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  1. Cattails is an RPG game developed by the indie studio Falcon Development. It is available on PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch. In the game, the player assumes the role of a feral cat in the wilderness alongside three other colonies. 1 Story 2 Gameplay 3 Gallery 4 Trivia 5 References The player cat is adopted by a young child in a pet store. They drive home together and become fast friends.
  2. Cheat Engine; Steps: Find the minigame ID using the cheat engine and going between any two minigames and searching for their ID's (say, Zen Garden, 43 and Wall-nut Bowling, 17). Find the ideal area type and starting conditions (pool, roof, night, etc.) in any minigame or Adventure mode level.

Open Cheat Engine, click the glowing computer, and click popcapgame1 or PlantsVsZombies.exe. #Type 5 (a different value for other plants) in the value bar then click First Scan. Dig up the Snow Pea (or the plant you planted) and plant a Wall-nut in the same square you planted the Snow Pea.

My own '100% achievements guide' for Plants vs. Zombies based on my own experiences.
  1. Open both Cheat Engine and Plants vs. Choose any game mode with Choose Your Seed and start the game. Go to Cheat Engine, click at the blinking computer icon. Choose 'popcapgame1.exe' or 'PlantsVsZombies.exe', depending on what your file is called.
  2. You can hack the money with cheat engine: check your money, and then remove a zero (for example if you have 200$ type 20 in value). Then earn or lose money, and then do a next scan (if now you have 220 type 22 in value and next scan.
  3. Zombies: Game of the Year - 100% Achievement Guide (How to Unlock All) Written by Bluey / Jun 27, 2019 My own '100% achievements guide' for Plants vs. Zombies based on my own experiences.
  4. Here are the codes that i used - 00491E4C - add edi+24,200 LIKE, COMMENT,SUBSCRIBE.

Understanding This Guide

This cheat for Plants vs. Zombies (Game of the Year Edition) PC has been posted at 29 Sep 2011 by halofreak48 and is called 'Plants vs zombies codes'. The Cheat have a rating 1 by 1 our users and has been commented 1 times. Also 1 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks.

For this guide, most achievements are based on the assumption that you have already completed Adventure Mode once. For example:
  • For the 'Don't Pea in the Pool' achievement, I say to 'complete a pool level using only catapult-plants (cabbage, kernel, and melon).' Obviously, you don't get these plants until the roof levels, which are after the pool levels.

  • For the 'Good Morning' achievement, I say to 'use puff-shrooms and coffee beans in order to complete this achievement.' Obviously, you don't get any mushroom plants or the coffee bean until later on.

I believed that going through Adventure Mode twice would be the easiest to do these achievements as you need to go through it again to find the Yeti zombie.
I got all of the achievements in roughly 62 hours; however, that does not mean you can do it faster or slower.


  • Difficulty Rating: 1/5
  • Blow up a zombie using a potato mine.

Any zombie that comes into contact with a charged potato mine will be killed. You get the plant very early in the game, so it's very easy for this to be your first achievement. However, note that potato mines have a resting period after they are planted before they are ready to blow a zombie(s) up!


  • Difficulty Rating: 1/5
  • Blow up 10 zombies with a single cherry bomb.

While this is relatively hard to happen in early levels, this achievement can easily be done during a wave of zombies in a later level in Adventure Mode!
Or, you can do this in survival mode, where there is a lot of zombies at once.

Penny Pincher

  • Difficulty Rating: 1/5
  • Pick up 30 coins in a row on a single level without letting any disappear.

This achievement is straight forward and very easy to do - you just simply have to keep clicking on the coins. It is unlikely you will miss any coins since it takes a while for them to disappear.

Disco is Undead

  • Difficulty Rating: 1/5
  • Hypnotize the lead dancer zombie.

All you need to do is plant a hypno-shroom in front of a dancing zombie. The dancing zombie will eventually attempt to eat the hypno-shroom, which will then hypnotize it.

Home Lawn Security

  • Difficulty Rating: 3/5
  • Complete adventure mode.

Straight forward - just complete adventure mode!

Roll Some Heads

  • Difficulty Rating: 1/5
  • Bowl over 5 zombies with a single Wall-Nut.

This achievement is very easy with dancing zombies that allow you to get three easy hits (with a single Wall-Nut). Then, if there are zombies behind it, you are likely to hit five total zombies, getting this achievement.
This achievement is arguably luck-based; but, it is likely that you will get it after completing either of the minigames for Wal-Nut Bowling (usually the second one is easier, but this can be done with the first Wal-Nut Bowling minigame).

