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Dec 07, 2018 This PC Equalizer app comes with 10 and 20 Band Equalizer options. This Windows audio software comes with custom presets and users can also edit and save them accordingly. There is a Multi-Delay option to choose which sound comes first. This feature is useful to get a wide range of sound effects at once. Aug 15, 2020 Best Free Sound & Audio Equalizer software for Windows 10 PC Download PC Repair Tool to quickly find & fix Windows errors automatically Audio Equalizers play a vital role for music lovers. Equalizer APO is a parametric/graphic equalizer for Windows. It is implemented as an Audio Processing Object (APO) for the system effect infrastructure introduced with Windows Vista. It’s our first Open Source entry. The strong footprint in the community makes it the best and easiest choice.

Are you looking for the best free Windows 10 sound equalizer software for better audio? Here are top 13 best sound equalizer for Windows 10 free download.

Are you in search of the best sound equalizer for Windows 10 to improve your PC audio quality? Or, you just want to learn how to improve sound quality in Windows 10 using the best free audio equalizer software?

Well, in order to get the best audio output from your laptops or desktop computers, there are plenty of hardware change options and sound enhancer software which can be used.

Undoubtedly, the audio hardware which comes with our Windows 10 laptops and computers can’t be changed anytime you want but why go through all the troubles when you can easily tweak and improve your audio quality by using the different sound equalizer for Windows 10 and absolutely free Windows 10 sound equalizer software.

With the help of sound equalizer for Windows 10 PC, you can effortlessly adjust the audio balance between by tweaking the audio frequency. Various environment options are also available in these Windows 10 sound equalizer software and free equalizer apps for PC which can be used while partying, gaming or are watching a movie.

If you search on Google for the best free sound equalizer for Windows 10 or best Windows 10 sound equalizer software, free download then you will get hundreds of different results and in most of the cases, it can be extremely difficult for anyone to determine which sound equalizer software or audio enhancer software they should go with.

To make the selection process of audio enhancer for Windows 10 remarkably easy for you, we have come up with this guide where we are going to share a comprehensive list of top 13 best sound equalizer for Windows 10 free download and we hope you will love it.

But before we tell you about the best Windows 10 sound equalizer software, free download, let’s find out what sound equalizer actually is and how it works.

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What is a Sound Equalizer and How Does It Work?

Equalizer means hardware or software filters which are used for adjusting the sound of different frequencies. Sound equalizer or audio equalizer tweak the sound frequency in order to provide a better audio experience as per the environments we are living in and the type of music we are listening to.

The sound equalizer programs were specifically developed so that they could be used in physical venues like theatres or outdoor areas in order to equalize sound and provide a better listening experience.

Sound equalizers and audio enhancer software work on the concept of bands or in ranges. A dual-band equalizer which is widely used has the ability to cut as well as boost the low and high ranges. Other common terms of these low and high ranges are treble and bass.

If you are using a system with high-quality in-built equalizer it is possible that it comes with 3, 5 or 12 bands. Many professional devices use up to 20 to 35 bands. More bands result in better divisions which result in the seamless audio experience.

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Top 13 Best Sound Equalizer for Windows 10 Free Download

Since now we know what is a sound equalizer software and how does it work, and we also know the importance of audio equalizer software and sound equalizer app, so let’s begin the list of top 13 best sound equalizer for Windows 10 free download.

All these Windows 10 sound equalizer tools and audio equalizer for PC which we have listed here are available for free of cost and can be easily used on all versions of Windows 10. Here we go:

Default Windows 10 Sound Equalizer (Free)

We will begin our free audio equalizer software list with the default Windows equalizer feature which comes pre-installed in Windows 10 systems. Using this equalizer tool is fairly easy as you won’t have to install it and all you have to do is access it from the sound settings and configure it according to your wish. Download virtual dj pro android.

How to find Windows 10 sound equalizer settings? Well, there are plenty of ways to open default Windows equalizer settings but the easiest one is as follows:

  • At first, right-click on the Speakers / Headphones icon at the taskbar and then select Open Sound Settings.
  • On the Sound settings window, click on the Sound Control Panel link.
  • On the Sound dialog box, go to the Playback tab and right-click on the default Speakers / Headphones device and then select Properties.
  • Next, on the Speakers / Headphones Properties, go to the Enhancements tab and then check the Equalizer box.
  • Now under the Sound Effect Properties section, you can select the sound profiles from the Settings drop-down menu.

