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Current release: Call to Arms

Ubuntu 14.04 - 18.04 LTS 64 bit or SteamOS (other distributions may work, but are not officially supported) Intel/AMD CPU with SSE2. Graphics card with OpenGL 3.3 support or better. SDL2: libsdl2-2.0-0. 4 GB RAM (8 recommended). ”Albion Online is bursting at the seams with features, each seamlessly integrated, providing a true sandbox world.“ ”Albion Online is worth looking at because it aims to deconstruct the overwrought cut-and-paste template that too many MMOs build from.

On March 17, 2021, introduced the tenth major update, Call to Arms! The centerpiece of this massive content update is a complete rework of Faction Warfare, which has been expanded, improved, and streamlined. The new system allows Factions to take not just Outposts but entire regions as well and rewards loyalty to a chosen Faction via updated Faction ranks and month-long Faction Campaigns with valuable rewards.

Faction Warfare

Faction Warfare has been reworked to offer a much more in-depth experience, rewarding loyalty, and perseverance while still allowing freedom of choice. Claim Outposts and whole zones, repel Bandit Assaults, ride into battle on six new Elite Faction Mounts, participate in Faction Campaigns, and rise through the ranks to become a legend of your city. Or throw in your lot with the bandit clans of Caerleon, where the opportunities for wealth are unlimited.. as long as you keep one eye on your back.

Hellgates 2.0

The next phase of Hellgate gameplay is here, with a new map-based entry system, ten all-new layouts, and new demonic foes for exciting and varied PvE. PvP takes on new dimensions as well, with the ability to chain Hellgates and a new rising lava mechanic. And new 10v10 Hellgates offer thrilling, high-stakes midsize PvP for new and veteran players alike.

Loadouts, Tooltips, and More

Call to Arms brings major quality-of-life improvements like Loadouts, updated ability tooltips, and animated vegetation alongside numerous additional improvements, fixes, balance changes, and optimizations.