Don't Pea in the Pool

  • Difficulty Rating: 1/5
  • Complete a daytime pool level without using pea shooters of any kind.

Complete a pool level using only catapult-plants (cabbage, kernel, and melon).


  • Difficulty Rating: 3/5
  • Collect all 49 plants.

You must get all plants from Adventure Mode AND buy any plants in Crazy Dave's shop. This includes all 'pink plants' as well as the Imitater.
Usually, after completing the game (with a Gold Sunflower Trophy), you will have generated enough money to buy all plants (and a lot more). Thus, one can just play the game normally and you will eventually have enough money to get this achievement.

Ask Me About Mustache Mode

  • Difficulty Rating: 1/5
  • Enable Mustache Mode.

You have to type 'mustache' or 'moustache' while playing a game or when you're on the main menu. This will make some types of zombies have mustaches.

Beyond the Grave

  • Difficulty Rating: 4/5
  • Beat all 20 mini games.

You have to beat all of the 20 mini games in the game. Generally, they are straight forward and easy to complete, while others may require more time. Use resources like YouTube and google to figure out how to complete a specific mini game.

Sunny Days

  • Difficulty Rating: 3/5
  • Get 8000 sun during a single level.

Overall, this achievement is very easy to complete but it may take a few tries (and it's time-consuming). Go onto Survival: Day (Hard) and then plant two rows of sunflowers. If possible, upgrade these sunflowers into twin sunflowers. Plant as you normally do, but you will get a surplus amount of sun that will eventually turn into over 8000 sun.
While a player may be able to complete this in Survival: Day, you may run out of time. A player may be able to do this in Survival: Pool (Hard) or Survival: Pool, but I found Survival: Day (Hard) to be the easiest to complete this achievement. I also found this to be the most 'natural' way to complete this - you don't have to purposely postpone a level to get more sun and then wait a while to collect sun.
Playing the mini game 'Zombiequarium' is also a common way to get this achievement.

Nobel Peas Prize

  • Difficulty Rating: 4/5
  • Get the golden sunflower trophy.

You have to complete Adventure Mode, all mini games, all puzzles, and all survivals (excluding Endless versions of specific games).
Individual games may be difficult - if you are stuck on a certain level, look up a guide on YouTube or Google.
Overall, this achievement is not difficult, but it's quite time-consuming. After you are finished the mini games, you simply just grind out the puzzles and survivals - they aren't that difficult.


  • Difficulty Rating: 2/5
  • Discover the top secret zombie.

You have to replay Adventure Mode after completing it once and then get to level 4-10 to find the Yeti (the top secret zombie).

No Fungus Among Us

  • Difficulty Rating: 2/5
  • Complete a nighttime level without planting any Mushrooms.

Quite simple - just use sunflowers and pea shooters! To start off a nighttime level, use potato mines to fight off the first few zombies. Then, after the first few zombies are killed, you should have enough sun to start planting some pea shooters. Continue to use pea shooters and potato mines to complete the level. Do not be afraid to use some lawn mowers to complete this.
I would recommend doing this on level 2-1 of Adventure Mode.


  • Difficulty Rating: 2/5
  • Defeat a normal roof level without using any catapult plants.

This is slightly difficult to do. Here are some common strategies..
  • Use pea shooters near the right side of the roof (where there isn't a slope). Defend the plants with Wall-Nuts and Tall-Nuts.
  • Use Gloom-shrooms and garlics to lead the zombies between two rows of Gloom-shrooms. While this one does work with easier roof levels, you may not get enough sun in time to do this method.
  • Farm sun and plant only Chompers. With enough sun, you can have multiple rows of Chompers.

Popcorn Party

  • Difficulty Rating: 3/5
  • Defeat 2 Gargantuars with Corn Cob missiles in a single level.

This is fairly simple to do. You can usually complete this in Survival: Endless as, in later levels, there will be a lot of gargantuars.
Corn Cob missiles deal an amount of damage equivalent to one Cherry Bomb, one Jalapeno, or one Squash. Thus, it may be useful to have two corn cobs ready to use on a gargantuar(s).


  • Difficulty Rating: 4/5
  • Get to 20 flags in Survival Endless.

