Bloody Roar 2 Game Free Download For Android Phone

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The most competitive market of those mentioned was easily fighting games, with tonnes of fighters vying to be the household names on everyone’s lips and fresh off the back of a successful first outing, Bloody Roar 2 stepped up to plate hoping to cement this series as fighting game royalty. This game plays like it’s predecessor Bloody Roar.

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Bloody Roar: Primal Fury updates the series yet again, and shows off the power of the Gamecube. As one of my favorite staples for fighting games, you'll get sixteen different characters to choose from, including new hidden characters previously unseen in the series. A dizzying array of fighting styles lets you choose from the fighter you're most comfortable with, but a quick and easy learning curve assures that you'll be able to button mash with the best of them, if you so choose. Like all of the Bloody Roar games, shape shifting is the name of the game, with each character being able to 'beastorize,'? transforming them into a hybrid human-animal form with enhanced abilities, as well as new fighting techniques to rip, shred, and tear away at the competition.


Persecuted since their first appearance, the Zoanthropes, the shape shifting heroes and villains of our story, have recently created their own nation, where Zoanthropes across the world can come to find peace and safety. The forces of the Zoanthrope army ensure peace, but when strange murders and rumors of Zoanthrope experiments surface, the peaceful calm is shattered. In order to distract the populace from the growing threat to Zoanthropes everywhere, the kingdom creates the ultimate Zoanthrope fighting championship. Thus is the stage for our story set'

Essentially an arcade style fighting game, you've got access to an arcade mode, versus, survival, and all the rest of the usual assortment, and thanks to the Gamecube's four controller ports, you can play a four person versus match as well. The graphics are vastly improved over the previous Bloody Roar games, using the power of the Gamecube to the fullest advantage. This is definitely a game worth purchasing for anyone who enjoys fighting titles.

Overall rating: 8

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Bloody Roar 2 - MAME

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Bloody Roar 2 Game Free Download For Android Phone Play

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