There are various presets are available within this equalizer such as rock, live, treble, bass, club, etc you can choose any you want. And if you want to create your own personalized band you can do that using the default Windows 10 equalizer as well.

The new preset which is created using this tool can also be saved on your computers by clicking on the Save button. The changes which you will do using this tool will be applied to all system sounds of your system.

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ViPER4Windows (Free)

ViPER4Windows is one of the best free sound equalizers for Windows 10 which comes with multiple beneficial audio effects such as Gain Control, Equalizer, Convolver, Surround, Reverb, Compressor and Limiter. This open-source sound equalizer software comes with a great user-friendly interface which makes extremely easy for anyone to access all its amazing features in order to get the better audio experience.

You can easily tweak the settings of this free audio equalizer for PC for loading custom configurations. Viper4Windows uses audio processing object technology for tweaking different audio parameters. Once you have set the audio settings using Viper4Windows, it keeps running in the background without needing any instructions.

This sound enhancer tool allows you to modify the different parameters available as per your music choice or the environment in which you are playing music. ViPER4Windows is also nicely compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 OS.

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Realtek HD Audio Manager (Free)

Realtek HD Audio Manager is an all in one audio management app which provides plenty of features for modifying the audio and sound quality of any device. Using this best equalizer for Windows 10, you can easily alter settings of speakers, microphone, line-in consoles, and even stereo mix. You get the 10 different band settings which can be used for setting various sound effects.

There are two categories available within this equalizer for PC which are Environment and Equalizer. One of the new features which have been recently added in the Realtek HD Audio Manager is called Karaoke which is known for maintaining the pitch of audio tracks. If you think that you have messed with the settings of this equalizer app then you can simply press the Reset button and set the settings to default.

Some of the interesting options which you are going to find under Environments categories are underwater, living room, sewer pipe, forest, etc. You can use this Windows 10 equalizer app to configure in three different modes which are stereo, 5.1 speaker and quadraphonic.

Realtek HD Audio Manager is the most widely used open-source sound equalizer for Windows 10 and it’s also perfectly compatible with all other versions of Windows (Vista/7/8/8.1).

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Equalizer APO (Free)

If you are an audiophile and can’t compromise with the audio quality on your Windows 10 system then you need to try Equalizer APO. This open-source graphical equalizer for Microsoft Windows uses different techniques for audio adjustment on devices. This program is implemented as an Audio Processing Object (APO) for the system effect infrastructure which was first introduced with Windows Vista.

Although, you might not like the interface of this audio equalizer software as it is much to the tech side and there are no graphics available but it does all the job pretty impressively. When you install this free Windows 10 sound equalizer, it will ask you to choose the audio device which you want to enhance using this tool.

Equalizer APO will list complete details about the devices, connectors which are compatible with the software. If you want to configure new parameters on this tool, you have to open the folder where this tool is installed and access the configuration file present in .txt format.

If you want a powerful free sound equalizer software with low CPU usage and VST plugin support then you should install Equalizer APO to manage and improve sound quality on Windows 10 PC. This system-wide equalizer software is currently available for only Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 operating systems.

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FxSound Enhancer (Free Trial, Paid)

The next equalizer app which makes to our list of the best sound equalizer for Windows 10 computers is FxSound Enhancer (formerly known as DFX Audio Enhancer). This powerful equalizer software can be used for instantly boosting audio quality while playing online games, radio and enjoying video or audio on your system.

Default presets available within FxSound Enhancer allow you to experience high-quality sound without much effort. This tool is compatible with most of the audio and video applications and automatically gets integrated which allows you to manage it directly from the audio application only. You can also easily monitor the processing of this application during its installation.

There are five major sound levels which you get to use in this tool and these sound levels are Dynamic boost, ambiance, surround, ambiance and fidelity. To have a look at different presets available you can open the Presets tab of this application.

This sound equalizer for PC provides a high definition listening experience like no other audio enhancer programs and it supports Windows 10, Windows 8/ 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP operating systems.

In short, FxSound Enhancer is a multifunctional audio equalizer app and one of the best sound EQ for Windows 10 computers. You can try it for free and improve sound quality on your system with its 7-days free trial period. Once you hear the audio differences with this software and if you like it then upgrade it for long term use.