This achievement is slightly difficult to do and it takes a while. Make sure to grind up sun early on and have a lot of defense for all sorts of zombies.
  • Magnet-shrooms for metal zombies.
  • Cattail for balloon zombies.
  • Spikerock for vehicle zombies.
  • Tall-nuts and pumpkins for defense.
  • Twin sunflowers for sun.

Cattails Game Cheat Engine Table

Towering Wisdom

  • Difficulty Rating: 3/5
  • Grow the Tree of Wisdom to 100 feet.

Since each food packet is 2,500 and grows one foot of the tree, it will cost 250,000 to grow the tree to 100 feet. This may take a lot of money grinding in order to get, or, you can use the infinite money glitch (search it up on YouTube or Google).

Good Morning

  • Difficulty Rating: 2/5
  • Complete a daytime level by planting only Mushrooms and Coffee Beans.

This is very simple to do - especially on Level 1-1 and/or Level 1-2 of Adventure Mode where there are only regular zombies to defeat.
Use puff-shrooms and coffee beans in order to complete this achievement.

China Shop

  • Difficulty Rating: 4/5
  • Get to a streak of 15 in Vasebreaker Endless.

The key to this is patience. Start with the vases on the right side and work your way towards the left. Use squashs to defeat high-defense zombies. Do not try and break too many vases at a time - that will lead to you losing!

Better Off Dead

  • Difficulty Rating: 5/5
  • Get to a streak of 10 in I, Zombie Endless.

Pvz Cheat Table

This is, by far, the hardest achievement to get. A combination of luck and skill is needed to get this achievement.
  • If you want to get this achievement I would recommend at least 1,000 sun at the end of level one, and 2,000 sun at the end of level two. If you fail to get over 2,000 sun at the end of level two, I would recommend restarting.
  • Memorize how many hits each zombie can take. For example, it is critical to remember that an imp zombie can go over a spikeweed as it takes only two of the three needed hits to kill it.
  • Take out magnet-shrooms as quickly as possible.
  • Use a dancing zombie on a non-threatening lane (not on the first or last lane as you want the dancing zombie to spawn zombies above and below it) to take out three lanes.
  • Sometimes, it can be fine to just a buckethead zombie to take out a row. However, you can also use a digger zombie to take out an entire row and then use an imp zombie to go and eat the brain. This should only be done if there are no plants that can attack it from other lanes (such as a threepeater or starfruit) and there are no split peas.

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made a few options now.
will add more / refine as I play the game.
made some scripts for the game.
have fun~
updated ignore ability points.
- updated table for the latest AWE patch, for DX12 only now, should work on either Steam/EPIC.
- note that both ignore $/materials and ignore ability points still haven't been tested or updated. I may have a look when I finally need those 2 cheats again later...
- updated the table for the latest patch (0.0.321.4098).
- ignore $/materials haven't been updated.
- ignore ability points haven't been tested.
- updated ignore $ / materials. turns out one of the filter isn't reusable on the Expedition patch. updated that filter, plus took the chance to changed the algorithm a bit: instead of raising the visual amounts of your currency/materials to the requirement, now the visual requirement would be lowered to the amount you owned, to avoid the occasional messing up of the ability points' visual amount.
- updated enable. the previous addition makes the undead script unstable because of a missing offset. should be fixed now.
- updated the table for the Expedition patch (, specifically ignore ability points, updated one of the injection point.
- updated enable. added another injection point to ensure undead would work without the need to entering battle once first.
- updated the keylistener for the controller, it only works on Left trigger and Right trigger before, other buttons on the list should work now.
- updated evade/dash distance multiplier key. it supports controller button now.
- added evade/dash distance multiplier key.
- added unlock all outfits and the pointers for the outfit unlock flags, based on the findings shared by infogram. so, if you're after outfit cheat, go rep infogram now~
- added recharge key and instant charge.
- added fast recharge.
- updated levitate mod. added support for controller. need testing!
- added levitate mod.
- updated ignore ability points. learning abilities with zero or insufficient ability points would still increase the Milestone Rewards bar now.
- added ignore ability points and ignore $ / materials.
- changed default min health of undead from 0.1 to 0.5. the on screen low health effect is quite distracting to me, so I raised it.
- changed default key for walk key script from CapsLock key to Alt key.
- changed default key 1 of slow motion script from Alt key to CapsLock key.
- added max energy and slow motion.
- updated walk key. you can choose the walk method between 'hold key', or 'toggle key' now.
- added max ammo.
- added damage multiplier.
- changed inf. health to undead
- implemented aobscans to all scripts.
Engine- health still drop when being hit but you won't die.
- min health can be set via the entry. default: 0.5, can be changed by editing the script, line 6
damage multiplier
- damage deal to non-player will be multiplied by the specified multiplier.
- multiplier can be set via the entry x?. default: x2, can be changed by editing the script, line 3.
max ammo
- no reload~
recharge key
- when facilitated, press R key to recharge clip to max instantly.
- hold R key when you're aiming allows you to see the reload animation as well.
- I've changed the game's 'Toggle Side' from R to another key obviously. you should do the same if you want this script to work properly.
fast recharge
- when activated, when the ammo clip is emptied, the time you need to wait until the gun start to recharge will be shorten.
- when the gun start to recharge from empty clip, it will be recharged to max instantly.
instant charge
- when activated, Pierce form can be fired instantly without charging, and Charge form will fire 3 projectiles instantly without charging.
max energy
- as title says.
ignore ability points
- you can learn any abilities regardless of your current ability points.
- required ability points of an ability would appear to be zero, but you ability points still decrease until it reaches zero when you learn an ability.
ignore $ / materials
- activate before you enter the Astral Constructs.
- you can craft anything in the Astral Constructs regardless of your current $ and materials.
- $ still decrease until it reaches zero.
- materials still decrease when you craft.
- ability points may be shown as a big number in the base, the actual ability points wasn't altered in anyway. if that happens, just de-activate both this and ignore ability points script and the value shown should back to normal the next time you access a base.
- should de-activate the script after you done crafting. activate again next time you need to craft.
levitate mod
- allows you to stay in air as long as you want when you enter levitation.
- after you exit the levitation and start falling, if you press and hold the specified key / controller button and press the jump key/button, instead of start floating down slowly, you'd levitate up again.
- you won't enter the hover state automatically after your second levitate up. instead you have to press the jump key/button again to stop levitating up, and start falling again after that. in this falling state, you can choose to float down, or levitate up (by holding the specified key / controller button)again.
- key can be changed via the entry's drop-down-list. default: SHIFT key.