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Albion Online Key Code

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  • Gugusteh

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    Welcome to this thread,
    I didn't take too much time to edit the form of this post but hopefully you will have a good time reading it.
    I'll start with an analysis of IP overtime in Albion: what changed over the updates.
    Then i'll make an Analysis of the current IP and what would need to be changed in my opinion.
    We went from a starting point during the early Betas (beta 1) where gear scaling was super important and clearly dominating. Progression from fame farming wasn't adding much itself but the gear it was unlocking was super relevant.
    Then the lack of resource availability in beta 2 and the flattening of the gear scaling made it so most players were playing with a base of T6.1 / T7.1, higher gear was rare and only used in rare cases.
    We then went for the beta 3 meta where getting specs was important but gear was important too, similarily to the current situation. The availability of high tier resources due to the disposition / size of nodes and the short duration of the beta was fairly low so the tiers didnt often go higher than T8, with the exception of some GvG.
    Release came and the meta shifted because of the flattening of the gear progression curve.
    A lot of the common gear was still around 6.1 but you could see the low tier gear (T4-T6) getting used more and more.
    This doesnt include the GvG which was played usually in T8.1 after a few months for most places, usually lower in anglia except for sun and usually higher in mercia.
    The flattened curve was kept but a few changes were made:
    - the addition of relic artifact, which were super expensive so mostly used in T4.2-3
    - the addition of overcharge
    - the addition of GvG caps according to the continent.
    For relics, the items were already busted in low tiers and the way artifacts used to give IP was making them more than viable even in 4.2 with T8 standard gear.
    Overcharge is one of the most contestable changes in terms of IP balance. I personnaly think that this feature should've never seen the live server.
    It was added in order to 'reduce the power gap in GvG'.
    basically if you have a small guild you could show in T8 overcharged versus the classic T8.1
    But it went the exact opposite and made the power gap much bigger, given that old terri owners could afford overcharge more easily, and a low budget team would suffer from overcharge even on a win.
    In terms of openworld, I believe that it was good for ZvZ since people had ' standard' 6.1+ gear and were overcharging mostly when the fight was hard.
    For small scale / solo openworld and HG, OC made the low tier gear way too powerful for it's price.
    a 4.1 overcharged item wore by a 400specs player would be less than 50 IP away from 8.3 with 0 specs while the 2nd one was costing 300x the price of the 1st one (pretty much). Also given the bottleneck of T5 resources (that were much rarer / annoying to get), people were mostly using 4.1 for small scale content in the OW.
    Caps in GvG and crystals became more common, caps in hellgate too, basically any content where numbers couldnt replace gear has seen itself capped.
    There was definetly an issue with IP balance at that point and most of the risk vs reward for IP was unbalanced.
    High level/value GvGs were usually played with 8.2 still and openworld was filled with all kind of players wearing cheap ass gear but being more dangerous than a newbie in T8.
    Queen brought a major change to IP, by changing the way gear scales with tiers and enchantments and changing overcharge.
    The flattening curve of the gear IP disappeared, opening the use of higher tier gear for openworld content.
    With the removal of GvG territory contest, the main use of high tier gear shifted from capped instancied content to openworld ZvZ content
    There you could see T8+ gear becoming more common in zergs.
    Overall IP switched back to it's previous point in beta 3, except the part where high tier resources were way more limited in beta 3.
    Low tier gear still has relevant use in groups where making money / not losing money is the key.
    You can see that for:
    - new players who can only afford this kind of gear
    - people ratting content, or people diving with larger numbers
    - zergs where massing huge amount of people get valued because of the limits on maps.
    I tried to stay as objective as possible during that explanation, hopefully to help people understand where i'll come next.
    Current situation analysis:
    Most games have a flattening curve in terms of Item level / power. In Albion this is naturally regulated by 2 factors:
    - specs, that take more and more time to give IP
    - rarity of resources, that always require lower tiers and become rarer with the tier / enchantment.
    If the 1st one has not been changed but still evoluted with fame farming, the 2nd one has seen some changes which impacted the balance.
    1st factor
    Specs have become more and more easy to farm, first with the introduction of the respec system, which made fame farming much more easy, second with the random dungeons that changed the whole fame farming part of the game.
    Before random dungeons, HCE were the way to fame farm if you had the wealth to go for them, and 'optimised rotations' were also a go to. For most people, reaching 500k fame/h was hard and rare. Random dungeons made that possible and afaik you can go way higher without having to optimise the fame.
    Now a new meta came out: the optimised fame farming in random dungeons, where the whole group would bring PvE only items and roll over the dungeon super fast while staying safe from diving because of the use of a scout.
    Scouts wouldnt really allow that before because of the limited amount of dungeons. If you had divers, you either stopped farming or you fought to keep your dungeon.
    Now you have almost unlimited amounts of dungeons, giving you the option to take a small break, then go for another dungeon safely.
    Overall farming became safe and optimised, where it was a warfare factor / a PvP content generator before.
    2nd factor
    With queen changes, the availability of resources and fragments have increased a lot.
    First because of all the gathering changes that happen right after the queen update. Resources felt less frequent, also because of large changes in the world, resource distribution, distances, node size etc.
    It felt underwhelming but in the end the quantity of rare resources went higher.
    Fragments also play a huge part in there because of the Avalonian dungeons and dungeons in general, the fact that you dont drop a cut of your fragments when you get downed, the increase of fragment generation also, made it so the overall amount increased a lot, and even if it became 2x more expensive to increase the enchantment of gear with fragment, it seems like this changes to the amount dropped and brought back in the market increased the ease to enchant gear overall. I am usure about this part since I didnt log in to check all the values and their evolution.
    Another major impact on the availability of rare resources is the return rates given by crafting and refining stations and the use of laborers. Overall the amounts generated by this systems are insanely high and come close to the point where you could craft flat resources indefinetly without needing gatherers.
    This becomes more and more relevant as more people get high specs in crafting and more laborers are setup.
    Note about low tier gear:
    Low tier gear is only used as a way to do content without having to spend too much.
    Diving solo dungeons with 2 players in 4.1 is almost riskless and can give you really good loot. A player in 1v2 mostly has to rely on the big mistakes of the divers and his gear will not be enough most of the time, or the balance between risk/reward will be completly underwhelming.
    In situations of ratting, it is a problem with the activity allowing such possibility. 2v2 hellgates were a huge place of ratting for a long time because of how rewarding they are and because of how easy it was to cheese
    Same with the elite/ veteran chests that were easily taken by anyone who found the way to cheese the mobs.
    In another scale you can easily throw a huge amount of low tier players in a zone to get the objectives with a low risk, giving low rewards for your opponent if you lose.
    So overall the IP balance changed a lot and is IMO in a good situation currently, except for both extremes.
    The availability of high tiers of resources is too high currently, it is really common to see T8.1 and T8.2 in a daily ZvZ without a big objective, the impact of such items is substancial and it creates a gap due to wealth.
    Basically the availability of such tiers makes such items too powerful.
    Their use should imo be more limited because of their cost so only a few individuals could afford to be pinatas.
    At the other opposite is the low tier gear.
    It is good to have an entry spot for new players, but it's currently unbalanced because gear is way harder to get than specs.
    A lot of people go for cheap gear until they reach 100specs, then they 'start' to play the game. All that because of:
    - the difference of difficulty between getting high specs and sustaining medium gear
    - because fame farming has become an activity to do before doing PvP.
    Overall I believe that 3 points need to be adressed:
    1) The availability of high tier resources needs to be reduced by slightly reducing the spawn and reducing their sustainabilty through the whole crafting / refining system.
    2) Low tier gear should make specs scale way less than currently to give incentives for people to reach higher tiers before getting more specs.
    3) The separation between PvE and PvP needs to be reduced, atleast for endgame content such as High tier blackzones, Group Static dungeons, Avalonian dungeons (and HCE )
    Hope you had a good read, atleast for the history part. Hi to forum warriors btw.