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VoiceMeeter Banana (Free)

If you are a Windows 10 computer user and you like audio streaming then this the spectacular sound equalizer for Windows 10 you need. Voicemeeter Banana is an advanced audio mixer software for Windows computers which gives you greater control of your audio and various creative options for your audio stream, videos, and general use.

With VoiceMeeter Banana, now it is possible to easily connect, mix and record any audio sources with any audio programs. It offers unparalleled control on audio enhancing and sound quality control. DVD players, USB MIC, Video Game, iTunes and various other audio sources can be connected together with the Voicemeeter Banana Advanced Mixer and still the audio experience will be amazing.

In short, Voicemeeter Banana lets you control all your audio streaming the way you want. This advanced audio enhancer software is very popular among broadcasters, podcasters, and YouTubers. Give this free Windows 10 equalizer app a try and you will be impressed within minutes.

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Graphic Equalizer Studio (Free Trial, Paid)

Graphic Equalizer Studio is a real-time sound processing application which allows you to run any kind of Windows sound application or DVD Player software beyond the equalizer. This powerful equalizer will adjust the audio stream automatic and will include the Limiter and the compressor to make sure, that the audio signal is not too loud or not too low.

Using Graphic Equalizer Studio, you can analyze all the WAV files which are stored on your computer and change the frequency levels. The rough interface of this audio equalizer software is not loved by many but it provides all the basic features which are needed in a good sound equalizer for Windows 10 and other versions of Microsoft Windows.

You get a couple of preinstalled presets in this tool which can be used for manipulation of speech level, noise field, and even subwoofer. Different presets are available if you are using full-duplex, WAR, MP3 or input only mode on your computer. You will love its integrated Compressor, Limiter und Enhancer.

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112dB Redline Equalizer (Free Trial, Paid)

Many sound equalizers which are used in the audio industry by professionals are not available for free, and this is the exact same case with the 112dB Redline Equalizer. This is a multifunctional but really expensive equalizer for Windows 10 which is used by many professionals for enhancing the audio experience.

As soon as you will open this audio enhancer tool, you will see plenty of controls on your screen for tweaking the audio settings. The interface of this sound equalizer software is similar to analog consoles providing nobs for controlling various audio characteristics. With the lowpass/highpass section, you can change audio steepness and even adjust the overshoot.

There are many interesting features present in Redline Equalizer and some of these are dedicated to equalization functionality, customizable gain/Q dependency, built-in spectrum analyzer, and a zoomable equalizer responsive display.

112dB Redline Equalizer offers unrestricted 60-day free trials for all their plugins, later you can get them by paying $149. This powerful sound equalizer app is compatible with all the popular Windows operating systems (Windows 10, 8, 7).

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Bass Treble Booster (Free Trial, Paid)

Want to get that Bass down low while listening to your favorite songs? If yes, then you need to give a try to the Bass Treble Booster software, which is also one of the lightweight and best free sound equalizers for Windows 10 and other popular versions of Windows. Using this sound booster for PC, you can easily change audio frequencies of songs which in turn will boost of weak down the audio output.

This audio enhancer utility allows you to modify both the low and high frequencies unlimited times until the desired results are seen. The changes which are done in this equalizer software can be saved so that they can be used for later on.

You can even export the equalizer profiles which you are already having in Bass Treble booster. This powerful free equalizer for Windows 10 supports multiple formats such as MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, APE, MP4, and even WMA.

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Real-Time Equalizer (Free)

If you are looking for a very easy to use yet best equalizer for Windows laptop or desktop computers, then you should use the Real-Time Equalizer software. This audio enhancer tool is great when it comes to modifications of audio signals which in turns provides a great sound experience.

The audio and sound quality is managed with adjustment of the frequency spectrum while audio playback takes place. This free equalizer app is known to support 300 audio channels which ensures that you get incredible audio streams.

One of the best features which you will get to see in this sound equalizer for PC is the spatial resurrection feature which is also well known for inserting special effects and hence creating an enjoyable experience. You can also create your own personalized presets, use them later on and even share them with your friends using free Real-Time Equalizer software.

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DeCiSoft Equalizer (Free)

DeCiSoft Equalizer is a free and user-friendly sound equalizer for Windows operating systems which can be used for enhancing the audio and video files as per your needs. This tool is ideal for newbies as it comes with a really great user-friendly interface and limited features. To enhance your audio experience using DeciSoft Equalizer software, you can make changes to the 32 bands which it provides.