Cattails Game Cheat Engine Table 2020

controller button can be changed via the entry's drop-down-list. default: Left Trigger.
evade/dash distance multiplier key
- when activated, press and hold the SHIFT key to evade/dash with a distance multiplied by 20.
key can be changed via the entry's drop-down-list.
- the multiplier can be changed via the entry x?.
walk key
- when activated, hold Alt key and move to walk. could be useful for k+m player.
- you can change the status to 'toggle key' if you want to .. use toggle key instead of hold key.
- key can be changed via the entry's drop-down-list.
slow motion
- just a simple lua script that allows you to hold 2 keys together, or hold either of the 2 keys, to change the game speed by using CE's speedhack, which can be done by setting up hot-keys in CE's Settings anyway. the script just make it so that you don't need to reset the CE's hotkeys for different games.
- by script default, when activated, press CapsLock key, or Right Mouse Button, to enter slow motion, release the key to resume speed.
- change and/or? to 'and' if you want to hold 2 keys together to enter slow motion.
unlock all outfits
- made based on the findings shared by infogram.
- access the Control Point at the base (Central Executive) after you activated the script.
- if you want to unlock the outfits individually, you can do so via the [outfits] pointers instead. pointers will be populated when you access the Control Point at the base.

Cattails Game Wiki

+?, for AWE patch, DX12, table Update5.1
(280.18 KiB) Downloaded 9417 times
+?, for AWE patch, DX12, table Update5
(278.67 KiB) Downloaded 2145 times
+14, for patch (0.0.321.4098), table Update4.5
(280.61 KiB) Downloaded 8357 times
+14, for Expedition patch (, table Update4.4
(245.15 KiB) Downloaded 4805 times
+14, table Update4.1
(207.35 KiB) Downloaded 5795 times
+14, table Update4
(210.47 KiB) Downloaded 1969 times
+12, table Update3
(157.87 KiB) Downloaded 1567 times
+10, table Update2.2
(193.02 KiB) Downloaded 1304 times
+8, table Update1.1
(104.13 KiB) Downloaded 1522 times
+6, table Update.3
(42.58 KiB) Downloaded 2434 times

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Cattails Game Cheat Engine Table

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  1. Install Cheat Engine
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  3. Click the PC icon in Cheat Engine in order to select the game process.
  4. Keep the list.
  5. Activate the trainer options by checking boxes or setting values from 0 to 1