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July 21, 2021

IPA Library - Browse and download iOS IPA files, tweaks and apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

  1. Mar 09, 2021 436 Apps & Games. Generic selectors. This is iPA only removed ID, not add more functions. Browse and download iPA Cracked files for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  2. This is iPA only removed ID, not add more functions. If your device not jailbroken, you can use AltDeploy, Sideloadly or AltStore to install iPAs. Download link broken, contact email: [email protected]
  3. Download FaceApp iOS app on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from here! Now install the app by tapping on Get on your device running on iOS 14, 13, 12 and iPadOS 13 as well. Once the app is installed on your iOS device, open FaceApp for iOS now! Click a selfie of yourself or select any of the.
  4. . We do not provide paid apps for free. We only share apps that are not available on the App Store, as well as hacks and app-enhancement tweaks. How to install these Apps on iOS: Step 1: Download the IPA file onto your computer. Step 2: Download Cydia Impactor from here.

uYou iPA by @MiRO92 – Download Manager for the YouTube app.

If you’re a YouTube app user then you’ll have to take advantage of uYou tweak.

With uYou, you can enjoy video and audio downloads with importing features, play videos in PiP (Picture In Picture), background audio playback, and a whole lot of other features that are usually restricted/not available in the YouTube app.

uYou will add an icon button on the top right corner (beside the search icon) to show the Downloads/Downloading list.
You can also access uYou‘s settings from the Downloads list.

• Remove YouTube Ads.
• Background playback for YT videos.
• Download Videos/Audio for offline playback (supports up to 4K).
• Play saved media in a custom player with background playback support.
• Supports mini-player for easier navigation.
• Supports scrubbing/controls from Control Center.
• Share/Export saved videos to Camera Roll or to any other app.
• Play videos in PiP (Picture In Picture).
• iPad layout style.
• Sideloaded iPA.
• In-app Settings.
• More options are in the settings.


How to Install Cracked Apps on iPhone and iPad

The number one reason iOS users jailbreak their iPhone or iPad is to look for cracked apps. With the right jailbreak apps, you can basically install all the paid apps for free on your iOS devices. In addition to that, you can also install tons of free themes, mods, ringtone, tweaks and many other things to customize an iPhone or iPad. In order to fully utilize the jailbreak power in your iOS devices, it is a must to use the right method to get cracked apps. Let’s see what are the choices you have in the jailbreak world today.

Ipa Download Site Hacked

Best 8 Ways to Install Cracked Apps

Apple users who have tried Installous before should know how cracked apps work on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Unfortunately, Installous is no longer available as it has been shut down. In the last quarter of 2016 moving towards 2017, these are the best 8 ways to install cracked apps on a jailbroken Apple device.

  1. AppCake: This app is best described as the cracked iOS app store. The server hosts thousands of jailbreak apps, tweaks, mods, games and many other things. Those apps are updated from time to time too. On top of that, you can also find cracked Mac store apps for free. To install AppCake, add its iPhoneCake’s Repo and you can get it for free.
  1. Kuaiyong: Developed by a group of China-based developer, Kuaiyong is yet another alternative to Installous for cracked apps. Unfortunately, Kuaiyong is only available in Chinese and the English version is still “on its way”. Other than jailbreak apps, Kuaiyong also allows iOS users to install certain cracked apps without jailbreak. Thus, it works on the latest iOS 10. For iOS 9, see how to install cracked apps on iOS 9 without jailbreak.
  1. vShare: You are not a real cracked apps hunter until you try vShare. vShare is by far one of the best apps to hunt for jailbreak apps. With a very nice user interface, you can download any apps or games you want on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with just a tap. Just add AppVV repo and you can install vShare for free. It has been tested on the latest iOS 9.3.3 without any problem.
  1. AppDB: Compared to the top 3 above, AppDB doesn’t has so many apps. However, it is a great alternative for free games and apps. You can always find the newest iOS apps and games via AppDB, for example, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, PG Client, Hitman: Sniper, Tweetboot 4 for Twitter, SampleTank, Shazam Encore and more.
  1. iFunBox: iFunBox is not just an application or program that gives you free apps. It is also a free desktop based application that allows you to transfer files to and from your iOS to your PC or Mac. Just like Kuaiyong, iFunBox also provides some cracked apps without the need to jailbreak.
  1. AppAddict: AppAddict has been around since iOS 5.0+ was released. Since then, AppAddict has been widely recognized as the best Hackulous alternatives. This app basically allows you to install free apps via third-party sources. It works very similar to Apptrackr and you will love it.

Cracked Ipa Apps Download Windows

  1. PandaApp: This app is very awesome because it has thousands of apps, games, themes and everything you want. PandaApp works on both iOS as well as Android. For iOS users, you can download the app via its official website to your iPhone or iPad for free.

Ios Cracked Ipa

  1. Cydia: Speaking about jailbreak tweaks, is there anything better than Cydia? Since day one, we keep encouraging iOS users to download Cydia and try all the features it has. Cydia has been the best jailbreak store for years although there are a few Cydia Alternatives appear over the years.

Cracked Ipa Apps Download Windows 10

Other method to install cracked apps on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch: HipStore or Zeusmos.

Disclaimer: does not support piracy. This article is purely for educational purpose. It is a guide for those who want to try cracked apps on their iOS devices. We strongly recommend everyone to buy the app after trying it.

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