The pre-installed plugins which come with this free audio enhancer software are known for saving the last position of sliders which are being used. This leaves the hassle of doing the settings again and again for getting the best audio experience. This sound equalizer for Windows can be integrated with Winamp. You can easily download DeCiSoft Equalizer Winamp plugin for free from its official website.

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MaxxAudio (Free)

MaxxAudio is one of the best audio enhancement applications which can be used for improving the listening experience of a user. You get plenty of tools within this application for improving the sound quality of your system and getting the best audio output.

Talking about features, you get to use the bass enhancement, full-spectrum equalization, multi-dimensional spatial imaging, intuitive dialog booster, multi-channel immersion along with audio conditioning. Using the UM225 audio plugin, audio elements are grabbed from different tracks and are placed within surrounding soundscapes.

The tool is available for free and can be easily used on all systems running on Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 operating systems. Just install the MaxxAudio software and enjoy the amazing soundscapes of movies, audio tracks, or games.

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Breakaway Audio Enhancer (Free Trial, Paid)

Last but not least is Breakaway Audio Enhancer software. Just like other sound equalizers for Windows 10, Breakaway Audio Enhancer will enhance the sound quality of your system and it doesn’t matter which audio software you are using.

The user-friendly interface of this sound equalizer app makes it easy for anyone to access all its features. And in order to get the best performance out of Breakaway Audio Enhancer, you can use the setup wizard which will analyze your system and will configure itself as per the hardware.

Breakaway Audio Enhancer software is nicely compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 operating system.

Which is the Best Sound Equalizer for Windows 10?

Audio experience can be easily enhanced without using any additional hardware and using sound equalizer apps. These are the sound equalizer software and audio enhancer for PC which make to our list of top 13 best sound equalizer for Windows 10 free download.

All these Windows 10 sound equalizer software and audio enhancing tools are available for free or with a free trial and work flawlessly on Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 operating systems.

According to us, ViPER4Windows and Equalizer APO are the two most useful and best free sound equalizer for Windows 10 PC. And if you prefer paid sound EQ for Windows 10 then FxSound Enhancer and Breakaway Audio Enhancer should be your first choice.

Which sound equalizer application out of these 13 free equalizers for Windows 10 you are using on your computer? Do let us know using the comments section below.

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2 online, free Audio Mixing Software for Streaming
2 Audio Mixing App for Android and iPhone

If you read this article, you are most likely trying to get free audio editor software. There is a variety of audio mixer software available on the market; some are free, some are paid, some bring extra features, some are specific to a particular operating system, etc. Whether you are a musician, a video team, a staff in music production and editing, or just creating personalized ringtones for your phone, choosing a good audio mixer software will be greatly helpful.

So, to help you find out the best audio mixing software that is worth your time and work, we have found the top 12 best sound mixer software here. Check out and select the one that fits your needs best.

8 Best Free Audio Mixer Software for Windows and Mac

If you want to mix your music, great audio mixer software is needed. Here you will learn about the best 8 music mixer software, which can make your work easy.

Top 1. EaseUS Video Editor

EaseUS Video Editor is versatile for audio mixing software. It can manage either recorded or live event sound, enable you to merge audio files and provide one or more output options. This audio mixer software for PC can filter and optimize sound by adjusting levels, enhancing sound with equalization and effects, and recording various mixes. Besides, it's the best free audio converter that allows you to convert audio formats among wav, mp3, m4a, mid, flac, aac, wma, au, aiff, ogg, and a lot more.


  • A wide array of audio and video editing features
  • Super easy-to-use UI for both beginners and pros
  • Good at editing voice-overs or video-related audio tasks, such as extract audio from video
  • The free version provides full functionality without any restrictions


  • The only drawback is that the free version is watermarked

Download this free audio mixer software and edit your audio now.

Top 2. Audacity

Audacity is popular, free, and open-source audio mixing software, accessible software to anyone looking to get started with audio editing. It provides the comprehensive features you need. There are many effects, including bass, treble, distortion, noise removal, and that analysis tools such as beat finder, silence finder, sound finder, and more.

Audacity supports almost all the audio file formats out there like MP3, WAV, AIFF, PCM, OGG Vorbis, FLAC, AC3, AMR, WMA, MP4, and more.


