Death Note Episode 25 English Sub Download

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Watch trailersnbsp. Watch death note and download death note in high quality. Various formats. Death note episode 37 final 20081110. Death note movie 1nbsp. Death Note English Sub. Dec 23 2016., Watch death note english sub kissanime Jul 26 2014. Featuring both films in a 2 dvd set light yagami is a brilliant university student who resents the. Near, aware of the existence of Death Notes, wants to get his hands on one, but a challenge to his efforts comes from his orphanage rival, Mello, who throws a curve into Near's efforts by having his underworld thugs kidnap Japanese Police Director Takimura, ready to trade him for a Death Note.

Death note episode 25 english sub download

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Death Note Episode 25 English Sub Download Free

  • 2006
  • 2 Seasons

Death Note Episode 25 English Sub Download Torrent

Deathnote is a manga series created by Tsugumi Ohba and artist Takeshi Obata. Prior to its incarnation as a television series, it was featured as a regular part of the magazine Shonen Jump. The show deals with several issues of morality, the right to judge criminals and the issue of life and death itself. The story focuses around a young man named Light Yagami who happens one day upon an abandoned notebook called a DeathNote. It does not take long for Light to find out who dropped the book as he is visited by a death god name Ryuk. Inside the notebook are a series of instructions that Ryuk explains allows the bearer to kill any human. If someone writes the name of a human in the book and then imagines the individual's face, that person will die. This concept inspires Light to cleanse the world of evil doers and he begins using Ryuk and the book to kill criminals and people who do harm. However, the sudden and inexplicable deaths of so many criminals leads the police to suspect the presence of a supernatural serial killer, whom they dub Kira. They call in the international expert on capturing serial killers, a man who goes only by the initial 'L'. Soon after, copy cat murderers claiming to be Kira arrive in the city and Light is forced to consider that he may have gone too far. What is worse, Light must now consider that he may not be the only human in possession of a deathnote. What follows is a desperate attempt by Light to make his Utopian society come to reality, stop the copy cats from destroying his dreams, all the while dodging the police and maintaining his own humanity. All the while Ryuk waits in the shadows and watches events unfold. What are Ryuk's intentions? Was it an accident that landed the book in Light's hands or is the death god planning something even more sinister to come?