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QLab is sound, video and lighting control for macOS. It’s used by everyone from SITI Company to The Guthrie. Latest Version 4.6.9 — January 25th, 2021. “ I'm a high school student and I use QLab on a weekly basis in my school's 400-seat theater. Last year, I taught a middle school student how to write cues and play. X AIR Edit provides full control over all mixing, processing and effects functions of X AIR X18, XR18, XR16 and XR12 digital mixers right from your Mac. Programs for query ″x air edit for mac os app″. 1 Search for and download the Control4 MyHome app for your iPad, iPhone, or Android from its app store. The MyHome app for a PC or Mac uses the Adobe Air-compatible app that corresponds with your Control4 operating system version. You can download that app from your MyControl4 account (My Software Downloads). 2 Start the MyHome app on your device. Make sure the device that is running. Free Camera Control App Download from PTZOptics. Advanced camera control standalone app for PC and Mac with Live Video Preview and Xbox Controller Support.

There’s a lot to learn, and we want to make sure you have an easy way to access all of our helpful resources. We recommend bookmarking this page for future reference.


Delay Mac startup apps. If you don’t want to disable startup items, you may instead want to know how to edit startup programs Mac doesn’t need immediately. An app named Delay Start can – well, delay the start – of apps at startup. Instead of an app activating immediately, you can set some to spin up on a delay.

We’ve compiled a list of user guides and videos that will be helpful as you’re using and learning more about your system. You can also contact your Smart Home Pro if you have any questions that aren’t answered with the resources below.

Video Tutorials

These videos are an easy way to learn how your system works and functions. Learn how to add a media session, add or edit your smart home’s automation, and view “getting started” videos for adding voice assistants, remotes, and more.

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Control4 App For Mac

User Guide

The Control4 user guide is a comprehensive manual that will take you through the introduction and setup, and offers assistance about individual products and solutions. This is a resource you might want to bookmark, as it’s updated frequently and is full of tips and tricks that even experienced users find helpful.

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Control4 App For Macbook

If you aren’t sure which operating system version you’re running, view your controller’s registration page.