  • Completely free
  • Surprisingly feature-rich
  • Suitable for both pros and beginners
  • Massive online community for help


  • UI is not the best and needs to be improved
  • Crashes happen randomly

Top 3. Adobe Audition

Adobe's Audition is one of the best audio mixer software for streaming, which provides incredible features for professional users. Its multi-track editing and mixing function will definitely make your audio editing experience easier and more effective. Audition also has some powerful editing features, including mirror fading, the ability to keep layer stacks when moving individual parts of the stack, and more.

Best Free Audio Equalizer Software For Windows 10

With many plug-ins embedded, Audition also series of tutorials surrounding, which will make it much easier for users to get started. It supports most audio formats, such as MP3, WAV, AC-3, AIF, AIFF, AIFC, AAC, HE-AAC, CAF, FLAC, PCM, OGG, WMA, and more, along with video formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, etc.


  • Well thought out interface
  • A wide array of features for professionals
  • Powerful application created by Adobe team for users, professional and trustworthy


  • It's too professional for beginners to make use of
  • Not a good fit for people looking to produce music
  • The free version has limited functionality

Top 4. WavePad

WavePad is a full-featured live audio mixer software for Windows and Mac. It lets you record and edit music, voice, and other sounds with multiple features, such as cut, copy and paste parts of recordings into a new one, and then add effects like echo, amplification, and noise reduction.

Moreover, WavePad supports MP3, WAV, VOX, GSM, WMA, AU, AIF, FLAC, real audio, OGG, AAC, M4A, MID, AMR, and more. Its free audio editing software does not expire and includes many of the features of the trial version.


  • Easy to install and easy to use
  • Allow batch processing to edit many audio files at once


  • The interface may not be as sleek as other editors
  • It doesn't support multi-tracking
  • It provides tons of great functions, including amazing effects, fast editing options, and powerful tools

Top 5. Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is Apple's DAW for systems running macOS. This free mixer for music covers some awesome features into the fold, making it an amazing audio editing app for both beginners and professional users. Logic Pro X provides both basic and advanced features for an audio editor, including the ability to automatically match the timing of different tracks in a project using 'Smart Tempo'.

It also lets you edit the timing of a single note in a waveform individually by using the 'Flex Time' option without having to slice it out of the clip itself. This audio mixer software also supports almost all the audio formats, such as WAV, AIFF, CAF, PCM, ALAC, AAC, MP3, REX, RCY, and a lot more.


  • An amazing array of bundled instruments and effects
  • Feature-rich, excellent value, and nice interface
  • Provide a ton of pre-recorded sounds, and patches


  • Mac only
  • Quite expensive at $199
  • The mixer could use larger meters and more flexibility

Top 6. Reaper

Reaper is another virtual sound mixer that is very powerful and cheaper than the many other options. It enables you to directly record audio to mono, stereo, or even multichannel audio files, along with the ability to record to multiple disks simultaneously for data redundancy. It supports the most popular file formats, including ACID, AIFF, AVI, BWF, CDDA, EDL, FLAC, and more.


  • Completely customizable interface
  • Come with support for multiple tracks for starters
  • Comparatively more affordable than other audio mixer software


  • Beginners need time to learn the software
  • The UI is not as good as others

Top 7. FL Studio

FL Studio is another well-known music mixing software. Similar to other top-notch DAWs, FL Studio also supports multi-track recording, time-stretching, and pitch shifting. It comes with a mixer that brings features like effects chains, automation, delay compensation, and more.

FL Studio is mainly aimed at music artists; it supports many file formats like AIFF, DS, DS, DWP, FLAC, MIDI, MP3, OGG, SF2, Speech, SYN, XI, and WAV.


  • Rich and powerful features
  • Provide a huge number of instruments
  • Support VST standards, so you can basically use any 3rd party plugin
  • Come with over 80 plug-ins, such as plug-ins for sample manipulation, compression, synthesis, and a lot more


  • UI is not as good as other audio mixer software
  • It's a little difficult for beginners to use

Top 8. Ocenaudio

Ocenaudio is an excellent free audio mixer software and editor, providing both online and desktop versions. Compared to other free audio mixing software, Ocenaudio has a greater ability to let you preview effects in real-time. Most tools force you to edit the file destructively, modifying the original audio file you are working on. However, with Ocenaudio, you can adjust the playback parameters directly. So when you change effects like reverb in Ocenaudio, you hear the difference right away.


