDBbinDentalDB.exe to start

Step 5

Click Load to access the included sample data

Step 6

Load sample data and start CAD Design
Follow the activation process

Perpetual License: Activation is only required for first use of the dongle.
Flex License: An active internet connection is required for the initial activation of the software. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for license-specific connectivity requirements.

Step 7

Regular backups
Make sure that regular backups are performed of the CAD-Data subfolder. All case-related data, plus your database with dentists, patients, etc (DentalDB_V3.sqlite) is located inside 'CAD-Data'. In case of data corruption, e.g. because of hardware failure, you can simply restore this folder to save your case data.
If you already have an existing CAD-Data folder, e.g. from a previous exocad version, you can simply copy over the old CAD-Data folder to the new location, and keep working with your existing database. The database will automatically be updated to the new version on the first start of the new DentalDB.

System and hardware requirements

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Please visit exowiki for the latest system and hardware requirements: Go to exowiki

Download Exocad Dentalcad Full Version With Crack

As of release 6136, the 64-bit version of DentalCAD is standard. Due to the high memory requirements of modern scan data, exocad no longer supports 32-bit systems for exoscan or other large applications (such as the Full Denture module). To ensure the best possible performance and user experience, the current development of exocad DentalCAD focuses on modern high-performance computing.

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Download Exocad Dental Cad Full Version With Cracked

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Download Exocad Dentalcad Full Version With Crack