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You’ve probably getting other language when installing Battlefield 1, it could be in Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Polish and Spanish. Download game mini militia 2 mega mod apk. Even after the installation you can select limited set of languages. Changing the game language is very tricky since the files installed on your computer is intended for that language pack you activated. The reason for this is the key you activated in your Origin account is a region locked that probably bought from a cd key marketplace or a gift from your friend. So is it possible to change the language in your Battlefield 1 to English? Yes, its possible but for audio languages only that you can use in single player campaign mode, unfortunately visual English language is not possible.

How to Change Language in Battlefield 1:

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  1. Go to C:UsersYOUR_PC_NAMEDocumentsBattlefield1settings
  2. Open PROFSAVE_profile with Notepad.
  3. Now find GstAudio.AudioLanguage and change it to 5861806, it should look like this:
    GstAudio.Announcer_Voice 0
    GstAudio.AudioLanguage 5861806
    GstAudio.AudioQuality 0
    GstAudio.CarRadio 0

Bf1 Pc Download


If you bought your Battlefield 1 key from a resellers or cd key marketplace, you can return this key and dispute for a refund or replacement. If they will replace your key, asked for a global keys and you can activate again your new cd-key in your account.

Bf1 Free

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