  • User-friendly interface, simpler than Audacity
  • Provide rich and powerful features
  • It can be used to edit online audio files


  • Some users think the interface a little sparse

2 online, free Audio Mixing Software for Streaming

Some users don't want to download any music mixer apps on a computer, and given that, an online music mixer is the best solution. Here we have picked 2 great online sound mixer software to share with you.

Top 1. HyaWave

HyaWave is an online sound mixer software, which runs in your internet browser. You can use it to copy, paste, cut, clarity, and crop your audio files in MP3, WAV, and more formats. It supports 18 filters and effects, such as biquad allpass filter, amplifier with a fixed multipler, biquad bandpass filter, waveform reverse, and so on. You can load and save the edited audio files in the cloud, apply live effects, and share to social media or via URL. This is ideal if you are recording or editing on the fly and don't want to install large programs on your laptop.


  • Easy and clean user interface
  • Audio filter customization
  • Allow users to record live audio files using the built-in audio recorder


  • It doesn't support multi-tracking

Top 2. Audiotool

Audiotool is a free online sound mixer software with great mixing facilities. This online audio mixing software allows you to create and publish music tracks. It shares more options with Apple's Garage Band program than most audio editors. You can record 30-second segments of sound with this online audio mixer software and use it as samples that can then be mixed with digital instruments already built into the Audiotool system.


  • In-browser platform, no need to install, easy to access anywhere
  • Dozens of filters, virtual instruments, and effects available
  • Allow creating a MIDI controller


  • Only work in Chrome
  • Export to MP3 format only

2 Audio Mixing App for Android and iPhone

Apart from some audio mixer programs on the computer, many music mixing apps can assist you in editing audio files. Below are two excellent audio mixer apps you can choose from.

Top 1. MixPad Multitrack Mixer Free

MixPad Multitrack Mixer Free is an audio mixer app, which can record and mix sound for Android. It gives you the tools to mix your audio and music files easily. With this music mixing application, you can make your own music, record a podcast, mix songs, and many more. Most importantly, you can access all of the power of professional recording and mixing equipment while on the go.


  • Allow you to mix an unlimited number of music, vocal, and audio tracks
  • Offer other editing tools like splitting, trimming, copying, pasting, etc.
  • Support sample rates from 6 kHz to 96 kHz


  • Sometimes it takes too long to load
  • The app will freeze occasionally

Availability: Android 4.0.3 and up

Top 2. GarageBand

GarageBand is an audio mixer software for iOS devices. It enables you to mix audio files easily and quickly. Apart from that, it has the ability to edit audio files with many basic and advanced editing tools. Also, It has a set of musical instruments that you can use to create and mix your audio files.


  • Offer many instruments sound effects
  • Allow you to share your songs online
  • Plentiful audio editing tools


  • Not available for Android devices

Availability: iOS 12.1 or later

Wrap Up

This tutorial shows you the top 12 best free audio mixer software in all to help you process and edit audio files on Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. For users who don't want to download and install programs, you can try the online audio mixing software. But the online tools are not as functional as the desktop software. Therefore, if you have advanced audio editing needs, you'd better select the desktop audio mixer software, such as EaseUS Video Editor, Adobe Audition, Audacity, Logic Pro X, and FL Studio, and more. Make sure to select the one that suits your needs best.

FAQs About Audio Mixer Software

Some questions are related to audio mixer software, and you can continue reading for more useful information.

1. What is the best audio mixer software?

This page demonstrates the top ten best audio mixer software:

  • EaseUS Video Editor
  • Adobe Audition
  • Audacity
  • HyaWave
  • WavePad
  • Logic Pro X
  • Reaper
  • Audiotool
  • FL Studio
  • Ocenaudio

All their features, advantages, and disadvantages are displayed. If you need a comprehensive audio mixer and editor, the first one - EaseUS Video Editor would be a smart choice.

2. What is the best free audio editing software?

Best Free Audio Equalizer Software For Windows 7

For the best free audio editing software, you can try EaseUS Video Editor. It provides you rich audio processing options, such as mixing, copying, pasting, converting, extracting subtitles, and so on. It supports all the popular audio formats, including wav, mp3, m4a, mid, flac, aac, wma, au, aiff, ogg, and a lot more.

3. What audio software do streamers use?

Generally, streamers often use EaseUS audio mixing software to enhance the streaming experience without much effort. This software enables users to filter and optimize sound by adjusting levels, enhancing sound with equalization and effects, and recording various mixes. For more advanced features, you can try EaseUS audio mixer software.